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The next morning, Baby lay in her bed thinking about Mikhail and Aneri. She sits up, then lay in her bed again. Sonam comes to Baby and asks her to go for having sizzler, as she luckily gets a holiday. Baby argues she isn’t interested. Sonam complains Baby has now got a new friend Aneri with whom she would dance and shop. Baby was irritated, that Aneri isn’t her friend. She is only Mikhail’s friend. She insists she will only stay here in this room. There is a door bell, Sonam opens the door. It was Aneri who came to speak to Baby. Sonam insists Baby isn’t in a mood to meet anyone, and was about to shut the door. Kavita comes from behind asking who is there out, Baby calls from upstairs that she is her friend. Aneri was uncomfortable in front of Sonam, and asks Baby to come out with her

for coffee. Sonam says no, Baby isn’t in a mood to go out, but Baby agrees to come.
In the shaft, Aneri tells Baby she and Mikhail met many years ago for very little time. During that time they had a strong connection that they couldn’t forget each other. They couldn’t know each other well, they could have changed all along this time so she wants to know Mikhail now. Only Baby can help her know about him, as she knows him well. Baby denies knowing anything about him. But Aneri insists there appear to be a strong connection between them. Baby begins, Mikahil lives for dance, he hates lie, listening to music and creating it is his love, he isn’t fond of colourless appearances, he adds it by himself. He is like the tides, that doesn’t cross someone without wetting the other person. Aneri shares Baby knows Mikhail inside out. Baby asks to go back home. Aneri tells Baby about a surprise for Mikhail, is she alright with it. Baby allows.
There, Mikhail looked around for Aneri.
Aneri drops Aneri inside, Sonam comes angrily saying she was about to complain police about Baby’s kidnap. Amar counters her, both argue. Aneri leaves thanking Baby. When Aneri had left, Baby says it doesn’t matter if anyone does or not but Mikhail likes Aneri. Sonam suggest about stalking Aneri, she again has an argument with Amar.
Mikhail gets happy watching Aneri run towards the colony. He hugs her tight and questions where she had been, he thought she again left without meeting him for once more. He was angry, Aneri sits beside him arm in arm with him and insists she won’t leave even if he asks her to go. Harry comes there for an announcement. He invites them for the first promotional event of Soul Mates tonight. Mikhail thanks Harry and hugs him. Harry hurries inside.
Tara, Dia, Sonam, Baby, Amar and everyone gets the invitation message, so does Nehtra.
In the party, Nehtra arrives, Mikhail and Aneri follow. Baby comes with Amar and Sonam and looks around. Mikhail, Dia and Aneri get seated together. Harry stands up to see Nehtra and goes to stage with the mike, he welcomes everyone in the event. He announces about the launching of new production of Soul Mates in next 2.5 months. They would announces the schedule soon. He calls Mikhail for introducing Soul Mates. Harry also calls another special person on stage who is important to production, Aneri. Mikhail and Aneri were shocked. Baby was upset, as she had been ready to go on stage.
Harry announces they will now see a little feature of Soul Mates, Mikhail and Aneri dances. Baby was upset by their eyelock, everyone cheers and claps for them. Mikhail thanks everyone for being here, he promises Soul Mates to be a distinct show. He makes another special announcement, he wants to introduce them all to the lead of Soul Mates who is here with them today. He looks towards Aneri, Baby was upset at the verge of crying.

PRECAP: Mikhail asks Baby if she is ready to become Aneri. Baby tells Mikhail whenever she see him, she is sure she can walk and dance again. Harry tries to blackmail Baby that she is on wheelchair and it has made Mikhail handicapped, all his dreams, his academy and everything has gone on stake.

Update Credit to: Sona

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