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Baby comes home thinking about Mikhail’s description of Aneri. Her papa calls her as she climbed upstairs, he shows her the books of MBA he had ordered for her. He says he doesn’t want to gossip but if she saw Anurag, this happens when a man doesn’t understand his responsibilities and ask others for money and help. In today’s world, a future is only secured if one has good qualification. He says if they start studying today in the next three months she can do good in exams, get admission in top five.
Baby tells Amar that her papa thinks securing career is the right thing for her. He thinks if he had worked hard in her age, he would have done better. Amar says to Baby her time will be wasted on something she isn’t interested. He says Baby is really talented, few people have so

many options in life. Baby says that her papa thinks he can help her touch the skies, how can she let her Papa fail. Amar was silent. Baby thinks about Mikhail’s words that she can’t leave dance, then her Papa’s words. Their words echo in her mind.
Baby was in her room on Sunday. Amar comes there, he shuts her books and says in Goa staying home on Sunday isn’t allowed. He says that all nerds are white, they marry white people as well and kill each other making each other bored. Baby’s parents come there, Amar says Baby is suffering from no smile disease. Her papa asks her to join them on beach. Baby says she has a head ache, her mama was concerned. Amar says he will also stay home. They leave. Amar tells Baby to come with him to academy. He will call Sonam and Tara there too. In the café, Sonam tells Baby about her performance of sparrow. She gets a call and asks who Richa? Tara was moved. Sonam says she doesn’t know any Richa. Tara says their numbers got exchanged, Sonam excuses her but Tara was disturbed saying she also doesn’t know any Richa. Amar notices her and asks if everything fine. She says yes, but goes out.
Mikhail shows the designers about carnival’s settings. He tells him that it must be 20ft high. He tells him Aneri and Rohan meets there on the roller coaster, it should look grand. Mr. Lalwani sat silent, when Maddy tells him that this show is a grand setting, they will need huge funds for it. It should look grand as well. Mr. Lalwani says they can call him Abhishek, Lalwani was his father; can they speak about some work. He says he is a new player of market, his father earned a lot. He doesn’t understand grand, huge; it is their problem that their height is 20ft or 5ft is their problem, he only considers maths. Maddy begins to convince him, but Mikhail says alright he will tell him about the maths. Every show will be housefull. A 2000 ticket and 500 members each, it will be one lac. Abhishek says to Mikhail that his business sense is good, but he can’t give him a single more rupee. Mikhail boxes vigorously, thinking that if 5 shows go houseful he will give him 5 times money than this. Maddy comes to him, Mikhail says he can’t stay a puppet in hands of shopkeepers like Lalwani. Soul Mates will be as per his vision. Maddy asks him not to push himself this much. Mikhail takes him along.
It was dark at night, Baby was in her bed when someone comes and shuts her mouth tight. She struggles but it was Amar, he complains she hurt him badly as a cat. Amar tells her not to make a sound, get dressed in some hot dress and come out with him. He tells her not to make a little voice, else his mother will be afraid of a ghost and will keep on shouting. Baby says she doesn’t want to go, Amar says this is what she will do to a brother without a father. Baby asks what if Papa gets to know. He says they will come back before her papa knows. They come out of the house in dark and leave on Amar’s scooty.
They were on a show, Amar cheers. Sonam and Tara also come there. Sonam comes there and asks about the performance. They all cheer as a performances goes on the stage. The crowd cheers. Some girls cheer Mikhail’s name, they all head towards Mikhail who had arrived on his bike. He takes rounds of the crowd then comes down, takes his shirt off and performs on stage.

PRECAP: Baby watches Mikhail perform on stage. Baby tells Sonam that Mikhail’s dance has become a torture for her, she always wants to dance with her. She must stay away from Mikhail if she wants to be a good daughter of her papa.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. Baby…..u can pursue ur MBA along with dance

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