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Mikhail looks at Aneri then calls Baby on stage. Baby was shocked, Harry gets serious. Sonam and Amar cheer and takes Baby towards stage. Nehtra laughs while Aneri claps. Press gather around Baby who was still in shock. Mikhail goes to Baby and poses with her for media. Harry questions Dia what’s wrong with Mikhail, he really thinks Baby would be able to dance. Nehtra comes to Harry, takes him aside and says Mikhail is a sinking ship. Harry jerks her hand away and asks her to find another toy, this game is going to be boring. He takes Dia with her.
Mikhail hugs the back of Baby’s hand. Baby smiles as he sits beside her wheelchair. He asks if she is ready to be Rohan’s Aneri. Baby says yes, thank you. Mikhail forbids, right now she has to work really hard. Baby promises she would, whenever

she looks at Mikhail she feels she would be able to walk and dance both. She feels she even doesn’t trust herself as much as she trusts him. Mikhail thanks her for trusting. Baby confess she would have sacrificed her hands and feet for the happiness she got today. He tells her to be in academy in time tomorrow, he has planned something special. Harry and Dia come there, Baby smiles as they leave. Harry hurries out angrily, Dia goes behind her. Sonam and Amar tease Baby that Mikhail loves Baby and would make her Rohan’s Aneri. Baby insists Mikhail actually live for Soul Mates, Mikhail likes her for Rohan, not for himself. Sonam tells her Mikhail has chosen her for Soul Mates and his life. Baby calls it her imaginations, she wonders if its possible Mikhail also loves her. Sonam was sure he does.
Harry sits outside in dark. Dia comes to stop him, she is also stressed watching him. She already knew they can’t dodge Baby. Dia suggests Harry to talk to Mikhail about casting Aneri. Harry says it’s their last chance, he can’t take it directly. They must find something concrete so that Mikhail is convinced this is the only solution. Dia says he sounds like Nehtra. Harry asks what about taking Nehtra’s suggestion, Dia warns him to stay away from Nehtra. Harry was teasing her and hugs her tight.
The next morning, Baby calls Amar and Sonam to look as jokers, she was excited about Mikhail’s surprise. She comes to the academy and opens the door of Mikhail’s room. There was no one inside, she calls Mikhail inside, writes a text for him then thinks he must be with Aneri.
Aneri asks Mikhail if he likes her surprise. Mikhail says he does, but right now he has to go to academy. Aneri insists on him to take champagne with her, they haven’t celebrated their reunion yet and she is soon going back. She requests him to leave his work for 10 minutes at least. Baby awaits in the academy. Aneri brings Mikhail’s favorite chicken burger. She was to give another surprise to Mikhail, there was his P-Cap in her bag but she keeps it inside again and gives him a bag, demanding to watch it together. He was happy as it was his favorite movie, and asks why she does this all. Aneri gets serious at once, and says she has a special reason.
Harry watches Baby in the academy and asks if she is waiting for Mikhail. Baby asks if he knows about it. Harry asks Baby what she has been doing here, in this academy. Baby tells him about Mikhail’s surprise. Harry says it’s not about today only, he wants to know why she came back after accident. Baby murmurs Mikhail promised…. Harry says he knows what is Mikhail doing, but right now he wants to question her if she can walk and dance in next two months. He is a dreamer as well, but there is difference between dreams and lying to your own self. He demands to look into his eyes, if she would be able to perform in Soul Mates in next two months. If she ever thought about Mikhail’s dreams, this academy? Since she came back, Mikhail can neither move on with Soul Mates, nor cancel it. She is on wheelchair and Mikhail has to face the challenges, because of her only. He pushes her chair away and leaves.
Baby thinks about Mikhail’s insistence, his promises.

PRECAP: Baby pours her frustration in her room, she struggles with standing on her chair. Mikhail asks about Baby, Harry says he saw her coming but not leaving. Harry tells Dia he asked Baby to leave with her face and wheel chair. Baby asks Sonam and Amar if they are sure she would be able to dance.

Update Credit to: Sona

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