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Dia was sitting outside the academy, Baby says I am sorry Dia but after tonight she would no longer be sad. She comes to Dia, Dia wipes her tears. Baby asks for Dia’s help, she says she has never gone on a date before, her papa never allowed her to go out with a boy. She asks Dia’s help to get ready, she wants to look special. Dia says she thought she loved Mikhail. Baby says yes, she loved Mikhail but he never love her, he always finds mistakes in her. But this guy is sweet and caring. Dia agrees to help her, she does Baby’s makeover. Baby looks at herself in awe and calls Dia a magician. She asks Dia if a boy recently had a love, can he fall in love again. Dia says yes, he can forcing a smile over her face. Baby says yes, and Dia told her there is no reason to leave our love, we must

always fight for our love. Baby bids her a bye as he must be waiting for her on shaft. Dia assure he will fall in love with her today. Baby hurries out to hit Mikhail, he holds her in his arms shocked to see her makeover. Baby straighten up to leave.
Baby arrives on the shaft, Sonam and Amar were shocked to see her. Amar says she looks so pretty, Sonam tells Baby she would have done romance with her had she been a boy. She says Baby must have gone on a date with Mikhail and she is going with Harry instead. Baby calls it a fake date, just to make Dia jealous. Dia was upset as Baby’s words echo in her mind, she recalls her times with Harry and thinks about going to Harry for once. She must tell him she loves him, how can he forget her so easily. She heads to leave, then stops thinking what if he tells her he doesn’t love her anymore? She decides not to go, she doesn’t concern what he does now. She also has a self-respect, she isn’t going to go behind him. Then wonders what’s wrong in confessing for once, what if he actually loves her and if she doesn’t go she will never no. She cries sitting back. Harry who was passing by finds her crying, and calls her name.
Baby awaited Harry on the shaft, Sonam and Amar were asleep on the table. She sends Sonam and Amar away, else Dia would know it’s a prank. It wasn’t Harry but Mikhail who arrive. He asks if Harry didn’t come. He clutches her arm scolding her that her flirting with Harry would upset Dia, he won’t spare her if Dia is hurt. He asks Baby how she can love Harry. Baby asks Mikhail if he know the meaning of love, has he ever loved someone other than himself. Mikhail’s grip loosen. Baby says sometimes people love but can’t understand someone else’s love, they understand it only when it goes away. Love in in front of us but we live without it, until it goes away. Then we lose all our ego, and only strive to get our love back. Understanding love is as difficult as forgetting it, she has been trying to make Dia realize that there is no important reason for her to lose her love. It’s the biggest loss if she lose her love.
Dia asks Harry what he is doing her, he had a romantic date with Baby. Harry questions if she can think he can go with someone else on date. He holds her hand and asks if she realize how much he loves her. He tells Dia about that prank, he made all the arrangements on shaft and thought she would come following him, then they will do cute romance with each other. He hushes her up, makes her sit and says only he will speak now. Harry says they won’t argue on whatever he did, his reasons weren’t wrong. He will die but never betray her or Mikhail, and no one knows him better than her. He tells Dia he really hates Nehtra. Dia laughs this time, they fell on ground hugging each other.
Mikhail holds Baby’s hand, and takes her towards the table that had been decorated. He says that she planned so much, it shouldn’t waste. He suggest about pretending for a while that they are Harry and Baby. Baby agrees, Mikhail offers her a chair. He tells Baby she looks really different today, very cute. Baby smiles at him. He stands to pour drink for them both. They share an eye lock, while having sips from the drinks.

PRECAP: Mikhail thinks about Baby’s word in academy, he wonders if he really loves her. Baby and Mikhail dance with each other, he says I love you to her while kneeling.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  4. awusome at last mikhal and baby’s love life started so romantic…♥♥♥♥♥♥

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