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Baby sits in her bed upset, thinking about herself and Mikhail. She cries. Sonam and Amar watch Baby cry, Sonam says she asked Baby but she didn’t tell anything. They finally come in to ask Baby what happened to her, she must stop crying now. He asks if Tarun said something to her. Sonam promises to help her. Baby says no one can help her now, her life is going to finish, and Papa has given her an ultimatum that if she has to stay in Goa then she must get engaged to Tarun. Both Amar and Sonam were shocked. Baby cries hard explaining if she denies she must go to Delhi today. Amar asks what she replied. Baby wonders what she can say, there is no other way to save Mikhail’s show. She was upset that Mikhail has nothing but this show, she can’t leave him. Sonam calls this condition unfair,

Baby will have to lose Mikhail. Baby says for the first time in life she is so angry at her Papa, he doesn’t love her at all. She can’t even live with Tarun, how engagement; this isn’t possible for him. Amar says alright, this is why he has been flying, and Baby is shut in her room. Baby says she has to listen to her Papa. Sonam insists Baby loves Mikhail, how can she get engaged to Tarun. Baby tells them that Papa isn’t ready to listen to her even. Tarun knocks the door, and asks if Baby is inside. Sonam shouts, no Baby is hanging from the tree and has turned to a mango. Baby requests them to keep him away from her, she doesn’t want to see his face even. Sonam was determined to teach him a lesson, he is a cunning one. She asks Amar to come alone, they will show him Goa, get him to mall for shopping then murder him and feed his pieces to fish in the sea. Amar agrees to first part of the plan, and promises to think about the second one. They leave.
At night, Baby was still awake thinking about her Papa’s words. She comes out in the balcony hearing a bike’s sound. Mikhail stood downstairs. Their times with each other flash in eyes. He set the mirror of his bike so as to see Baby’s face, and sings for her. He plucks a flower from the plant nearby, Baby smiles in elation and run downstairs. She comes to hug Mikhail tight. He cups her face, wiping her tears. She hugs him again crying, her Papa’s words again come to her mind. She gets away from Mikhail. Mikhail holds her hand asking to say something to her. She says she also want to tell him something. Mikhail gives her the first chance. She cries, and tell Mikhail she got engaged to Tarun. Mikhail demands what? Baby repeats that she and Tarun are getting engaged. Mikhail was broken.
Harry who stood behind the tree playing music lost his balance and shut the music. Tears fell off Baby’s eyes. Mikhail says he love her. She turns away. Baby qualifies it’s her Papa’s wish. Mikhail inquires what Baby wants. Baby stammers, it doesn’t effect because this is better for all. Mikhail shouts that he loves her damn it, how can it be good for him to see her becoming someone else’s. He get on his bike, Baby was left crying. Harry runs behind Mikhail. Baby cries hard.

PRECAP: Mikhail tells Baby whatever happened yesterday was a craziness, a mistake. Tarun comes there to invite Mikhail on their engagement. Mikhail comes to Baby and hold her hand, demanding to say something to her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Baby needs to confess her feelings now!!!
    Tarun ko so am sambhaal legi apneh style mein!!:)

  2. Shekhar.yash01

    Now, Baby have to confess…
    And Amar,Sonam and Harry will handle Tatum…
    BTW Sonam’s idea is good…

  3. Can i pls kill tarun ???

  4. kyu saare lovers ke saath aise hota hai!!!!!! even the shows ending when will mikhail and baby unite???:(

  5. Baby should confess her feelings but mikhail should forget about his ego and should help baby. But WO to apne feelings se hi mukar raha aa.

  6. Mikhail ko apne ego ko side mein rakh kar tarun se peecha chhudwana chahiye

  7. Tarun should be really punched in the face really hard.. (though he is kinda cute)
    And for god sake plz Baby confess now.. Mikhail loves u and so do you.
    Waitin for the upcoming episodes!!

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