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Sonam puts ice inside Amar’s shirt in the shaft, he chases her. The boss comes and laughs. Sonam says Harry should have put icecream in his shirt, he automatically starts dancing. Amar calls her a snake. He prays Kavita to become her mother in law, Sonam says in that case he must marry her. Amar holds his head over this.
Dia was confused about Mikhail and Baby’s truth. Harry comes cheery, he tells her Mikhail is happy after a long time. Dia hopes him to be this happy, she says she wish whatever he does he must be happy. He gives his best when happy. He is doing this all in revenge. Harry asks who he would want to revenge. Dia says from Baby and from his own self, he wants to prove he was wrong when while considering Baby as Aneri. Harry says he doesn’t think so.
Mikhail comes

to Sapna, she was afraid at once. He says today she will show him free style. She gets confused for a few times. Mikhail holds her hand, Harry watch them dance together just the way Mikhail had danced with Baby. Sapna was at a verge of crying and leaves. Harry goes to switch the music off and asks Mikhail if he is fine. Harry says he came to check rehearsals. Mikhail nods and leaves.
Nehtra thinks about Mikhail’s words in academy as she come out of the car. Abhishek asks if she is unwell. Nehtra says she is stressed because of Mikhail’s performance and his money. She says Mikhail has casted Sapna as Aneri, the girl who he rejected in the first round. How will Soul Mates work this way. Abhishek will also be at loss along with Soul Mates, she doesn’t want him to be at loss. Abhishek holds her hands.
Tara comes to the shaft, she was afraid and says it seems someone is following her, be at home or in academy. Sonam tells her that this is her imagination. Tara was serious and asks if they can come to her home at night, she can’t stay alone. Amar promises. Sonam suggests to invite Tara at his home as no one’e at his home. Tara leaves thanking them. Amar tells Sonam that she is afraid of stalkers and they are the stalkers. He feels guilty. Sonam says she will make it all well. She will write her a note, Amar says no more note. Sonam says alright, she won’t send one. She gets serious and says they can’t marry each other, she is too smart for him.
Nehtra brings coffee for Mikhail. Mikhail says he is busy. Nehtra says she knows about it, that is why she got him coffee. Mikhail takes it, thanks and says she must leave now. Nehtra says he can’t get a better Aneri than Sapna, he must forget about Baby. Sapna is a trained dancer, focused. Baby isn’t moved by him or his show. No matter how much anyone force him, he will make Sapna the lead. Mikhail doesn’t reply but only looks at her. Nehtra hugs him from back and assures she is there for him. Mikhail asks if she wants him to help in Soul Mates’s trailer. He says nothing should go back. Nehtra says she isn’t Aneri, but the best dancer. Mikhail agrees and asks her to take care of costumes.
Dia asks Sapna how it is going. Sapna says she is confused of Mikhail’s instructions. Sometimes he wants her to be delicate, at others strong but still effortless. What is Aneri for him? Dia says actually there is already an image of Aneri in Mikhail’s mind. Basically she has to be Baby, if she can dance like Baby he will get his Aneri.
Baby gets on video call with Sonam and Amar. She tells them they are leaving from village today, she will be in Goa in three days. She tells them if she was missing Mikhail. Baby says at the most she had been missing her dance rehearsals, Aneri and academy. After the call, Amar wonders what about Mikhail who still thinks Baby is a liar. Sonam was sure Dia would have talked to Mikhail.
Mikhail takes Lalwani’s call. Lalwani complains why Mikhail is careless about Aneri’s cast. Mikhail says he isn’t concerned who tells him what, but he has no right to interfere with his work. Lalwani says he is bidding money over it. Mikhail says he only has one right, the day he watches the performance either he accepts it or rejects it, he is sure he won’t reject that trailer he would see. He must not call him till the day of show now.
Dia hears this on the doorway, she thinks about Baby’s truth. Mikhail scolds a production designer that nothing is clear. He scolds Dia and asks for new props till evening. Dia assures him that everything will be done. She comes to Harry and takes him aside, she tells him about Amar, Sonam and Baby’s truth. Harry asks if Baby will return in three days. Dia says Mikhail would want to wait for Baby, but Lalwani won’t give them any more time. Harry heads to tell Mikhail, Dia warns his reaction would be worse. Once this trailer ends so that they can save soul mates.
The next morning, Mikhail dresses up, he takes a stroller off his pocket and thinks about Baby. He goes towards his bike, watches a dustbin out and throws the stroller in it. Sapna stands in front of Mikhail dressed up in Aneri’s costume. He thinks about Baby wearing it and scolds the designer what this is, if Aneri will wear this? He asks Dia if she had given him the brief. Dia says no, she asks him to calm down she will handle it. He must watch other costumes, and goes to brief him. Sapna comes in another costume, Mikhail shouts at them all to leave the room right now. He slaps the door shut.

PRECAP: Baby and family meet a severe accident in the way. Amar and Sonam tell Mikhail about Baby’s accident, Mikhail was broken, he drinks and cries.

Update Credit to: Sona

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