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Dia says to Mikhail that he must give Sapna a fair chance. Mikhail says he is giving a chance that is why he is training. He needs a perfect Aneri, be it any trained professional dancer, if she isn’t Aneri she will fail. Baby comes to the door and calls him, he doesn’t respond. Baby says she has updated a whole week’s schedule, if there is some other work? Mikhail turns to look at her again, thinking she couldn’t think about dance even. Dia says thanks to Baby and tells her to go home. Baby says thanks, and leaves. Dia comes to Mikhail and asks why he gives her so much attitude, she told them her problem. Mikhail says the one who waste his talent in life is a criminal. Baby watches Sapna’s mother worried for her, she tells Baby that it is Sapna’s vegetable juice time and has

a yoga class. Baby tells that Sapna is there, but from there Sapna points at Baby not to tell her about her. Baby says Sapna was here some time ago but right now parents aren’t allowed to meet the participants. Mikhail is strict about rules, she promises to give juice to Sapna. Sapna’s mother leaves. Sapna comes to Baby and thanks her, she tells Baby that she has to follow a lot of rules as she has to walk on the path of someone else. Sapna says that it seems Baby’s parents are really supportive, they never stop her from doing something. Baby gives her the juice and she leaves.
Baby walks on the beach, thinking about Sapna’s words, her father’s words, Mikhail’s words. She smiles at the thought of Aneri, then sits on the beach. She writes DANCE on sand then rubs it away. She ties her hair and dances there. She cries hard, tides come to hit her and go away. Baby lay her head on the wet sand and cries.
At night, Baby stay awake in the bed, crying. Voices of her father and Mikhail still echo in her mind. She notices someone’s presence outside and goes to check. It was Sonam who asks Baby to come downstairs. Outside, Sonam tells Baby that she came to talk to her best friend, but she has no time for her. She asks Baby about any latest gossip. Baby was upset, and says she is leaving academy in next two days, there are only two days with Mikhail. Sonam says she atleast met Mikhail and will be able to tell her grandchildrens that she was a super star. Sonam asks about her papa. Baby says for the first time she saw disappointment in her papa’s eyes, she couldn’t solve a problem. Sonam asks what she wants. Baby says same as Mikhail wants, but she will do what her papa wants.
In the morning, Baby watches the academy. Inside, Dia and Maddy asks Baby if everything has been scheduled. Mikhail comes and asks about everyone. Dia says they must be there. They wait. Mikhail was angry and asks how much time he must wait, they are still considering themselves as stares. Dia asks Baby to call them, Baby says no one is picking up the calls. Baby says she went to tell them about the time personally. Mikhail says he can’t waste his time on such careless girls, they must reject them all. Maddy says he thinks there is some problem, there is something wrong. He asks Baby to go to hostel. In the hostel, girls fell asleep on beds. Baby wakes each and everyone but none moved. Baby wonders what happened to them, she goes to tell Dia. Mikhail was angry, Dia says there must be some problem. Mikhail says they must have partied all night long and must be drunk. Such girls can’t be his Aneri, no one understands the importance of Aneri. Some people lose the opportunity in the love of their family, and some celebrating. Dia tells Baby to wake all the girls up no matter what.
Outside, Mikhail passes by Nehtra. Nehtra asks Tara who tells her that there was something wrong in the first training session. Nehtra goes inside. The girls tell Dia they don’t understand why they didn’t wake up. Dia asks what they ate. The girls say they ate chocolate cake last night. Dia says they aren’t in a state to training today, but tomorrow the training will take place at 8 pm sharp. Dia says to Baby someone did it deliberately, there was something wrong in the chocolate cake. They must find out who did this.

PRECAP: Baby finds chocolate cake bill in her file. Dia scolds. Baby tells Dia that Nehtra was finding something desperately on her table, they get that Nehtra was behind it. Dia questions Nehtra about it.

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