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Abhishek says Nehtra is the best dancer of his academy, and Soul mates is the biggest production of his career, this decision must really be an easy one for him. Mikhail smiles at Nehtra and says Nehtra can never be his Aneri, no matter this production is closed. Abhishek says he knew he is egoistic but didn’t know he is a fool as well. Mikhail says alright, he is arrogant and egoistic but he came to know today he is stupid as well. Mikhail says future will tell this, but Abhishek’s job is done now and he may leave. Abhishek says his work has started, but Mikhail is doing a big mistake. This is the first day of his destruction. Nehtra smiles as Abhishek leaves, then turns to face Mikhail and poses to be innocent.
Baby’s father was restless when doctor tells him she is still unconscious,

they are giving their best treatment. Nothing can be said until she comes to consciousness but for now she is critical.
Harry and Dia come to Mikhail and asks him to go. Mikhail says he will come later, Harry takes Dia along. Mikhail asks Harry where Nehtra is, and asks him to send her in. Nehtra comes to Mikhail. He asks till when she consider him an idiot, she is behind this all. She poses to be clueless but Mikhail shouts at her to shut up. He forgive all her mistakes but this is limit today. Nehtra asks what she has done, if he thinks she asked Lalwani, she hasn’t ever met Lalwani and had no clue he would do so. She tells him she wants to see him successful. Mikhail asks her to keep this acting for stage, he knows all about her; she can’t hide anything from him. He will never forgive her in life for what she did today. He jerks her away, there was never love between them but he considered her a friend but she isn’t worth it. Nehtra pleads he is misunderstanding her. Mikhail says he understood today, she doesn’t care he will lose his career’s biggest production but she damn care. Nehtra cries and promises she will never harm him or his academy, she loves him. Mikhail says he wanted to love her, he tried to find the girl in her whom he could love; but she never let it be. She only loves herself, she doesn’t love anyone and doesn’t let anyone love her. He says that from now on, they won’t talk, there will be nothing between them. Nehtra cries and tells him she spent six years in the academy, they have to move on. Mikhail asks her not to shed these crocodile tears. Nehtra asks if he suspending her from academy, he says he is breaking up with her; if a little ashamed she herself will leave the academy. Nehtra cries in rage.
Sonam was restless and panic upon Baby’s pain. Amar asks her to calm down, Sonam asks to meet her. Amar gets Baby’s father’s call, Amar says they want to meet Baby and come there. He tells them not to come here, she is in ICU right now and doctor’s won’t allow to meet. He is sure she will get fine, he will send her to Goa to recover. He was sure Baby is brave enough to get well. Sonam sits on the floor and cries. Amar hugs her. Sonam says this is all Mikhail’s mistake, since he came to Baby’s life everything in her life is ruined.
Mikhail was in the academy thinking about Lalwani’s words. Harry and Dia come to him, Dia asks what happened… Nehtra… Mikhail asks her not to take her name in front of him, she is his past; they must not take Nehtra’s name or Soul mate’s. Harry says they can’t leave Soul Mates, they have moved forward. They can find some other sponsor. Mikhail says he isn’t giving up, Soul Mates is something that only gave him problems. He tried to give his best to it, still it wasn’t meant to happen. Harry says they have spent a lot, he will be at loss of hundred thousands. Mikhail says Soul Mates is dead, they must forget about it and think about future. Dia assures they are with him whatever decision he takes. He thanks them and asks them to leave him alone.
Outside, Dia tells Mikhail this isn’t a right decision. Harry says this is a wrong decision, but he won’t listen now; they will talk to him later. Dia says they don’t know what Lalwani will do now. Harry asks her to understand his mental state, this academy is home for him. The show could have given academy a new life, but without Soul Mates he will be destroyed.
Mikhail looks at the Soul Mates cast production plans, thinks about his enthusiasm. He was hopeless and throws all the papers up in the air roaring in rage. Dia comes inside with Amar and Sonam and says they have to tell him something. Amar tells Mikhail Baby had an accident. Mikhail turns around in shock. Amar tells him that on the way to Delhi… and cries while narrating the story. Mikhail stands up with the help of wall and asks them all to leave. Baby’s dance move in front of his eyes, he drinks and cries alone.

PRECAP: Dia tells Mikhail she lied. Amar and Sonam told him that Baby’s grand mother was really ill. Mikhail asks Amar to know everything about Baby. Sonam was crying and tells Mikhail last time when she talked to Baby she said she miss dance. Amar says Baby will only react to a single person’s voice, that is Mikhail.

Update Credit to: Sona

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