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Mikhail scolds Baby that now, they will be stuck here for whole night. He is fed up of her craziness. He watches Baby shiver and says great, now she will fell ill, the performance for Lalwani and his show, both will be ruined. He looks at her for a while, then drapes her in his jacket. Baby watches him being close to her as he covers her in the jacket, then gets away from her. Pari tells her that no matter she is drowning or drying she must never call him but Harry, he loves helping girls. He notices Baby’s rings and says he never saw her wearing this ring, she only wear two of them. He asks what it is called, she says bracelet. He says whatever, comes close to her and asks if she really needed lift. Baby was speechless. Mikhail asks if she has lost her voice as well. Baby points a finger,

Mikhail points his towards her and says he is very angry at her. Baby says she was just saying the rain has ended. Mikhail asks her to go now.
Dia says when Mikhail enters, they will put the lights off. He hugs her from behind, and says she really looks sweet while excited. She says he never leaves a chance to hug. He kisses her cheek, she kisses his intently. She wonders where Mikhail is left. She goes out, Amar was placing glasses. Dia also comes there saying she will be the s*xy helper, Dia asks her not to drink a lot and help Amar a bit. They all laugh. Inside, Dia asks Nehtra if she has set Mikhail’s favorite track. Nehtra was angry that Mikhail hasn’t yet come, he isn’t picking up the call and that Baby isn’t as well. Dia asks her to chill, Mikhail must be with her so how she can pick up the call.
Baby asks Mikhail to drop her to academy, her cousin must be waiting there. Mikhail stops the bike, comes off it and asks if her cousin was in academy why she called him? He asks her to stop playing these games with him, if she wants to become Aneri. Baby was speechless. Mikhail asks yes or no, she doesn’t speak. He shouts how she can be so careless about her work, now after getting wet in rain she wants to go to academy. He is working hard on her, trying to make her a professional dancer and she ruins his hardwork. She isn’t worth giving a huge opportunity, she has nothing called commitment. He asks her not to show her face to him again, it was better she hadn’t come in his life. She must not insult dance by calling herself a dancer. He tells her to get on bike, he won’t be responsible after that.
Sonam drinks in the party, Amar asks her to drink less. He asks where Baby is, Sonam says she and Mikhail must have stayed. He takes Sonam the shot and asks her to help him. Sonam doesn’t stop. Amar takes the glass off her hand, Sonam takes him by collar and shouts at him. They notice the crowd attentive towards them, Amar says this is fine. Sonam punishes him to follow his orders whole night.
Dia announces that Mikhail is here, it was dark in the academy. Mikhail calls Dia and Harry. Nehtra comes to hug him and wishes him birthday. Mikhail asks what is this all. Dia asks what a dumb question, this is his party that is why he was kept outside the academy for so long. Mikhail’s words for Baby echo in his mind, he had been so rude. Harry brings the cake that Mikhail cuts. Amar comes to find baby and was worried not finding her there. He gets the drunk Sonam aside and says Baby had a plan to come back to academy, where is Baby then. He calls Baby but her phone was switched off. Sonam goes to ask Mikhail.
Sonam comes to Mikhail and asks where her best friend, Baby is. Mikhail says he dropped her home. Sonam says there is party and he dropped her home, how mean. Mikhail says he didn’t know about party. Sonam says she wait for him there in deserted place for two hours, and what he did. Amar says Mikhail didn’t know. Mikhail heads to leave. Nehtra stops him and asks where he is going. Mikhail says he is going to get Baby, she missed the party. Nehtra says it was her duty to get him to party, if she wanted to she would have come here. Mikhail says he forcefully dropped her home, so now he needs to bring her. Nehtra stops him and says his girlfriend kept a party for him and he is leaving her. Mikhail says she didn’t come because of him, he has to bring her here. Nehtra asks him to stop being obsessive, its his party and let’s not spoil it. Dia tells Mikhail that if he goes to her home may be a problem for him, her family is conservative and she won’t mind. Mikhail was stuck and goes inside. Nehtra goes to begin her performance. Mikhail was uninterested, only thinking about Baby.
Mikhail thinks about his words at night, Baby lay in her bed crying over them.

PRECAP: Harry asks Mikhail if something happened when he had dropped her last night. Mikhail stops telling him at once and asks Sonam where she is. Sonam says he had told her to leave his academy and life, so she left. Mikhail says he has no Aneri, what will happen. He performs with a girl but she fell off. Lalwani warns him to present something good in a week or forget the investment. Mikhail runs around the beach finding Aneri.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. This show makes go crazy on weekends God next 2 days no show. Eagerly waiting for Monday to come . Well done baby you made a right decision . Michael should respect you. He takes things as granted

  2. Right chinnari maybe this ll help him realize her potential

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