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Sonam waves Mikhail while Baby heads downstairs. She comes out, they share an eye lock, Mikhail look at her from head to toe calling it perfect and asks to leave. Baby get behind him happily. They were about to leave when suddenly a car enter the house. Tarun comes out and hug Baby tightly. He says he didn’t expect Mikhail here. Mikhail comes down and asks Baby what he is doing at Goa, Baby says she doesn’t know and asks Tarun. Tarun asks Mikhail if he needs to take his permission to come to Goa, he came to meet Baby and for that he doesn’t need his permission. Mikhail says he isn’t speaking to him, but Baby. Tarun was offensive, he tells Baby for forbid his friend misbehave. Both come for confrontation, Baby stops Mikhail, she asks Tarun to calm down. Tarun blames Mikhail. Tarun tells

Baby her father sent him here. Baby wonders why? Tarun asks if she would come without informing him and he won’t react. Baby asks if he said something. Tarun says her father wants her physiotherapy to continue in Goa, he already spoke to her Bua. He goes inside, asking Baby to come in as her father may call anytime. Baby promises to come, Mikhail was curt and leaves angrily as she can’t come to him now.
In her room, Baby wonders why her father isn’t picking up her call. Tarun says he was more worried than angry that she left without informing him. Baby insists on Tarun she is fine, why he didn’t convince; can’t he do this if not as a doctor then as a friend. Tarun tells Baby he came as a friend here, her Papa was coming to take her by himself. This was the only way to convince him that he can take care for her. Baby apologizes for shouting at Tarun. Tarun tells Baby this all isn’t good for her, she must come to Delhi with him. Baby smiles that he isn’t as intelligent as he considers herself to be. Now her father doesn’t call her back.
The next morning, Harry comes to ask Mikhail what happened last night. What did Baby reply. Mikhail was angry, he tells Harry her boyfriend arrived. Harry denies for this idea. Mikhail says he is her physiotherapist, he met him in Delhi and maybe he left the show only because he was jealous. When Baby came back, he thought he was thinking wrong but now Tarun came following her. He was upset that everything has ended now, she can never be his now, he lost her; he will never be able to confess his love with her now.
There at home, Sonam was enraged at Tarun. She calls Amar to be a cunning one, he is posing to be their friend but is actually an enemy. Amar asks her to take an eye on him. Baby comes there, and rushes towards the academy as she needs to leave before Tarun wakes up. Sonam asks Baby to sit back, should they make a plan to make him leave Goa. Baby says that her Papa sent him. Sonam visions why Mikhail asked her to come in a hoodie and at the middle of night? If he wanted to take her on beach to count stars? Baby asks if she must ask Mikhail for this?
In the academy, Mikhail and Baby were practicing. Mikhail thought about Tarun while dancing with Baby, she notices his attention divert. Baby asks what happened. Mikhail asks her to do what she wants to. Baby tells him to decide. Mikhail angrily asks her stop questioning him, and do what she wants to. Tarun come in the academy. Mikhail holds her hand swirling her in, and was shocked to see Tarun. He orders him to get out at once. Tarun questions if he misbehaves with everyone, or give a special treatment to him. He says he came for Baby, and will stay here until she is here. Mikhail says this is his place. Tarun asks Baby to tell Mikhail its her father’s order, if he know she is alone here… Baby asks Tarun to stay. Mikhail asks if Baby has gone insane, he is blackmailing her on her father’s name. Tarun shows Dilip’s call to Baby, Baby assures everything is fine. Tarun goes out. Baby apologizes Mikhail that he has to bear this all for her, if she has to do Soul Mates she can’t stop Tarun from coming here. it’s about a few days only, she apologizes for last night as well, they should have left before Tarun arrived. She asks where he was about to take her. Mikhail asks if it matters now, there is already a lot going on in her life. He only wants Soul Mates to end soon so that he get rid of her. He play the music again and head to dance.
Dilip asks Tarun if everything is fine, is he with Baby. Tarun says they are doing rehearsals, he will take an eye on Baby and that Mikhail. Dilip asks if he remember their deal, he must keep him updated. Tarun smiles thinking he can’t let go of Baby. He recall Dilip questioning Tarun if Baby also feels the same for him, Dilip didn’t like Mikhail and didn’t care about her. He sent Tarun to make Baby hate Mikhail and dance; if he gets successful he would be allowed to live with Baby.
There, Mikhail teaches dance to Baby.

PRECAP: Mikhail and Baby were practicing. Tarun comes to stop him saying more than this can cause strain in Baby’s foot. Mikhail punches Tarun. Baby sends Tarun back home. Mikhail warns Baby not to let her personal matters interfere with his work.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. baby ki life mein pahla hi itne villains hai ki ek aur add ho gaya as a tarun . feeling sad for baby and mikhail.

  2. Yaa dis tarun s acting like mad……. as usual sonam nd amar was cute……Mic nd baby felling very bad I thought Mic s going 2 propose btt dis tarun ufff god has simran said ek aye villiann aagaya

  3. i don’t know why people don’t like dancers. like baby’s father wants to marry baby with tarun only because he is a doctor . ????

  4. disgusting decision made by baby’s dad.poor mikhail feel pity for him. that idiot tarun,i really wanna kill him!!!!!

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