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Kavita asks Baby who he is. Baby says he is the one watching whose videos she learnt dance, she wanted to come to Goa to meet him only. He was training her for dance before accident. Kavita was shocked. Baby says that it was her luck, else she never worked in Gurdwara, and she worked in dance academy of Mikhail. Kavita asks Baby if she was lying for so long, she even lied to her papa, why? Baby says that her papa won’t have let her dance, nor let her do the job but she had to dance. After that she wouldn’t have danced, she would have done what her papa would say. She cries, this is why she hid the truth. Kavita says she is sorry that she couldn’t teach her daughter value the relations and trust her parents. She had never thought Baby would betray her like this. Baby stops Kavita and says

she never wanted to betray her, dance was her life. Before leaving it, she had to dance for only one month, she hurt them but is sorry. Mikhail tells Kavita that her daughter didn’t do something wrong. Kavita asks what he is doing, he shouldn’t be involved in their family matter. Mikhail says he got involved the day Baby joined the academy, Baby stops but Mikhail says he came her not to go back. He tells Kavita Baby is a talented dancer, dance is her passion, her strength. Baby shouts that her life has ended now, he must go away. Amar says he is sorry but this is truth. Mikhail leaves. Kamini says to Guljeet atleast she didn’t expect this from her, she had prayed a lot for her. Guljeet says when she is telling the truth, she must not as well. She removes her veil to shock Kavita. Sonam says she is sorry but she can’t stay away from Baby for two months, she couldn’t stay away from Baby for two months. She couldn’t really hurt her. Kamini asks Amar why he lied. She says she would call Baby’s father. Baby asks her to tell him, it doesn’t matter now. She got punished already, she can’t not only dance but stand on her own feet. Kavita stops Kamini asks tells her not to tell Dilip anything until she says.
Mikhail comes to academy, Harry asks Mikhail if he has an idea they have no time. He has to do something and now. Mikhail asks if he thinks he isn’t doing anything, Harry says he is being obsessive about Soul Mates and Baby. It may sound harsh but there is no guarantee Baby would be able to walk again. Mikhail turns to go inside, Harry calls if he has no answer he would leave. Mikhail says he doesn’t like repeating a single thing again and again, he is telling them the last time he won’t do any show than Soul Mates and Baby would be its lead. If he still doesn’t understand, he may leave. He doesn’t need such people in his team who don’t trust him.
The next morning, Baby thinks about Mikhail’s words for herself. Kamini serves food, Kamini asks her to eat something at least but she turns to leave. Kamini says she will eat when hungry. She leaves to get mangoes for Baby as she likes fruits. She comes out to find Mikhail who asks to talk to her. Kavita asks if he doesn’t remember what Baby said, he must stay away from her life. Mikhail asks if she heard what Baby said, dance was her life, she wanted to live as dancer for a few days only. She lied to the ones whom she loves the most. The more Baby stays close to dance, her chances to get better will increase. He asks her to bring Baby to academy, he promises her daughter will walk for sure. He leaves.
Harry walks restlessly thinking about Mikhail’s harsh words. Dia comes to him and says they must take this production’s decision, she notices him to be worried and assures she will speak to Mikhail. Harry says their opinion doesn’t matter to him, he would do what he wants to. They gave so many years to Mikhail, he never thought this is his academy only. He easily told him to leave this place. Dia asks Harry if he doesn’t know Mikhail, he knows Harry belongs here too. They both are life lines to each other, they may speak to each other later. Harry says nothing now, he would watch him for a week. If he doesn’t come out of Soul Mate’s obsession he would begin the other production’s rehearsals and will save his academy.
Kavita comes home, calls Sonam and Amar and asks what kind of boy is Mikhail, what is there between them. Amar says there is nothing, not even friends. He just teaches Baby dance. Sonam tells Kavita that Mikhail thinks Baby is a good dancer. Kavita gives them both the responsibility to keep Baby and Mikhail away from each other. Sonam tells Kavita Baby woke up at Mikhail’s voice. Amar tells her that Mikhail had scolded Baby to wake up and she did. Sonam qualifies that only Mikhail can inspire Baby to walk again.
Mikhail awaited in the academy, he tells himself he is being crazy, she won’t come. He heads to go inside, a car stops by. Kavita comes out of the car, Mikhail comes to watch Baby who also looks at him. Baby asks Kavita why she brought her here, they must go home. Kavita says she would like being here, Baby asks if she thinks she would like others dancing. Kavita says she loves dance, she would feel good. If she feels bad she must call her, she would pick her up. Baby insists, Kavita requests her. She does. Mikhail comes to Baby, he says she can’t live away from dance even after her will. He tells Baby not to turn her face away from truth, our love is out biggest power. Her strength is dance, she had given dance a chance, this time dance can give her a chance to return her old life. She must show some courage and leave the rest to him.

PRECAP: Mikhail dances in front of Baby, he asks her to shut her eyes. Baby cries that she can’t dance. Mikhail says dance doesn’t need legs, it needs will. She has to dance and be his Aneri. Dia asks Mikhail if he still cares about his show, Mikhail says if Baby is able to walk and dance, it will only benefit her. Baby says it’s her life, they must not bother her again and goes with Amar.

Update Credit to: Sona

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