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Ria dances in the hall where they were practicing. The academy students appreciate them. Maddy says this was a little clip from Mikhail’s new project. Ria says they have already advertised that the winner of this competition will be the main lead in this project.
Baby and Sonam walk on the foot path, Baby says she hasn’t done anything for her papa, she must make him up. Sonam suggests about buying him a gift, but rejects saying she has no money. Baby says she can do some summer job and earn some money. Amar comes on his skooty and asks Baby to come to academy to meet Tara. Baby says she doesn’t has to go to academy. Sonam says Baby must say sorry to Mikhail so she must come.
In the academy, Maddy tells Mikhail that it is an amazing start up. The rehearsals will start soon. Mikhail

says he doesn’t want to start rehearsals soon, he wants the best dancers. He says Soul Mates is his dream, the most difficult and important project. Ria says she has never seen him so compassionate, Mikhail says it is an experience. He recollects, the first time he came to Goa, he was about to leave the station at 2 o clock. There was a girl in the waiting area, who must have cried a lot. He asked what happened to her. She said she is very happy as she is going to meet her love after five years. When she was about to leave in a second train, he saw she had a stick in his hand. She was blind, and still she smiled that how she will recognize him; her heart can never forget him. Maddy asks if that boy came. Mikhail says that boy took that girl away. He realized that those connected at heart can’t be separated by luck. Ria says she had never expected Mikhail to be that sensitive. Mikhail asks sensitive and he? He is telling this only because he doesn’t want them to leave any lapse for Aneeli. Maddy reconfirms if Nehtra is doing Aneeli. Mikhail asks Ria for the nomination lists. Maddy repeats his question, Mikhail says casting hasn’t begun.
In the academy, the go to Tara who was on a swing. Nehtra was scolding a waiter for messing her salad order. She asks if someone wants to be her assistant. Sonam and Amar holds Baby’s hand. Nehtra asks who they are. Tara says they are her friends. Nehtra asks Baby if she has a credit card and a smart phone. Baby says she has a debit card. Nehtra asks if she knows the difference between Americana and Latin. Baby was lost as she watched Mikhail dancing ahead. Nehtra asks Baby if she can come for work from tomorrow? She nods. Sonam and Amar congratulate Baby on the beach. Baby says not everything is a joke, what if Kamini gets to know. Sonam says Baby is underestimating her lie.
At home, Kamini and maa were shocked to hear that the girls are going to work in Gurdwara. Sonam says that the place is really beautiful here, she won’t get a chance to serve again. Kamini appreciates Sonam and says she was sure Baby would come to right track here. At room, Baby beats Sonam for lying so much.
At night, Nehtra asks Mikhail to come to bed while she was drinking. He takes his headphones off and says he is doing some work. Nehtra comes closer to him, Mikhail asks what she wants. Nehtra says she wants to assist him in Aneeli’s choreography, she wants to make it s*xy and sensual just the way it is. Mikhail pushes her away at once and leaves saying he has a lot to do.
The next morning, Sonam slaps Baby from back when she opened the wardrobe. She stood with a dress for Baby. Baby first clutches her neck, then hugs her tight. Maa makes Baby eat sweet yogurt. Kamini covers Baby’s head, both the girls leave.
Sonam and Baby arrive at the academy. Amar tells them to bring Tara along when they will return. Baby runs to the academy and calls Tara from behind. Tara stops the greet her. Baby asks if she knows where Nehtra would be. Tara tells her to go to second room on left. Baby tells Tara that Amar called her in the evening, Tara agrees to come. Tara gives Baby all the best. Baby enters and is shocked to see Mikhail there. He asked for a hand besides him, Nehtra comes there. Both dance together, intimately. Baby turns around with a red face. Nehtra watches Baby standing there. She gets away, Mikhail leaves. Baby comes to Nehtra, Nehtra says she is seven minutes late and asks her to get her towel. Baby was shocked at the welcome, then goes to get the towel and comes to Nehtra. Nehtra says Baby must not speak until she tells her to, she hands her a paper and pen and tells her to make a list. At 8.30 rehearsals, 9.00 fruits and vegetables, 11.30 class and 1 o clock is her lunch, protein intake and calory intake chart is in the file, it must be updates after each week. Baby notes. Nehtra tells her to get a glass for her, baby looks around. Nehtra points at the direction. She tells Baby that audition line up, costume line up and her schedule all has to be handled by Baby. if anything slips she will be fired. She says her last assistant was Vicky, so she will call her Vicky as well. She tells her to go to Mikhail and get the list of auditions.

PRECAP: Mikhail insults a dancer in his academy. There, Nehtra was shocked to see the list and asks why is Aneeli written here, there are no auditions for Aneeli. Baby says only what Mikhail had given her is written. Nehtra asks Mikhail why he is doing auditions for Aneeli. Mikhail says Aneel is the lead of his play.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. this Nehtra is annoying.lol sonam baby scene was nice.so baby got job….let’s see how it will go interesting…♡

    1. It seems romance would bloom bw baby and micheal soon !!!!! ?

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