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Sonam gets Kavita’s call, she informs them that Baby reacted. She tells Sonam she doesn’t know what she said to Baby, but her voice reached her daughter and she was saved. Sonam drops the phone, Amar asks what happened. Sonam says Baby is conscious, both cheer and celebrate. Mikhail turn to them, tears fell off his eyes. Sonam hugs Mikhail thanking him as she reacted to his voice. Amar also thanks Mikhail. Mikhail asks them to keep him informed how Baby is. Sonam and Amar leave. Mikhail takes his laptop, watches Baby’s video, and practices the steps and smiles.
The morning in hospital Baby denies taking juice but her mother asks her to get some energy. She assures Baby she will be fine. Baby asks if they all are fine. Kavita assures they all are fine. Baby’s father comes there,

he tells Baby that she is really brave and didn’t cry inspite of a lot of pain. Bua comes in, Amar calls Baby’s father. He asks about Baby. Baby’s father says that Baby will get discharged, so he will send her to Goa with Kamini and Kavita, she will recover soon there. He asks him to take care of Baby and keep her happy. Amar and Sonam cheer. They think about calling Mikhail.
Dia was doing yoga outdoor when Harry gets a cup of coffee. Mikhail comes running to them and cheerfully wishes them luck. Both asks what is it about. Mikhail says he has a news for them, they are starting Soul mates again. Harry stands and asks if he is joking. Mikhail says not at all, he asks them to get the crew members. He gives Dia the responsibility of costumes. Dia asks for any explanation. Mikhail says Baby is conscious, her family assures she will get fine. They will get Soul Mates done in their way, not with the interference of Lalwani. He has got his Aneri, now this show will not only save this academy but make it the best in the world.
Lalwani asks who is Baby, how it will affect him. Nehtra says she is the one whom Mikhail selected as Aneri. Nehtra says Mikhail will start Soul Mates again, he will produce it himself because he believe if Baby do Aneri, he will earn as much as not to need any investor again. Lalwani says he will make sure how he starts the show, he will have to pay the past debts to start the new show.
Baby was being pampered in the hospital, while Sonam and Amar arrange the house. Amar asks her to think how to make Baby happy. Sonam says they will arrange a surprise party on the shaft for her. Amar says there is already a party on shaft. Sonam says academy! Kavita tells Baby they will go to Goa, Guljeet and Amar are also there. Baby thinks about Mikhail.
Lalwani comes to academy, he tells Mikhail that this isn’t his academy. He hasn’t come to take money from him, but to give him a time of next three months. If he doesn’t return each of his penny in the next three months, he must leave this academy and forget this Soul Mates. Mikhail holds him by collar and says this academy will never be his, he will throw his money on his face in next two months. Dia and Harry hold Mikhail back.
Sonam selects theme for Baby’s party, Amar asks if it is welcome party or a scary party. Both argue. Amar gets an idea about dance as theme of party. Amar cheers about dancing with Tara, Sonam laughs that Tara will run away. Amar suggests about Mikhail and Baby’s dance.
Lalwani says to Mikhail that he is less of brains. He is already in debt, if he wants to do Soul Mates he must. He will only wait for the time to get over, and uptil now one of his representative will be here. Mikhail tells Abhishek he can’t do this, Abhishek says he can do anything. he gave them time of three months on a condition that his representative is here to keep an eye on them, and that is Nehtra. Mikhail calls his bad name, Abhishek laughs and says this is one of his qualities. He has given him time of three months, else this academy will be auctioned. Abhishek leaves.

PRECAP: Sonam and Amar ask Mikhail to dance with Baby. Mikhail gives them theme music of Soul Mates on which they will dance. In the party, Baby was on wheel chair. Dia bucks baby up to get well and dance soon. Nehtra asks Baby to stand up now and dance as Mikhail has only three months left.

Update Credit to: Sona

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