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Baby goes in car with Mikhail home. He drops her at shaft and leave. Sonam says he left, Baby sadly says yes he left. Sonam asks Baby what she said to him. She angrily tells them not to talk about him.
In the academy, Baby asks Aneri if she can give her surety that she will be able to dance with Mikhail in two months. It’s like a dream that has no chances of fulfilment. She is hopeless about it. She asks Aneri to be Rohan’s Aneri, and in that she will help her out, she is Mikhail’s Aneri and must do this all for him. Aneri says about her and Mikhail… Baby tells her there was nothing between them. She asks Amar to play the music of Soul Mates, closes her eyes and hear the music. Aneri wonders how she will do it alone. Baby assures her not to be alone.
Mikhail tells Harry Baby

left, he couldn’t make her stand in a month. Everything takes time. Harry says he also doubted, Mikhail shouts he doesn’t doubt. Harry tells Mikhail not to be stupid, everyone can see what he hasn’t been able to.
Baby comes home and asks Kavita to go back home. Kavita asks Baby to give Mikhail a chance, but she no longer want to stay here on the false hope. Kavita assures about talking to Mikhail about it. Baby forbids her talk to Mikhail at all, and asks her go to Delhi.
Aneri comes to Mikhail outdoor who worked out vigorously. Mikhail curtly says he gave her his precious time, but some people enjoy hurting others. His parents pushed him out, Nehtra betrayed him and now this Baby; he always trust wrong people. Baby slapped him for his hard luck. Aneri asks to calm him down, Baby is a nice girl. May be there is something she doesn’t want him to know, one day he would stop regretting about trusting her. Mikhail heads to go to Baby and tell her he will never regret. Aneri stops him but he leaves.
Sonam asks Baby if she know who came. Kavita tells Mikhail Baby is unwell. Mikhail calls her a liar, she said she won’t ever dance. He insists on knowing the true reason, and asks Kavita to go speak to Baby. He was sure she can walk, this isn’t the time to back up. Kavita tells Mikhail Baby doesn’t want to meet anyone, and she can’t help him. Mikhail stops her from shutting the door, and warns her to be at a big mistake. Baby cries hearing this all from upstairs. Kavita shuts the door, Mikhail leaves.
The next morning, Amar asks who they are waiting for. Harry arrives at the shaft. Sonam and Amar were curt, Baby tells them he is helping them. Amar was ready to break his legs, Baby questions if he would teach Aneri dance? She asks them to see how much tensed Aneri is. Baby thanks Harry, as she couldn’t do this alone.
Mikhail dances in the academy, there Harry teaches dance to Aneri. Harry asks Aneri to show this to Mikhail. Aneri was worried if he would like it? Baby says Mikhail wants innocence in Aneri, magic in her that compels everyone watch her. She shows Aneri a few steps, calling Aneri to be charismatic. Dia comes to shaft, Harry goes to her. Aneri shows a few dance steps to Baby, Baby instructs her about a few steps. Baby tells Aneri she hadn’t also learnt the dance, he only learnt from Mikhail’s vidoes. He calls music as meditation, one must hide between the tides of sea.
Dia watches Baby and Aneri do a few steps together, all at once Baby’s foot moves. She stops all at once. She was elated and thinks about Mikhail’s motivational words and gets upset about leaving him in the academy. Aneri takes assurance from Baby, Baby says alright and gives her a break.
In the academy, Mikhail comes outside. He breaks the ramp made for Baby’s wheel chairs on the stairs.
Harry thanks Dia for her support. Dia comes to baby and says she is now doubtful about what she is doing, she saw her foot moving and then hiding it. Why she doesn’t want anyone to know about her improvement. Baby insists she is still on wheel chair. Dia says being realistic is necessary but maybe she can get well in the next ten days. She must not leave so soon, she might be able to become Rohan’s Aneri in the next ten days. Baby wasn’t ready to take go back. Dia says Baby is leaving because she can’t see Mikhail fail, she got in love with him. Baby stammers that Dia has a misunderstanding. Dia qualifies she can’t lie to herself, but sacrificing one’s love doesn’t apply today, it’s not worth it. But she will help her because of Mikhail, because she loves her best friend and isn’t afraid to confess it.
Sonam notices Baby why she is upset today. She curses herself not to be doing anything for Baby, she goes to get a drink for Baby. At night, Baby comes to Amar and Sonam if they won’t fight today. If they have become best friends. Sonam taunts, Amar boasts she would miss him the most when she will leave. Amar and Sonam recall their crazy things.
Mikhail, Dia, Harry and Aneri come to Mikhail and try to cheer him up. Mikhail asks for drinks. They cheer and have drinks. Aneri calls Harry and Dia as the cutest couple, she was sure they were born in a single hospital. Harry says that Mikhail had long hair in college. Aneri boasts about knowing the love life of Mikhail, she laughs saying Mikhail loves Aneri. Dia and Harry watch her seriously, Aneri says it was a joke. She offers another story but firstly she wants another drink. She explains Mikhail is in love with Rohan’s Aneri, so obviously he loves Baby. Mikhail slaps the table curtly, and says he wouldn’t ever love someone as selfish as her, be her the last girl on earth. He leaves the restaurant.
Baby lay in the bed thinking about dance with Mikhial. She cries upset. Mikhail was boxing in academy, thinking about Baby. Sonam does makeup of Aneri, while Baby makes her hair, then wishes her luck. Aneri was nervous. In the academy, they girls prepare, Amar announces Mikhail is here. Mikhail passes by and stops by, watching Aneri dancing behind the curtains in Aneri’s costume. Baby, Sonam and Amar peek through the window. Mikhail couldn’t recognize the girl and calls Baby under his lips. Aneri ends the dance, Mikhail calls Baby? Aneri moves out, Mikhail stops her and goes to hold her hand. he was shocked to see Aneri, then says wow, he didn’t know she can dance so well. Aneri cheers, Baby cries. Dia and Harry join them, Mikhail hugs Harry appreciating his job. Aneri asks Mikhail who he has been looking for. Baby was visible at his back. Harry stops him from turning around and asks Mikhail if he ever thought Aneri could be Aneri. Mikhail promises to think about it from now on.
Sonam takes Baby from behind, while Mikhail happily hugs Aneri.
Baby’s aeroplane takes off.

PRECAP: Mikhail asks Dia why she began rehearsals with Aneri, he hadn’t taken a final decision. Baby calls Amar and tells him to compel Mikhail.

Update Credit to: Sona

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      1. @hely
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  2. Oh God Harry I just hate you. you selfish what you have done man :X

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