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Mikhail was boxing outside when Dia watches his fist and brings a cold pack for him. She asks why he is punishing himself. Mikhail says he must have made a mistake due to which his fate has gone against him, so he will now destroy himself. Dia says its no one’s mistake, but hers. She hid the truth from him. She tells him that Amar and Sonam told her Baby’s grandmother was really ill, they had to leave urgently. She was happy because her grandmother was recovering, so she sent a video message for him that she would return in a day or two. Mikhail curtly asks Dia if she already knew about it. Dia says they had come to meet him, but he didn’t meet them. Dia says had he known Baby was coming back, Mikhail says he would have postponed the performance and not blamed her for anything. He was

worried if she had come to consciousness, will he ever get a chance to repent. Dia says she will get fine, he did it all because he was unaware of the truth.
Mikhail asks if she know why he returned home, because his father said if he will return he will see his dead face. After two years he died. He wondered if he had to die, he should have met him. He hates repenting later, he shouts at Dia to leave as he no more wants to talk to her. Dia cries and leaves
Amar gets Kamini’s call, she was crying and tells him Baby is still conciousless. They fear if Baby has gone into coma. Amar tells Sonam about it. Mikhail gets on his bike thinking about his words. He comes to shaft, Sonam sat there crying. He asks how Baby is. Sonam says she is still unconscious. Mikhail asks Amar for her number. Amar says he can’t, her parents don’t know about him and they are still upset. Mikhail asks Amar to talk to baby at any cost, Amar assures. Mikhail says nothing will happen to her, he was leaving. Sonam says last time when she talked to Baby she said she loves dance, she miss Aneri. Mikhail comes back to academy and dances, as Baby’s words echo in his mind.
Mikhail, Amar and Sonam were upset about Baby. Sonam calls Damini and asks to talk to Baby, she cries Baby isn’t in a state to talk. Sonam says she will speak to her, Damini puts the mobile with her ear. Sonam cries at Baby to talk to her. Amar says to Sonam it seems like a nightmare. Sonam says she must be struggling but is unable to wake up from this sleep, they have to wake her up. Amar says she has tried already, no use. Sonam says only she did, may be she listens to anyone else. Amar thinks about Baby’s inspiration towards Mikhail. Amar says there is only one person that will make a difference to Baby, they both look at each other.
Mikhail watched the Main Bhi Mikhail video of Baby. Sonam and Amar come to Mikhail, Sonam says she told him should she call. She makes a call, asks Damini to make her speak to Baby. Damini says there is no hope in any doctor’s voice. Sonam says she has something exciting for her. Mikhail takes the phone, he asks what a joke is it, if she came for training or nursery school. He won’t even cast her for a peon as well, with a meagre scolding she shut herself down in the house. She must get up now, else she will never become Aneri. Now she must get up and reach Goa, else he will not even dance with her. Otherwise he will find another Aneri ( he spoke painfully), then gets down. Sonam asks Damini if there was some reaction. Damini says no. Sonam cries how this is possible, if she doesn’t remember anything. Damini cries. Sonam tells them she didn’t react.
Mikhail’s words echo in Baby’s mind. Her hand moves. Damini watches this and calls her name. Baby weakly opens her eyes. Damini goes to call the doctor.

PRECAP: Sonam tells Mikhail they are arranging a party for Baby, they want him and Baby to dance together. Mikhail gives them Soul Mates theme music and say they will dance on it. Sonam hugs Mikhail. They arrange the party, Mikhail awaited Baby giving his hand towards her. Baby looks at him from the wheel chair.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. thank god that baby has gained her conscious…. Bt its vry sad that baby cant dance now…. Hope that she recovers soon n dance wit her mikhail….. Waiting to see the dance of mikhail n baby…

    1. Baby actually got injured so they changed the script
      she was hospitalised

      1. that’s what i was wondering cuz i heard she got injured for real’s

      2. While practicing or shooting something on the sets she came across of a glass and that broke and she got cuts in her leg

  2. I can’t see sonam crying!!!! BTW amar and sonam looks good together!

  3. it is very emotional moment in precap when Mikhail offer her dance and he saw her injured so sad?

  4. plz show ishq unplugged show’s written updates. it’s also my favorite show

  5. Wow today’s episode was too emotional

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