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Aneri says to Mikhail she always ask a question to herself, what if she was about to talk to him before leaving the hospital? Mikhail asks if he has the answer. He gets a call, and assures to reach there. He asks about Baby, then says he will ask for her. Mikhail apologizes Aneri as he has to leave, and heads outside wondering where Baby has gone, she had texted about reaching academy.
Amar and Sonam wonder what Mikhail must have planned as surprise. Amar gets a text, he jumps in excitement that Tara invited him for coffee. He wonders what he would take as gift for her. Sonam was ready to help him, she selects the dress for him. She wraps a watermelon in ribbon for him to gift her. Amar comes to Tara’s home and says a Hi, Tara asks what this is. Amar says since it’s her favorite fruit,

so he brought it as a gift. He helps her hold it. Tara goes to get coffee. Tara asks if he know why she called him here. She smiles and reminds him coffee is sweet, bitter, cold… she sits nearer to him. He was confused. She laughs, and says this is how life is. She denied the first time he asked for date, later she realized she was wrong as he has always been there for her. She holds his hand and says she has started to like him too. He was shocked, she holds his collar and asks if she would call anyone home for coffee? Amar reminds he is Amar. Tara pulls him back and kiss his cheek. Tara tells him to relax. Sonam watches them from outside the window, Amar hurries to leave. He turns around, and says I love you to her. She smiles.
Aneri sits behind Mikhail on bike with an annoyed mood.
Amar comes to academy looking for Baby, he finds her sitting outdoor. He comes to her, she wants to go back from the back door. Amar pushes her wheel chair. At home, Baby tells Sonam and Amar to leave. Sonam asks what happened. Baby was irritated and forbid them interfere in her life. Amar leaves it to her mood and leave. She thinks about Mikhail determined to help her get well. She throws her bed sheet and everything off the table in frustration. Mikhail comes to academy and looks around trying Baby’s number. Baby cries on her chair. Sonam and Amar come in to see the mess in room. Baby was trying to stand up. They come to help her just in time, Baby cries hard. Sonam hugs her.
Dia comes to Mikhail informing Music composer’s team is awaiting him. Mikhail asks about Baby, he planned this meeting for her. Harry tells Mikhail he saw Baby coming in, but not afterwards. May be she had left. Dia assures to try contact Baby and goes behind Harry. She asks Harry if he said something to Baby. Harry asks why he would know, if she returned then obviously she had to go. Dia stops him, Harry confesses he told Baby she should go away from here with her wheel chair. Dia feels pity for Baby and blames Harry for being mean and insensitive. Harry says he is sensitive, there is no need to make Baby lead of Soul Mates. He won’t ever support it. Its for Mikhail, he isnt ready to accept someone else can also become Aneri but he won’t allow her do this. If Mikhail isnt taking this decision, Baby must.
Sonam asks who told Baby about this all. Baby asks if this matter? Amar insists Mikhail himself came to make her Aneri. Baby says whoever it is, he can be mean but not wrong. If they both are sure she can walk and dance in two months.

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