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Amar and Sonam were excited about Baby coming back. Sonam asks what they must do for Baby. Amar asks to plan a party. Sonam suggests about a dance party, Amar laughs if she will dance? Sonam suggests about Salsa party, salsa and nachos in black dress and high heels. Amar asks who will teach them Salsa.

Mikhail trains Sapna in an angry mood. He thinks about Baby, stops Sapna but only envisions Baby. He shouts at her to keep it in her eyes and feel the dance. She tries again. He says she has no time to try now, can she do it. Dia watches this training a bit worried. Mikhail shouts at her to be fast, Dia was upset about Mikhail and Baby. Sapna cries when Mikhail had left. Dia asks her not to, she was really good.

Nehtra dances in front of Lalwani. Lalwani claps at her dance and

appreciates it. Nehtra was upset and wish Mikhail thinks the same. Lalwani asks if Mikhail is a blind, he wonders why he didn’t cast her as Aneri. Nehtra says he wants to cast a fresh dancer for Aneri. Nehtra says he is wrong, she backed out herself. She doesn’t want to be the lead of every show of Mikhail. She wants him to get international fame and be successful, no matter she be a part of it. He knows she is always ready to be there, she loves him and he knows his importance in her life still he takes her for granted. She cries. Lalwani says she is talented, and Mikhail is arrogant and selfish. He is using her for his own good. Nehtra says because she loves him. She hopes someone can make him understand, but he doesn’t want to hear anyone. She cries again, asking him to leave it all; goes in a corner and wipes her crocodile tears crying.

Amar and Sonam fell down as they practice dance on the shaft. Sonam was irritated in the end saying she can’t teach him dance. They call Tara, she was just obsessed with the stalker. Sonam says it is urgent and explains to her. Tara laughs this is no emergency, it is impossible. Sonam requests her, Tara promises to be there in evening.

Mikhail comes to students and asks them why they are wasting time, they have to give solo performance of Soul mates in next two days. He thinks about Baby, Harry observes him while making tea. He thinks about her laughter, Nehtra’s dance, Lalwani’s complain about him being careless. Harry comes to him, he says being with Dia he has become a good listener. Mikhail says people are so shallow, they betray you even when they know about the truth. Why she cheated on him when he had trusted her completely, it’s better than being fooled that people think him to be an arrogant misbehaving man. He says Baby left, now this Sapna will also leave; he doesn’t care if anyone stays or leave.

Tara comes to meet Amar and Sonam, she had a back ache. He offers a neck massage, she thanks them and say they rehearsed whole day. He offers her neck massage again, saying he does it well. Tara asks if he is sure, and feels soothed. Sonam was left open mouthed. She goes to get fresh lime for herself. Amar asks Tara if she feels better, Tara says she has to go back home right now as she is really tired. Tara tells them that Soul Mate’s trailer preparation has been going on, Mikhail is really in a bad mood these days and has finalized Sapna playing Aneri. Sonam argues that he himself said Baby would play Aneri. Tara says Baby isn’t here, Sonam and Amar say Baby is coming back. Tara says by now Sapna’s costumes must also be ready. Sonam was worried and calls Baby. Tara takes a leave for rest.

Baby was happy on her way back, thinking about herself and Mikhail. Her phone was on silent and she didn’t receive Sonam’s call.

There Sonam was worried why she doesn’t pick the phone. Baby watches the call, but only then they have a severe accident. Baby’s legs were badly injured. The phone keeps on ringing beside her. People gather to help Sonam, her father comes to consciousness, he wakes Kavita and Kamini up. The three look for Baby.

PRECAP: Lalwani asks Mikhail about the preparations. Mikhail says he will see tomorrow. There, Kamini cries on the call telling Amar that Baby is still unconscious. Mikhail tells Sapna that this performance is really important for him, his whole career is on bid.

Update Credit to: Sona

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