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Sonam and Amar were upset that their dance was being snatched from them as Maddy told them that they must practice this year, he will teach them from next year summers.
Baby dances happily around in the academy thinking about Mikhail’s words. Sonam watches her amazed. She comes out to Baby and asks what Mikhail said, why he called her. Baby says he said she was made for dance, she was lost in thoughts. Sonam acts about fainting, Baby says he wants to audition her to Aneri. Amari comes there, Sonam hits him. He asks what happened to Baby, Sonam tells him that Mikhail called her for Aneri. If she gives audition what will happen to her father, Sonam says it seems she doesn’t remember. Amar asks if she remembers. They ask Baby who say she said no to Mikhail.
Mikhail asks Dia if she

is mad that she said no for auditions. Dia says it is fine, it was just a no. She insisted on him to focus on shortlisted girls. Mikhail says he offered her Aneri among all, what if she is Aneri. He will audition her for sure.
Sonam and Baby asks why she said no to Mikhail. Baby says she promised Kamini that she won’t dance so she won’t. Amar says he makes a hundred promises with Kamini, but he doesn’t mean it. Sonam suggests Baby to tell her papa, giving him an emotional speech. They both tells her a demo as well. Sonam says her papa will cry then and will tell her to go and live her life. Baby says her papa will never say yes. Amar says if he says no, she must be the old Baby who always murders her dreams. And if he says yes, she will live her dream.
Mikhail asks why she said no to him. Dia asks him to move on. Mikhail asks her address. Dia asks why she would have her address, she is Nehtra’s assistant. Mikhail tells her to get her address in anyway.
At home Baby’s papa was happy. Amar takes her to him. Amar says that Baby has to talk to him. Amar makes Baby sit beside him, Baby asks him for some help. He tells her to cut tomatoes. Baby asks if he isn’t making mint sauce. Amar asks what Baby was telling him about one month’s tenure. A bell rings, Baby opens the door. A guest ask if this is Kamini’s house, he asks about Dilip (Baby’s father). Anurag comes inside, Dilip was enraged watching him so was Kamini. Dilip asks if he remembered his family after so many years, Amar shouts at Kamini to tell him get away from here. Baby calms Amar down while Anurag leaves. She comes to her papa who had been crying, then leaves keeping a hand on her head. She watches Sonam’s call on her number but cuts it. Sonam calls her again, she takes the call. Sonam asks what happened, if she spoke to her papa. Baby says she can’t say to her papa. Baby says she doesn’t want to be a daughter who breaks her heart, today she knows why her papa wants her to do MBA and secures her future. She must forget dance and Mikhail.
At the dinner table, they were eating silently. Suddenly the doorbell rings, Baby’s mother asks who came this late. Baby goes to open the door. She was shocked to see Mikhail standing outside.

PRECAP: Mikhail says he wants to meet her family and talk to them. She says if he goes inside at the moment, she might not be able to come to academy again. Mikhail tells Baby in the academy that he won’t call her again, she herself will come to him for auditon, he dares this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hey sona thanks for updating soon. Oh i so love this serial

  2. riya[die hard fan of rivanya]

    hey guys…… I am new to this serial…… could any1 pls tell me who is anurag?????
    Todays epi was a little boring except for anurag scene…….today there was no nikhail scenes…………..

    1. Amar’s father
      Kamini bua’s husband

  3. Riya….i think anurag is amar’s dad but m not sure

    NiKhail/MiRika/MikhBy are awsm….

  4. this show it’s just sooo good… 😉 I luv this show 🙂 Mikhail n Baby rocks!!

  5. Babyil rockzzz 🙂

  6. just love this serial.. btw can someone tell me the full forms of nikhail mirika??

    1. riya( die hard fan of rivanya)

      Its niharika and Mikhail…… Actually baby’s full name is niharika sinha

  7. Niharika(aka baby)+Mikhail =Mirika ????

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