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On the beach Lalwani asks Nehtra if there is some problem. Nehtra says he already has a lot of problems of himself. Lalwani says he believes in action, he talked to Mikhail already. Nehtra was excited and asks what he said. Lalwani says he looked confident about Soul Mate’s trailer. Nehtra says he is really over confident, he is lying to himself. She is so worried for him, he won’t be able to recover if he loses. She don’t know what to tell him. Lalwani asks if she really loves him. She says yes she does, but just like a friend. She doesn’t want her best friend to fail. Lalwani says Mikhail is lucky to have a best friend like her. Nehtra thanks him calling him a sweet heart. He says he is trying to be one, to be her friend.
Sonam and Amar were worried that no one’s picking up

the call. It must be network problem. Sonam says if it was network problem she wouldn’t receive her message. He suggests she must have lost phone. Sonam asks if everyone’s phone is lost all at once.
Baby was admitted in hospital.
Sonam was worried and says if this is a prank, it’s a bad one. She calls Baby to pick up the call. Amar stands lost. He was upset about something going wrong. He asks Sonam if they will be fine. Sonam asks why he is making her fearful, she assures herself everyone will be fine.
At night, Mikhail drinks sitting on academy stairs. He thinks about his words for Baby. His phone bell rings, it was Abhishek. Mikhail says he had forbidden him to call before show. Lalwani tells him he called to ask about preparations, he wanted to say it must be worth it as it’s the last chance. Mikhail says he himself makes his chances, it’s his last chance to get connected with Soul mates. Nehtra brings Abhishek drink, and herself takes a sip boasting.
Dia gets the arrangements made. Tara comes to inform Dia Candy called her for costumes. Dia gives Tara supervision of set arrangement. She comes to Candy who hands her Aneri’s costume. Dia likes it, she asks Sapna to try it fast. Sapna comes out in the dress, Dia checks the flares, then asks Candy what the hell is this? This isn’t fitted and is long as well. Sapna was upset how she will dance. Dia says it isn’t her mistake, she must not stress and assures to do something. She asks Sapna to go and change quickly.
Mikhail calls for lights to be switched on. He shouts at Harry and asks what this is, he asked for smoke machine. Harry says it’s not available, where to get. Mikhail says it isn’t an important performance. Harry says he will call it if he can get one. Mikhail says he can’t trust anyone. He asks about Sapna, Tara tells him Sapna is getting ready in makeup room. Dia asks Candy if he didn’t take Sapna’s costumes. Candy says Nehtra sent him these measurement, she was checking on costumes. Dia wonders why Mikhail involved Nehtra. Dia tells Candy they have one hour, he must take fresh measurements and alter all costumes in 45 min. Sapna was worried that Mikhail will kill her if something goes wrong, he hates her because she isn’t Baby. Dia asks her to stop it, it’s one hour for the show to start so no negative thinking. She sends her to go get hair makeup.
Mikhail was in the makeup room. Sapna says yes. Mikhail says Dia had to see costumes. Sapna says Dia told makeup first. Mikhail says today’s performance is really important for her, more important is Aneri. His career will be spoilt if today’s performance goes wrong. She needs to give her best performance today, else… he never hate someone but will hate her then. He asks her to come to stage ready. Sapna was even tensed and cries. She says she doesn’t want to go on stage, she must run away. The makeup artist assures her that he will make her so beautiful, her dance won’t appear.
Nehtra welcomes Abhishek and complements him to be punctual. Abhishek says he isn’t anybody. Nehtra says she knows he is special and offers her a seat. He asks if she wants to tell him something. She says no, she wants him to see everything himself and decide what will be better for everyone. She is a friend for Mikhail and for him as well. Abhishek says she must pray for herself as well, maybe she gets today what she wants.
Sonam comes downstairs and asks Amar if he could speak to someone. He denies saying no one’s picking up the call. Sonam asks to try landline of grandmother. Amar says it may be out of order. There, Baby lay unconscious in bed. Sonam asks Amar to go to police station, they head outside when Amar gets his mom’s call. Kamini was crying and tells him they had an accident. Amar was shocked. Kamini tells him she and Baby’s parents are fine but Baby…
Doctors were trying with Baby.
Kamini says Baby is badly injured, they don’t know about anything. Sonam takes the phone and asks to talk to Baby. Kamini says she is unconscious. Sonam fells on the ground. Kamini asks them to pray Baby gets well soon.
Dia calls for Mikhail and Sapna to come on stage for trailer of Soul Mates. The performance begin. Everyone claps at the end of it. Abhishek comes to stage and says he hadn’t even think it will be so amazing. He is no sure Soul Mates will be a huge hit. He keeps a condition to Mikhail. He is putting on so much money on his show, he wants Nehtra to be Aneri and not Sapna. Mikhail looks at Nehtra who denies in front of Mikhail.
Mikhail says that Soul Mates is his creation and he has the right to take each creative decision about it. Abhishek argues that since he is the investor he also has some right, Aneri should be a trained dancer like Nehtra and not an underconfident dancer like Sapna.

PRECAP: Mikhail firmly says that Nehtra can never be Aneri, no matter Soul mates has to shut down.

Update Credit to: Sona

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