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Nehtra comes out upset and says Mikhail can’t love Baby, he is only hers. He loved her before Baby came, he was her boyfriend. Had Baby not distracted him, they would have been together. She thinks about doing something to stop Baby then gets an idea.
Baby’s father gets Nehtra’s call, she introduces herself as Baby’s friend. Dilip was concerned, Nehtra says there is no problem now but soon there can be. He asks her to be clear, Nehtra says she called to tell him clearly about Baby. Baby has always hidden this truth from him, his Baby has always lied to him in fact. Is he ready to hear about his daughter’s truth, but Baby would never have told him the real reason behind coming to Goa. She informs her about Baby playing Aneri in Mikhail’s show and she had come to Goa for Mikhail’s

dream. Nehtra says he must be thinking why she told this to him when she is Baby’s friend, because Baby played with her feelings as well. She is well aware Mikhail is her boyfriend, but Baby has been chasing him the day she came to Goa. Baby made Mikhail break up with her, and asks him to take Baby from Goa. She hands up laughing, Baby is as innocent as to choose her enemies. Dilip asks Kavita if she knew about it, Kavita says Baby knew he would never permit her, Baby lied to him but she isn’t committing any sin. Dilip says he doesn’t care if Nehtra was lying or not, he is going to Goa to take her back. There is a door bell, it was Tarun who asks to meet Baby. Dilip says Baby left for Goa for some plan. Tarun tells Dilip he loves his daughter and wants to make his future with her. Dilip calls him inside.

Mikhail was working out thinking about Baby. Harry comes to him and inquires the reason behind their midnight date, as he had to explain Dia whole night he wasn’t with either Nehtra or Baby but Mikhail. Mikhail makes fun of Harry. Harry asks what it was about. Mikhail was restless, he goes to open the windows to get fresh air. Harry asks if he is dying. Mikhail says something like that, he fell in love. Harry makes fun of him, then inquires if he is serious? Who? Mikhail holds his head, then stammers Baby. Harry says he isn’t surprised, he and Dia already knew there is something special between them. Mikhail says he doesn’t know what she feels for him, but he feels really different for her; like he has never done before, like he feels for Dia. He says he has shouted for her so much, even if she now hates him he has no problem with her. Harry says normally people talk sweetly in love, but he shouts and scolds; she must have realized he isn’t normal. He laughs. Mikhail asks what he should do now. Harry suggests he must wait for Christmas, then tells her in some special way. Mikhail shares with Harry about taking Baby to the same place he began his life, there, he and Baby would begin their new life.
Sonam, Baby and Amar were walking back home. Sonam asks Amar how his girlfriend let him come with her, they both head to fight with each other. Amar tells Baby Tara doubts Sonam, but actually Sonam loves Tara. Sonam wonders if he has gone crazy to love a girl. She speaks to Baby about Mikhail, and asks if he has fallen in love with Mikhail too? Amar looks at Mikhail standing behind, he thanks Amar. Sonam gulps, Amar and she shut each other’s mouths. Mikhail tells Baby to go home and get ready, she has to come with him somewhere; she must pack her hoodie and track. He will pick her up in an hour. Amar was offended he asked her for a date in front of her brother. Baby heads home saying she has to get ready. She dances in the way home. Sonam asks Amar if Baby has gone mad, both argue and fight with each other.
Sonam throws all of Baby’s wardrobe out denying all the clothes. Baby says she is already ready. Sonam says it’s her first date with her boyfriend, and she is wearing this boring dress. Baby says this is hoodie, Mikhail asked for it by himself. Sonam says still it’s boring. Baby says she just want to be with Mikhail, for the first time they will be together. Sonam was sure their date was going to be perfect, let’s not call it a date but Mikhail and Baby’s perfect plate. Mikhail comes downstairs, Baby heads outside happily and comes down.

PRECAP: Baby and Mikhail were about to leave when a car arrives, Tarun comes to hug Baby. Mikhail asks what he is doing here. Tarun asks if he needs Mikhail’s permission to enter Goa. He and Mikhail have a confrontation, Baby stops Mikhail and asks Tarun why he came here. Tarun tells her that her father sent him here to stay with her, until she is in Goa.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. i knew it nahtra will do anything wrong and she do it . she is very clever. I don’t know villains ko hero heroins se pahla kaise pta chll jata hai k WO ek dusre se pyar karte hai

    1. Oo please let them romance a little

  2. i hate tarun and netra

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