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The next morning, Baby wakes up. Kavita comes in and keeps a pillow behind her. Baby tells her she can sit by herself, only her feet are injured. Her mother gives her juice, and goes to get her breakfast in next half an hour. Baby says sorry to her, Kavita sits beside her and asks what her mistake in all this is. Baby says she is sorry for each day on which she used to dance, she is sorry for everytime she had to lie to her Papa that she had been studying in the room, she won’t have to do this anymore.
Mikhail dances on the beach, kneels down broken.
In the academy, Nehtra comes to the practice hall and wonders where he would go now. Now his last hope, the little dancing star Baby is also not here. Where he would go now. She boasts that when all the doors in front have been shut

he must come back. Mikhail comes in panting and shuts the door inside. He looks behind to find Nehtra there and asks why she came here. Nehtra says this is his room, she came to meet him. She apologizes that she never wanted this, she begged in front of him not to trust Baby, alright now deal with it. Mikhail asks her to get out of this room right now. Nehtra asks if he remembers he has only three months. Mikhail turns to tell her to get out. Nehtra says she is the last hope who can take him out of this problem. Mikhail asks her to get out and not to enter here before three months. Nehtra says she thinks about calling interior designer, after ninety days this room would belong to her. She assures that he can come to her room whenever he wants. He pushes her away, she laughs and takes a seat. She asks him to face the reality now, for that he has to ask her help. She promises not to tell anyone. Mikhail smiles and says she has proved she still doesn’t know him, they can’t get along in life and opens the door for her. Nehtra asks if Baby can walk with him, oh she can never even walk now. She turns him towards her and says this is his last chance. He drags her out, Nehtra says this isn’t needed now; she knows the way out and will show it to him as well in three months.
Baby thinks about Nehtra’s words. Sonam and Amar come to her and find Baby lost. Sonam asks if she got someone very handsome in hospital, Amar shows her teddy bear. Both fight with each other, Kavita calls them from outside. Sonam becomes Guljeet. Kavita asks them to let Baby rest, she asks if Baby would take toast along with soup. She was worried and holds her tears inside watching Baby depressed and lost in thoughts staring at her wheel chair. She tries to get up and move her leg. It aches but she struggles. Amar comes there and asks if she has gone crazy. Baby cries and says she has to walk, she can’t sit all day like this. Amar asks her to give some time, when the injuries will heal she will get well. He asks her promise she won’t do such stupidity again, she does. He hugs her as she cries. Kavita watches this and leaves crying herself.
Mikhail sits beside the gallery in academy when Dia comes to him. She gives him a file and asks him to watch this whenever he gets time. These are out old scripts, he must decide which show they can start in next two months. Mikhail slaps the file back in her hand. Dia was worried and asks him to think and accept the reality, if this academy is auctioned who would trust them again; it’s about their reputation this time. She tells him he will be lost. Mikhail says he doesn’t care about his reputation. Dia says that reality is that Baby might never walk again. They have less time and can’t waste a single day. Mikhail heads to leave, Dia asks what’s wrong with him. Doesn’t he care about them, academy? Mikhail says he does, he will not let anything happen to them. It’s his promise that Soul Mates will happen. He leaves.
Amar consoles Kavita who cries that Baby doesn’t want to get well. Amar says that a person always wants energy to charge up, Baby must also get that energy from them. Once she gets charged up, Baby will get well. If she keeps on crying, Baby’s energy will get down. Kavita also comes to ask Kavita keep courage. There is a ring on door, Kavita asks whom he has to meet. Mikhail says Baby. Amar and Guljeet come shocked. Kamini says she didn’t recognize him. Mikhail says they know who he is, his name is Mikhail-dancer, choreographer. Kamini asks if he is the one in Baby’s video, he must get lost from her house right now. Kavita asks which video is it about, she asks Amar. Mikhail asks if she is Baby’s mom, he has to talk to her as well. Kamini stops him, but Mikhail says no, he isnt going anywhere. He came to meet Baby, until he meets her he is standing here. Kamini asks Amar to ask Mikhail go away from her home, Baby stops her from behind and comes in wheel chair. She says Mikhail came to meet her because she knows him.

PRECAP: Baby tells family she worked in Mikhail’s dance academy. Kamini says she never thought she would betray her. Baby cries she never wanted to lie, but dance was her life as well. Outside, Mikhail asks Kavita not to take Baby away from dance, if she brings Baby to academy she will walk again.

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