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Mikhail arrives at the show, gets on stage and performs along with maddy and another guy. Sonam says Mikhail seems so different here. Amar tells her that this is his home ground, this is underground dance world and Mikhail had started to dance from here. The people from dance ground consider this place as God. Mikhail moves around the crowd, Baby hid her face but Mikhail takes her scarf along. Baby watches his performance, breath taken. Baby says to Amar she has to go home and leaves.
Outside, Amar says to Baby he wanted her mood better, Mikhail was here but why she didn’t like. Baby says it was all good but when Mikhail came, she can’t see him… Sonam asks what she is saying. Baby says Mikhail’s dance is becoming a torture for her, she just keeps on dying to dance with his single

move. She begins to forget everything, her decision and her promise with her father. She wish she could say yes for Aneri’s audition. Sonam asks why not, it is the best opportunity. Baby says she know it’s the best opportunity, that is why she is upset. Amar hugs Baby. Baby thanks him for getting her here, she has realized that to fulfil her Papa’s promise she must stay away from Mikhail and dance. She will tell Dia tomorrow she is leaving academy. Sonam and Amar say no way, it is last day of summer camp and she can’t leave their performance unseen.
Mikhail washed his face when Maddy comes to him. Mikhail says now his mind his clear, no matter what Abhishek say he has got his answers. Mikhail says whenever he comes here he feels rooted and relaxed here. Mikhail says he has nothing, neither money, nor place; not even a companion. Then he realized he got everything from dance, money, fame, place and everything. Even today they need nothing except dance, Lalwani will give them more money and Soul Mates is his responsibility. If he fails, the academy will be named to Lalwani. He is mortaging the academy.
Dia and Maddy were both angry, she asks Mikhail how he can take such a big risk with all his savings just for a musical. Mikhail says he has faith in everything he will do, his gut feeling is never wrong. His heart says Soul mates is their way to internations platforms. Dia says if they were only colleagues she wouldn’t have thought twice, but unfortunately they are best friends. Mikhail qualifies… who could be her boyfriend as well. He leaves. Maddy spits water from his mouth. Dia looks at him, she comes behind him and tells him not to distract her. She says he is such a friend whom she loves, she doesn’t want him to make a mistake that he has to regret. This academy is his baby, he must not take any decision that puts it in danger. Mikhail holds her from shoulders and says this academy is like his child and they both are his power, until they are with him he can take any risk. They must hold him up even if he fell down. Mikahil says he talked to Lalwani in the morning. Dia fights with him, he says he is ready to give them as much money as they need. Dia gets annoyed why he asked her then. Mikhail says he knew she will agree. He forwards his hand, Maddy takes it first, Dia later. They were now ready to do it.
Baby asks Aneri’s contestant to take any help from her if needed. They all come out, Dia comes to meet them. Mikhail and Nehtra come together to get seated. Sonam and Amar perform as tree and sparrow in the whole act. Maddy looks at Mikhail time and again fror approval. Sonam run in between. Maddy regrets while the crowd cheers. Mikhail. The crowd cheers for once more. Sonam and Baby hug Sonam. Amar asks Baby how was his performance. Maddy came there and says she spoilt his choreography. She apologizes. He says forgiven, smiles and says she has proven that the one who has dance in heart can’t be stopped.
The other performance goes on the stage in which Maddy and Dia perform. Baby was lost in Maddy’s words. She watches Mikhail looking at her.

PRECAP: Baby tells Dia that she has to go today. Dia says she can’t let her go until Aneri’s auditions are over. Sonam comes to Nehtra and says she heard Mikhail rejected her as lead role in Soul mates.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nehtra doesn’t deserve to be aneri then y is she forcing Mikhail??

  2. Wow awesome Episode. Today’s highlight was Mikhail dance. One of the best performance till date.2nd was dia and maddy performance .ppl who only read wu please do watch today’s episode.

  3. can u pls update today’s episode fast????

  4. i love it

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