D4 Get up and Dance 19th April 2016 Written Episode Update

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Dia questions who is Lalwani to auction their academy. Harry says they have to be cool to take a decision. He asks Mikhail not to worry, and assures about finding a solution. Dia wonders what they can do, should they tell him? Harry suggests about doing their last show, Dia agrees that this way they can make money. Mikhail says that the only production will be Soul Mates and Baby will do that.
Amar and Sonam come to talk to Mikhail. He shouts at them, they were afraid. Mikhail asks how Baby is. SOnam says she is returning tonight. Mikhail says they must ask her to meet him, SOnam says they are planning a party and want him and Baby to dance. She won’t have a better welcome, so please Mikhail! Amar says they will tell him about party’s venue. Mikhail stops them and gives them a usb,

he asks them to play it, it’s Soul Mates theme music; he and Baby will die on this. SOnam hugs Mikhail and cheerfully leaves. Outside, Amar asks her to stop hugging Mikhail on every small matter.
In the party venue, Sonam asks Tara if she must call Amar, Tara says he might say everything in excitement in front of Baby. Mikhail comes there, Dia asks him to check the music. Nehtra and Lalwani come there, Mikhail shouts at her to go away. Nehtra shouts at him to lower his voice, she is no more his girlfriend. Dia says Baby’s friends arranged this party for Baby, this isn’t an official party. SOnam get’s Amar’s call. Mikhail asks to shut the lights off. Mikhail spreads his hands for Baby to dance with him, Baby comes on wheel chairs. They all stop cheering at once. Baby cries, the lights are on now. Amar brings the wheel chair in. Baby’s legs had been badly injured and she cries. Everyone was upset watching this. Sonam backs up and leaves the hall. Mikhail comes in front of Baby and sadly looks towards her. He says this is enough of her drama, she must now get up and dance with him. He spreads his hand, she says she can’t. he shouts at her to stand up and dance. For a few minutes everyone had vanished, Baby watches him dance in front of him. She had confessed that she only watches his single move and die to dance with him. Mikhail dances around Baby, she tightens the grip of her hands on the wheel chair and cries. Mikhail again asks for her hand, she cries instead. Mikhail stands up and goes behind to turn the music on.
Dia comes to Baby and tells her she doesn’t know what happened behind her in academy, then asks her to jerk this idea. She has to get well soon and do a lot. Nehtra says Dia is right, they have to produce Soul Mates in next three months, so she must get up and dance with Mikhail who is dying to dance with her. Now Baby can save this academy and Mikhail, so get up and start dancing. Before Mikhail comes in, Harry stops Nehtra and asks her to leave before any fight. Nehtra leaves with Abhishek. Harry kneels in front of Baby and apologizes. He says they are all happy for her come back. Baby cries that she can never dance, never stand up again. Mikhail watches her, recalling his words to Baby, her dance, his training, workout, his scoldings… everything echoes in his mind. He had prayed God that Baby can never dance again, he turns around to wipe his tears. Harry and Dia leave, Dia asks Amar what she is saying. Amar says while returning, his mom told him everything. Doctors say Baby can never dance again, she is still in depression. Dia assures she will be alright. Amar says they must give her some time.
Amar brings Baby back home along with Guljeet. Kavita asks what happened to her, why is she so upset. Amar assures he was with him. Kamini watches Amar for a while, then qualifies Baby if fine. Kavita goes to get Baby’f clothes, Amar says that if she thinks Baby won’t sleep upstairs she is wrong. Guljeet says that she and Baby will sleep upstairs like always and take Baby upstairs. In the bed, Kamini asks Guljeet to take care of Baby. Baby blankly stares, Sonam asks her to go and change; she has to speak to her about so many things.
Baby recalls her accident, Nehtra’s words about Soul Mates that she can only save this academy and Mikhail.

PRECAP: Dia was worried about time limit. Mikhail says Soul Mates will happen and in his own way. Mikhail comes home, Kamini asks if he is the same Mikhail as of the video, he must get away. Baby stops Kamini and says Mikhail was giving her dance training before accident. She never working in Gurdwara but in Mikhail’s academy.

Update Credit to: Sona

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