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When the goons had left, Aneri thanks Mikhail. She says had he seen her she would either kill herself or him. Mikhail says it was good then, because nothing from the two is worth her. Mikhail introduces himself as Max, she wonders how he can speak in such a good Harianvi language. Mikhail says he studied in a school from Hariana. The bus gets out of order at once, Mikhail offers her to come to another bus stop. They walk, have tea at a stall and enjoy a song. Aneri sings along, Mikhail enjoys. Mikhail shows his dance to her. Mikhail appreciates her singing and asks if she ran from school to make a career in singing. She tells him she is a simple girl, she is studying B.com and then plan to do B.ed. Mikhail shares he doesn’t do anything now, but wants to become a great man one day that everyone

recognizes him from a distance as well. He asks about the goons.
Aneri tells Mikhail that outside their hostel some goons tease her friends. They resisted, and these goons hurt her friend. They ran away because of the crowd, and followed them to hospital. When she saw them, she ran away as well.
She inquires about Mikhail’s story, Mikhail tells her that his dad has pushed him out of the house. He demanded for some money, his dad said everyone can get a palace from dad’s money, what’s his. He must leave the house immediately. He left the house warning he will only return if he calls him back now. He got the first bus he got, now will think where he has to go. Aneri was thoughtful, she calls him courageous, isn’t he afraid to begin a new life. Mikhail asks how he had met her then. It was fate, they got on the same bus, it went out of order and they landed here.
A car suddenly came speedily, Mikhail pushed her away and was himself hurt on the leg, and he rolls on the road and fell there. Aneri was worried and rushes him to hospital. He underwent an operation, Aneri cried outside the operation theatre. The nurse brings his luggage to her, and asks if she is his friend or sister. Aneri was crying, she tells the nurse they met today for the first time in bus. The nurse asks about some address of his house, or phone. Aneri checks his bag for a phone, there was none. The nurse was worried who will pay hospital bill. Aneri insists she will arrange the bill, they must concentrate on his treatment. Aneri cries hard, praying for him. The doctor appreciates Aneri to have saved his life, bringing him at the right time. Aneri cries he actually saved her life. In the hospital, Aneri cries while singing some broken verses beside Max. Aneri assures he will get well, then they will go to her home so that her parents can thank him, then to his home, he can’t leave his parents in anger. The nurse comes to check his blood pressure, Aneri holds his hand while kissing it. The nurse asks if she really loves him. Aneri was moved. She sends Aneri to get the medicines, she goes out to hear the goons in the hospital. She hids herself and run into Mikhail’s room, hiding beneath his bed. The goons leave the room finally. Aneri says to Mikhail that they will meet again, when she won’t be hiding and he will be in a better place. She kept a bundle of money under his pillow, wore his P-cap and left. Mikhail watched her as she recalls this, he came to consciousness and looked around. The nurse comes to his help. He asked about Aneri, the nurse tells him she is fine, she was here some time ago but had to leave; she paid all the bills. He packed his bag, and found a bundle of money under his pillow, he smiled if Aneri was a truth or was it a dream.
It was night, while there were still walking. Aneri tells Mikhail she was always sure to meet him again. Mikhail gives her the credit to be able to meet again. He asks where she went after hospital. Aneri tells him she filed a complaint in police station and a few goons were caught from hostel. She tells him she went back to hospital but he had left. Mikhail says he asked the whole hospital, no one had her number. She confess her mistake to have left the number with night duty nurse. Mikhail thanks her for everything, and asks why she wanted to meet him after so many years. Didn’t she think he must have changed? Aneri says she had to see if it’s the same Max, or she left him with the accident? Mikhail says he always wondered, if that girl was real or his imagination. Aneri says she was only because of his situation, she was neither like this, nor will ever be. Mikhail says he has been living Aneri for the last eight years. Aneri says his heart must break, because he can’t find that Aneri now.

PRECAP: Harry invites Mikhail and Aneri on shaft for the first promotion of Soul Mates. On the shaft, Baby was upset as Mikhail and Aneri dance with each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

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