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Mikhail calls Baby as Vicky, she stammers. He says he will introduce himself. Dia comes to Maddy and asks where is Mikhail. Maddy says he has gone to say Hi to Baby’s family. Dia spits the water in her mouth. Mikhail shakes hand with Baby’s father. Dia comes there and asks if it really him, where he was for many years. She takes him aside asking where he had been for so many days. Baby’s parents question her about Mikhail. Baby looks at them all, Amar says he was mad. He was thinking her to be someone else, he asks what name Baby called her? Baby says Vicky. Amar says there is a mad house nearby and the girl was doctor of them all. Kamini tells Amar to take care of himself, what if they take him there too. Everyone laugh.
Dia tells Mikhial to understand, she must have some family

problem. Mikhail says this is what he wants to meet her family for. What is the reason that she can deny working in his play and a chance to be his partner. Dia asks why he thinks the whole world revolves around him. Mikhail says this is passion, Dia says no this is selfishness. She says he left her with no choice, she tells him what Baby had told her. Baby looks at them again and again, Mikhail had been staring at her. Mikhail calls her idiot and leaves.
The next morning, Mikhail was working out in academy thinking that Baby’s family wasn’t in a favor of dance. He thinks about her moves. Nehtra comes behind and says exercise never reduces anger. She asks if he didn’t get Aneri? He doesn’t reply. She says she had already told him that the girl he is looking for is only in his mind, and the one who can live Aneri on stage is only her. This is for Mikhail’s benefit as well. Mikhail stops his pushups. Nehta says he knows how much he means to her, doesn’t he trust her? She can give anything for him and this show. Mikhail asks Nehtra if she thinks she was perfect for this role would he ask for auditions even? If she trusts him she must not ask this question again. Nehtra asks him to promise if he doesn’t get an Aneri he will cast her then. Mikhail says he won’t promise, if he doesn’t get his Aneri he will not do the show. Nehtra smiles looking at him and leaves kissing his cheek.
Amar comes to academy with Baby. Sonam comes there. Dia asks Baby till when she has to stay here. She says till auditions. Sonam asks her plan for further. Baby was about to reply when someone tells her that Mikhail is calling Baby. She hurries inside. Amar says to Sonam that Baby will study for MBA, what will she do? Sonam says oh yes, their summer classes will also end; she will be super bored. She was thinking about returning Delhi. Amar says he and Baby are here to cheer her. Sonam says there was no handsome boy here for her to flirt. Amar says he is cute and handsome enough for her to flirt. Sonam says actually she will miss him, she holds his arm and says she will miss him as much as a moon miss star, a shoe miss socks and broom miss garbage. Both laugh out loud. Tara joins them, she asks if he is going to make her a drink. Sonam gets upset watching them together.
Gautam shows Mikhail Aneri’s dress. Mikhail’s phone bell rings, he leaves to take the call. Baby comes there and tells Gutam this is beautiful. Mikhail turns to see Baby there, Baby recalls the last time harshness. She asks Mikhail if he called her? Mikhail tells her to go and wear it. He hands her the dress. She says this is Aneri’s, then says she doesn’t have to wear. Mikhail says if he asked her, when he says go then do. Baby takes the dress inside.
Gautam tells Mikhail when Aneri is finalized they will adjust the dress according to her measurements. When will Aneri be finalized. Mikhail says soon, may be today. Baby comes dressed up in costume. Both turn to look at her. Mikhail smiles slightly. Baby comes to them. Gautam tells her to turn a bit. He tells Mikhail to have a look, he says this outfit suits Baby as if it has been made for her. Mikhail touches Baby’s face in some illusion and unpins her hair. Dia comes there and stops all at once, she calls Baby and was left in awe. Mikhail looks at DIa and asks Baby to go and change. He tells Gautam he will call him. Dia comes to him and says yes, she looks exactly what they had visualized Aneri to be, it doesn’t mean. Mikhail tells her not to say but. Dia says firstly he doesn’t have an idea about her dance, secondly she won’t go against family. Mikhail asks who this family is, they always prevent their children to move on in life. Dia tells him not to put on his experiences on others. Mikhail tells her to get this girl ready for Aneri’s auditon. Baby knocks at the door, Mikhail tells her to come in. Baby keeps the costume aside. Mikhail sits down with a book. Baby says she has to say something to him, she didn’t get a chance before. She actually came here to say sorry to him, about the video. She is actually his fan, she loves his dance, his moves, his energy; she loves everything about his dance. Mikhail comes to her and swirls her around. He holds her to himself with a jerk. Baby keeps on saying that she loved this place. Mikhail dances with her. Baby continues.. because there is dance, there is him. She wish she didn’t have to leave, but she will have to leave this place. She is leaving this job.

PRECAP: Mikhail says to Baby that he wants to audition her for Aneri. Baby dances around, Sonam asks what happened. Baby tells her. Sonam comes to Nehtra and tells her about it. There, Dia says to Mikhail that he asked and she said no, its done. Mikhail asks her address, Baby opens the door to see Mikhail and was shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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