D4 Get up and Dance 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mikhail shouts at Baby she doesn’t need to teach him what to focus and what not. She must only take care of Tarun, if he again mingles no one will be worse than him. He begin the dance with her again. Tarun comes there to stop them, he says if she does anymore there can be strain in her foot. Mikhail comes to confront Tarun, they punch each other. Baby stops them both, she demands Tarun what he has been doing here. Mikhail says if Baby wasn’t here, his bones would have been broken. Baby insists on Tarun to go home, she won’t dance today. Tarun leaves. Baby calls Mikhail, he stares at him and leave.
Nehtra was waiting beside her car, she stops Tarun and asks if he is Baby’s physiotherapist. Tarun asks if she know his name. Nehtra says she know a lot about him. Tarun asks who she

is. Nehtra says she is someone’s wish, someone’s fantasy but for him she is his friend. They have common interests. She is the one who called Baby’s father, she wants to separated Mikhail and Baby. Nehtra qualifies Baby loves Mikhail and she would do anything to stay with him, if he loves Baby he must separate her from Mikhail. Tarun was determined to do something, and leave.
Baby comes to Mikhail, he denies talking to her. Baby insists on explaining something. She begin to speak about Tarun. Mikhail says he has seen her with Tarun in Delhi, and that is her personal matter. But her personal matter must not intervene with his work, he must not see Tarun again. Baby explains that if Tarun leaves, she would also have to go. Mikhail shouts at her to go then, she works in his show upon her will only.
Baby comes home calling Tarun, he was on roof talking on phone. Baby comes to him, she demands why he is increasing their stressed. They are already much stressed about show and rehearsals. Tarun says he is only thinking about her, so much strain isn’t good for her. Baby says she isn’t a child, she understand what is good for her and what not. Tarun assures Baby he is her friend and cares for her. Baby asks if really? He must leave to Delhi then. Tarun says he can’t do this. Baby explains only a week is left, if he stays here Mikhail would be stressed out and they won’t be able to focus on the show. Tarun tells Baby he can’t leave as her father sent him here. If she wants him to leave she must speak to her father.
Harry comes asking what is wrong with her, why he asked her to go away. Mikhail demands what he should have done, there is her boyfriend and she was taking his side as well. Harry insists she was only trying to avoid fight, she came from Delhi to Goa just for a show. She cares for him if not love him. He asks Mikhail not to pour his frustration over her, we must never hurt the one we love. Mikhail asks if he is her side or his. Harry qualifies he wants both to be on a single side. Mikhail tells Harry he loves Baby, he can share his feelings with her. But what will change then? Harry asks him to share with her, at least he won’t regret not confessing it to her. Mikhail was ready to tell her, be it this side or the other. Harry offers his help.
Dilip gets Baby’s call, Baby apologize for not telling him. Dilip was angry, he asks her to come here then speak. Baby says she is fine, she has no pain also so he must please call Dr. Tarun back. Dilip asks if she would instruct now. Dilip explains he sent Tarun to take care of her, she will now stay with Tarun as she needs to spend her life with him. He has fixed her marriage with Tarun. Baby looks towards Tarun in shock. Dilip says if she has to live in Goa, she must live as engaged to Tarun. He doesn’t need an argument, either get engaged with Tarun or come back to Delhi.
Harry dances in the academy showing Bollywood steps to Mikhail for proposal. Mikhail asks if he has gone insane, she won’t even look at her. They enjoy copying different steps of Salma, Govinda and Amitabh. Mikhail finally kicks Harry. Harry becomes a girl. Mikhail touches his face lightly saying I love you. They both lay down laughing, Harry says love suits him.
Baby comes to Tarun and questions him. Tarun calls her father responsible for it. Baby consider him responsible, why he even came in her life. One month ago she didn’t know each other, and now he asks her to spend her life with him. Tarun says he loves her and cares for her. Baby tells him that since he came in her life there have always been problem. She and Mikhail… Tarun demands why this Mikhail always intermingle with their talk. She was speechless. Tarun says Baby has only a single way to get engaged to him, then stay in Goa as long as she wish to. Everyone would understand each other’s importance in their lives. Baby sits down, wondering why Tarun did so. Tarun promises she won’t regret. Tears fell off Baby’s eyes as she asks him not to tell anyone. Tarun jumps in excitement and says he would tell everyone, specially that Mikhail.

PRECAP: Baby tells Sonam and Amar about her Papa’s condition of engagement with Tarun. Mikhail dances under Baby’s house, she enjoys it from balcony and runs downstairs to him. He was about to say something, she tells weepily that she is engaged to Tarun. Mikhail complains that he loves her, Baby was silent.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Um feeling bad for Baby n Mik ??
    I hate you Train..?
    How can a father not care for his daughter’s happiness.. selfish Dileep

    1. I’m feeling bad for Baby and Mik.??
      Hate u Train?
      How can a father not care for his daughter’s happiness… selfish Dileep

  2. Shekhar.yash01

    Very bad episode.
    Why the god made villains ?
    At present Baby and Mikhail loves each other but unable to say.
    I hate Netra, Tarun and Baby’s Father.

  3. Valli Madhavi

    Soo sad episode

  4. baby ? mikhail

    I think they both will commit each other and they will plan something.

  5. I hate that tarun. …..

  6. hate u tarun

  7. Sad episode.. Mikhail was almost in tears when he said that he loves Baby.. Tarun is so insane.. its lyk blackmailing Baby to either do engagement with him or go back.
    And wtf is wrong with Baby’s dad? He shoule be punched for that.
    Anyway d4 has kept the viewers happy and I m really exicted for upcoming epi!!

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