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Sonam asks why Baby is giving so much importance to that jerk Harry, he is an idiot; what will happen to their love story then. Baby says enough, there is no love story and if she stays here there won’t be any Soul mates. Sonam stands up now, and says she loves him, how she would leave him this way. Baby says she wants to leave only because she loves him, if she stays he would fail. She asks Amar to confirm her tickets, she is leaving for Delhi forever. Amar and Sonam leave.
At night, Baby thought about dancing with Mikhail. Mikhail sat excited about Baby’s dance as Aneri. Baby cries thinking about Mikhail’s determination to make her Aneri, he had introduced her as Aneri.
The next morning, Sonam comes to shaft in veiled costume. Amar was shocked watching her there, he denies

taking any help from her and insists she must leave. Sonam asks who would play the music then. Amar watches Tara coming and takes Sonam to hiding. He was confused watching her, she says Hi to him. She says he looks really cute. Amar suggests about doing something different, he would lead today. Tara agrees. They head towards the beach, Amar dances for her. Tara joins him in dance. They were about to kiss when two glasses break on the table. Tara suggests it must be a cat, Amar curtly says sure. Tara shys and leaves.
Harry was upset and throws work chart on floor in frustration. Baby was there, Harry thinks about suggesting to Mikhail to show an accident of Aneri on the first scene. He tells Baby that the payment for the halls have already been booked. Baby questions Harry if he thinks it is easy for her? She daily tries to trust on Mikhail’s belief. Mikhail won’t accept anyone’s decision. He doesn’t make Aneri as Aneri because Baby didn’t leave an option for her, he would only take this decision himself and she wouldn’t leave until this happens. They both want Mikhail’s success. The day Mikhail see Aneri in Aneri, she would leave. Harry understands and apologize, he sits beside her, sorry for hurting her. He asks for her hand, that from today onwards he wants to be her new friend who will always be there for whole of her life. Baby holds Harry’s hand. Baby asks for his promise to never tell Mikhail what she did and why; no matter he hates her for life. Harry promises her, Baby wipes her tears and goes inside with her.
Mikhail and Dia dance together. Baby thinks about her dance with Mikhail. She comes outdoor where Aneri was talking on phone. Baby asks to speak to her about Mikhail and demands to go somewhere else as she didn’t want to get spotted. After the performance, Mikhail announces that whoever is in this room is the final cast of Soul Mates. He assigns everyone their final roles.
Baby tells Aneri she can’t be Soul Mate’s Aneri. Mikhail agrees or not but they have no reason to believe she can dance in two months. Only she knows what her condition is, she can’t lie to Mikhail anymore. She needs her help so that Mikhail accepts the truth. He isn’t ready to listen to anyone. Aneri assures Baby she can do anything for Mikhail. Baby asks her to become the Aneri of Rohan. Aneri stands up in shock, Mikhail is the best dance choreographer of India and she isn’t even a dancer. Baby asks Aneri to only think about Mikhail for now, she will get his show to lose. Baby tells Aneri about the crisis and the disgrace Mikhail will have to go through, just because Soul Mates fail. She insists on Aneri to think about Mikhail before her, if she is a real friend. Mikhail has put everything on risk, just for the hope she would be able to stand up. Can she get ready for Soul Mates in a month? She tells Aneri she has seen her chemistry with Mikhail, she just needs some practice after which she can become Rohan’s Aneri.

PRECAP: Baby accuses Mikhail that he gave her false hope, one month has past and she is still unable to stand up. Now she is going away from him and his academy.

Update Credit to: Sona

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