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Sonam hides her face in the police station, the girl was upset recognizing her. The police hands Sonam her credit card who looks towards the girl at the verge of crying. Amar asks Sonam to recognize this girl with open eyes. The inspector asks Sonam for the last time if she recognizes this girl or not.
Baby was sitting in the car that Mikhail drove. Aneri looks towards her, then watches an ice cream vendor. She insists on eating ice cream. Mikhail runs with her hand in hand, Baby watches them curtly as they have fun with each other. He looks towards Baby and brings an icecream for her, Baby gives it to a beggar.
The inspector orders to push them both out of police station. He leaves the girl. Sonam suggests about giving a treat to Amar. She asks Amar to look at the face of this girl,

she doesn’t appear to be a thief. If then end her story here in jail, won’t it be really sad. The girl comes to Sonam and thanks her, she explains that she took her card from the shop and thought about returning it in a few days. She hands Sonam her credit card and perfume. Sonam and Amar leave.
Aneri urges Mikhail to come for shopping, they come in a clothes’s shop. Mikhail observes Baby, Aneri asks to come up with her, she has to see some dresses. Baby was upset, feeling left alone. She thinks about Mikhail and Aneri’s dance. Mikhail comes to shopkeeper and appreciates his stair suggesting he must be earning in lacs, could he pay a few thousands to make a ramp with stairs. What if someone in his house has an accident, and takes Aneri and Baby out of here.
Aneri was excited about her shopping, Mikhail and she watched all the things. Baby thinks about Mikhail’s promises. He had vowed to wait for the day she asks herself for help. She walks away, Mikhail comes behind her and asks if she can’t stay where she was asked for. Baby argues shouting, she isn’t any charity case to go where he wants to, and she came for shopping. Mikhail explains he is trying to help her, and this is called humanity not charity. Baby reminds him of his promise, she came to academy to get well and he will make her stand on her feet. Mikhail asks if she is done, Baby stops him and reminds her a promise that she would be able to walk in a month, she didn’t come to him but he did. Mikhail bends on her chair and asks what she means. Baby wants to remind him of his promise, if she does what he asks for he promised to teach her to walk again. She challenge him now, she will do what he says and he will make her stand on her own feet, walk and dance; would he? Mikhail looks into her eyes for a while, then firmly says yes. It’s his goal to make her dance, no matter she is with him or not. Baby was moved, they share an eye lock.
They come back, Mikhail helps her in her home. She thanks him and asks him to leave, Aneri must be waiting. Mikhail tells her tomorrow is her off, but she must be in academy day after tomorrow. He leaves. Mikhail comes out and asks Aneri if Taxi denied going further. Aneri wanted to enjoy the beautiful roads of Goa. They talk about the old time, Aneri asks if he would even be able to forget that.
8 years ago, Mikhail was travelling in bus… Aneri had climbed over and took the last seat. Some goons stopped the bus, looking for a girl. Mikhail had given her his own stroller to cover her face. One of them came to question Aneri about her stop and name. Mikhail defended her calling her a girl from his village. The goons tells him Aneri had stolen something, Mikhail looked towards Aneri’s visible eyes.

PRECAP: Aneri shares with Baby about a surprise for Mikhail. Baby looks towards the sea and says Mikhail is just like those tides, whoever comes to him can’t leave without getting wet. Aneri wonders how well she knows Mikhail. Harry invites Aneri and Mikhail to the first promotional event of Soul Mates. In the event, Harry calls Aneri instead of Baby with Mikhail.

Update Credit to: Sona

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