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Baby comes to Dia and says she has to leave today, she has line up all the auditions today. Dia stops her, she tells her to relax and calm down, she has heard that Baby can’t lie to her father and Baby knows her reaction as well. Baby says she has to leave today, Dia asks why today only. Baby was speechless. She says that is very personal, she can’t say. Dia says that Baby must be thinking that she is selfish, but she can’t let her leave before three days. Once Aneri’s short list gets lined up. Dia says Baby doesn’t understand what Soul Mates has become, if it gets flop it will have the worst effect on Mikhail both professionally and personally.
Sonam and Amar takes selfies, Sonam goes to take one with Nehtra as well. Nehtra laughs that Sonam and Amar that Maddy always makes

the worst dances as sparrows and tree. Sonam says not everyone can be Aneri as well, Sonam taunts that Mikhail left her for Aneri and wants to audition his assistant for Aneri. Nehtra says bad joke, why she just doesn’t go and fly. Sonam leaves.
In the academy, Baby and Ajay watches Nehtra spoiling all their papers. They run outside, Nehtra says she is looking for audition list. Baby gives her a copy. Nehtra says now, she will first pile up all these files and then go to Aneri’s auditions. Baby says she isn’t taking audition, she is leaving the job in three days. Nehtra says oh sad, and leaves. Ajay says she is jealous of her. Baby says how would she be.
Tara’s cell phones rings in the classical music’s class. Dia scolds her, Tara was worried, she takes the bag and runs out. Amar stops her, Tara was in a hurry and leaves. He asks her for tea, Tara stops him and hurries outside.
Mikhail reads a news that Maddy shows him, Nehtra was selected as Aneri for Soul Mates. Maddy says how she can interact without his consent with media, it is in her contract that she can’t interact with media. Mikhail goes out to Nehtra who was at the beach. He laughs and says these media persons are really tilted, she tells him not to worry she will take care. She says she doesn’t blame that journalist, everyone knows he will finally come to her for Aneri. Mikhail clutches her hair and says if there was someone else, she would have been out of this academy. If she doesn’t stay away from all this, she will lose a lot. He leaves warning her.
Mikhail asks dia why the training begun. Why are they wasting the time. Dia says from tomorrow, six girl’s training will start. Dia says they have short listed six only. Mikhail says he short listed one girl, Baby. Dia comes behind him and says Baby is leaving after three days. Dia says she has said no, they can’t force her. Mikhail asks why she couldn’t stop her. Dia shouts at him and says she is leaving, she didn’t agree; he must let her go. Mikhail says no. Dia says stakes are high, his obsession will be harmful for their academy. Mikhail says she can’t go, until he believes Baby is Aneri. He won’t let her go.
Baby sat in front of her Papa. She takes her cell phone and reads the message. Her papa dictates her a question. Amar was going out, he tells Baby that he will drop her. Amar says they will get late for Gurdwara. Papa says she is studying right now. Baby says she will first do her studies. Baby tells her papa the answer. He scolds where her attention is. Baby says she left a step. She says when she returns from Gurdwara it is late and she is unable to concentrate. Her papa tells her to inform them she isn’t coming from tomorrow. Baby say she just has to go for two more days.
Amar wait for Baby outside. She asks where he is going. Amar says he is going to academy. Baby was worried that she is unable to concentrate and solve really easy questions. Sonam meets them, Baby hurries inside. Amar watches Tara with a girl, Sonam asks him to go to her. Amar says she is in a bad mood. Sonam says when girls are sad, they like being pampered. He comes to her, and apologizes, Tara heads to leave saying let it go. Amar says he thought she was in a problem, he thought about asking her. Tara says there is no problem, she is ok and he doesn’t have to interfere in his personal life. She pushes him back and go inside. Sonam says alright, they will try again next time. She cheers him.
Maddy asks Baby why is she late. Dia says she needs the introduction of everyone, their comments. Baby reads the comments as the girls dance. Nehtra watches this from behind the curtain. Maddy tells the girls that they must brace themselves for the next day. Dia tells them that Aneri is from among them.
Nehtra watched the files outside, Baby comes there. Nehtra asks for the list of the girls, and takes it. Dia comes there, and asks Nehtra if she wants something. Nehtra says she came out to offer them her help in training of this girl. Dia thanks Nehtra, she leaves. Dia warns Baby not to share any information of Aneri’s audition with Nehtra. Maddy says her name can also be there. Baby says she knows but this isn’t possible.

PRECAP: Mikhail angrily says that the girls who will drink all night aren’t his Aneri. He says one only gets a chance onces, some idiots let it go in love of their family. Baby dances on beach and cries,

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sona dear u didn’t write d whole precap
    …. After baby dances n cries on beach. Mikhail tells dia and maddy that his friends birthday celebration was that night. Dia says that his birthday was 2 months earlier. Mikhail sAys but we r celebrating it today and he asks to dia to call baby also in d party. In d party mikhail dances wearing mask.. Baby shouts at mikhail…. I love this show

    1. Yeah me tpo was saying the same that full precap is not written.. D3 fans will take time to appreciate d4 but as I used to watch d3 kabhi kabhi only so it didnt too much time for me.. Liked the story

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