D4 Get up and Dance 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update

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Aneri was packing her bags. Tara comes asking what she is doing. Aneri says she is going back home and begins crying. Tara was concerned. Aneri tells her that she is in love with Mikhail. Tara says that is really great, she is a good friend of him. Aneri says she feels Mikhail will never love him, but there was a hope. She cries that she wish she hadn’t anything to him. She will no longer have that hope again, she knows he would never be hers anymore. She holds his cap and letter and gives it to Tara to hand it over to Mikhail. Tara hugs her assuring she would miss her.

Payal rings the doorbell to Baby’s home. She confirms if Baby is ready? Kavita looks her from head to toe and asks about her introduction. Payal introduces her as Dr. Tarun’s sister. She boasts his clinic has got s*xy

because of her. Kavita says that Baby isn’t coming to clinic today as there is Pooja at home. Payal says its really important but still Kavita denies.

Mikhail comes to the hall, Tarun says this is the hall he booked. He shares with Mikhail he tried dance therapy on a patient, she began to walk. Mikhail thinks about Baby and says it depends on patient, it doesn’t work on idiots. Tarun tells Mikhail he can keep any concept, he can hire dancers from Delhi, budget is 50 lacs and if any query he will ask board members. Mikhail says art direction and costumes payment will be separate, if he says a yes today he needs an advance cheque. Tarun assures to hand him the cheque by evening and forwards his hand to shake with Mikhail. Mikhail turns to see Baby who had just arrived and was shocked to see Mikhail. Mikhail turns to her.
Harry orders them to request boss let them practice on shaft or corridor, where else he can be being the space. Harry comes to the locked academy and hits it hard. Nehtra comes behind, she announces the sealing of hostel and other rooms if next instalment misses. She is thinking about sealing Mikhail’s room first, it will be so much fun.
Tarun asks Baby and Mikhail why are they behaving as strangers although they know each other. They spoilt his surprise. He tells Mikhail he tried dance therapy on this patient. Mikhail asks Baby to show him as well how dance can heal someone. Baby stands up from the wheelchair. Mikhail apologizes Tarun that he can’t do his show and leaves. Tarun wonders what happened to him, if he has problem with his face or hall or money is less.
Mikhail throws water over his face thinking about Baby. He throws the bottle of water away.
Tarun requests Baby to convince him, he needs to confirm this choreographer else he would be thrown out of this committee.
Amar was at the shaft practicing with tossing the bottles. The boss scolds him. Amar gets Baby’s call, Baby tells him that Mikhail is in Delhi. Amar demands what he is doing. Baby says when Mikhail saw her he denied doing Tarun’s show, he was really angry. She asks if Soul Mate’s rehearsals aren’t going on. Amar inform Baby that Lalwani sealed the academy, Baby was worried at once. Amar says Mikhail must have taken Delhi’s show to pay the instalment. Baby says he denied doing the show only because of her, had he not met her he would have done this show and his problem would have ended. Mikhail takes Baby’s call and rudely asks what she wants. Baby stammers. Mikhail demands why she called. Baby asks him not to leave this show. Mikhail wonders how she even thought he would do something because of her. Baby explains she doesn’t want Tarun’s loss, she won’t come here until he is here. Mikhail cuts the call saying he doesn’t care about her. He gets Harry’s call, he warns Mikhail to decide soon because they are warning to seal other hostels and rooms as well. Mikhail gets even worried.
Baby comes in to see Mikhail standing with his bag. He asks if its Dr. Tarun who made her stand up? Baby says yes, he is doing her physiotherapy. She doesn’t want to put him in problem. Mikhail tells her he is doing this show, but he has a condition. She would remain with him during all the rehearsals and do what he asks for, now she can even walk. If he can do a show for her friend, she must also do something for her friend. Baby agrees to stay with him, she promises. Mikhail forbids her to promise, she has broken every promise till today. He holds her chair’s arm and tells her this is last thing he is doing for her, and leaves.

PRECAP: Mikhail dances with Baby as a couple, holding her in air. Tarun exclaims wow, he must jerk Baby slowly else she will again be damaged. Mikhail leaves Tarun’s show, he comes back hopeless towards Aneri, Soulmates and academy.

Update Credit to: Sona

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