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Mikhail tells Baby he has to talk to her family. Baby was in shock. He asks if they are at home, she says yes. He heads to go inside. She stops his way and says he can’t talk now. He heads to come inside saying he will wait. Baby says he can’t meet them now. Kamini calls who it is, Baby says someone asking for address. She takes Mikhail out and explains to him that if he doesn’t leave now and talk to them, she will not be able to come to academy again. He looks at her, then gets on his bike and leaves. Baby goes inside. Papa asks who it was. Baby says it was some tourist who came here by mistake. She stares at Amar.
Outside, Baby asks Amar if he is much angry. He must pour all his anger out. Amar says four years ago his dad returned, not to meet him but for money. Baby says he knows

he was always like this, why he expects him to change. Amar says he believes that people change. He always hope that dad will realize once in his life that he did wrong to him and his mother. Baby says so many years have passed now. Amar says he isn’t angry that he went to acting career, one must go to his or her desirable career. He is angry because his dad never included his mom and him in his life. His mom had never stopped him, but he never considered them to be there. Baby hugs Amar asking him not to cry, he matters for her and her papa that matters. He never looks behind at the past. Amar hugs her and says thanks to her. Baby says she will ask Papa to get him admitted to Delhi. Amar mocks his study potential and asks about Baby. Baby tells him that at dinner time Mikhail was at the door.
The next morning, Mikhail ran on the beach vigorously thinking about Baby. She told him she has to leave this place, how she had asked him not to go inside. He works out, then lay on the rocks panting thinking about Baby in Aneri’s dress.
In the academy, Baby was lost thinking about Mikhail, then her Papa. Amar, Tara and Sonam were selecting some jewelry. Sonam asks what she will wear. Baby says she is becoming a sparrow. Sonam says a sparrow is the one who fills in colours around. Amar says it is the flower. Tara tells them to stop fighting, Amar asks Tara to try and make a costume for him. Tara gives him a shawl to get draped in and he will be a tree. Tara says she is getting late and leaves.
Nehtra comes inside, she asks the girl who she is and what is she doing here. The girl says she is the new Vicky, Nehtra asks for the old one. The girl says she is Mikhail’s assistant now. Nehtra was enraged and sends the girl out. Baby hears this from outside and wonders Mikhail’s assistant. Nehtra comes to Mikhail angrily, she asks why he did so, she had trained one idiot in so much time, should she do it again now? Mikhail asks if she can’t do this for him. Nehtra gets cool at once, she says if it was someone else she would have killed him. Mikhail says I know and leaves.
Baby asks the academy students about Mikhail. Dia was dancing classic, Baby asks if she has seen Mikhail. No one had. Baby complains to Ajay that when she doesn’t have to meet him he is all around there and when she is looking for him he is no where to be found. His power is such and he is such an attitude man, she can’t tell. Ajay stared behind him, Baby turns to see Mikhail standing there. Baby explains it was not for him. Mikhail tells her to shut up. He gives her a bundle of files. He tells her this is Soul Mate’s files, she must see them in an hour and must know whenever he needs one. He tells her to finish them up and take others from him. Baby asks to speak to him for two minutes. He says only two minutes, in his room.
In the room, Mikhail says to Baby that she could have let him talk to her parents. Baby says she couldn’t, she says her papa hates dance and according to him this is waste of time. He wants her to secure her future by studying MBA. She loves him dearly, she never danced in front of him ever. He doesn’t know about her job as well, she doesn’t want him to meet him. She had to return him from door, she had no option nor has she now. She must do what her papa wants her to, she can’t even think about dance. Mikhail asks if her tragic film has ended, he isn’t in her crying story. He considers such people loser. He wasn’t behind her, he only gave her a chance that has ended. Now he will never ask her to auditon, he challenge her that she herself will come to him. He gets on his laptop again and says her two minutes have ended now.
In the academy, Sonam and Amar posed as Sparrow and tree. Maddy watches her jump between the dancers. Maddy scolds her for spoiling the choreography and what costume she has chosen. He takes her aside and tells her to do what she is asked for.
Mikhail tells everyone about Aneri. She is innocent, for nineteen years her parents have protected her and she doesn’t know anything about the outer world. It will be her first time, her first love, first kiss, first time when her heart would break, first tear in her eyes. Everything will happen to her for the first time. Baby thinks about herself as Aneri. Mikhail looks at Baby and says Aneri doesn’t know about outer world, that is why she is unaware of her goodness. She tries to get to skies. Mikhail watches Baby smiling, lost. Mikhail says becoming Aneri isn’t possible, there must be Aneri in them; only then they will live the character of Aneri.

PRECAP: Papa says to Baby if she had seen Anurag. This happens when someone runs away from his responsibilities. The most important thing today is to think about one’s career. Baby says to Amar that she can’t prove her papa’s trust as wrong. Mikhail was vigorously playing boxing. Maddy asks him not to push this much, he will get hurt.

Update Credit to: Sona

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