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Baby comes to Ria and says she wants to talk to her urgently, she has to leave the job as there is problem at her home. Ria says to Baby that she needs to do audition for Aneeli. Baby was shocked. She says sorry, she can’t do this. She says she is leaving this job. Ria asks if she is leaving this job. Baby says she is sorry. Ria says auditions are going on, she has lined up everything and she can’t go right now. She says to Baby she can’t leave. She tells Baby she doesn’t know what this production means for Mikhail, he has taken the biggest risk of his career. Baby says if she had any choice she would never have done this. Ria asks what is the problem. Baby says it is personal. Ria says her personal problem is becoming their professional problem, atleast they deserve an explanation.

Baby says her father, her family is against dance; if they know she is doing job in dance academy they will forbid her leaving the house as well. Ria asks how she is managing this job for so many days. Baby says lying. Ria asks why? Baby says she thought she had to buy a gift for papa with summer job. Ria asks why she wants to leave the job. Baby says she can’t lie anymore. Ria says she is just thinking about herself, she knows Ajay won’t be able to take care of everything and all will mess up. She asks Baby if what she is doing is fair? She says it is about a few days, Ria asks Baby to do it for her and Mikhail. Baby was silent, thinking about Mikhail. She says ok. Ria cheers up and says she really appreciates it. She takes Baby inside. Baby tells Ria to keep it all a secret. Ria says her secret is safe with her and goes inside.
Tara brings Sonam and Amar inside. Sonam says this is cool. Tara asks if they would take something. Amar asks if she lives alone? Sonam says now she will also stay here. Tara tells her about kitchen and the other room and tells her to be at home. Amar asks if her parents doesn’t stay here. Sonam asks why, if he wants to get her a passport and taunts that he is trying to flirt with Tara. Tara smiles. Sonam says until she is here, there is no entry for him here.
Nehtra does modelling, she sits to give an interview. The interviewer asks about her latest crush. She laughs and says it is still the same. He asks Mikhail? She says no comments, they are just good friends. She says she doesn’t want to talk about her personal life. He asks if she is the main lead in Soul mates. Nehtra at once say no, then changes her answer and says Soul mates heroine must be the one who is the real soul mate. She excuses herself and goes inside curtly.
Mikhail was angry at Ria, he says to Ria to tell Baby she isn’t going anywhere, he wants to take auditon of Aneeli. Ria says she has a family issue. Mikhail asks if she will leave his production’s main lead for her family issue. Ria says there is another world apart from his production. Mikhail tells Ria to go and give Baby he wants her here at 9 am tomorrow. Ria says no, she won’t. Traning is starting from tomorrow and they will get their Aneeli.
Baby comes home and excitedly hugs Papa. She says she hugged him, he says he missed her too. He asks Baby what they do in their summer job. Baby couldn’t reply, Amar points at her from outside the window giving her hint. She says she has organization work, she writes names of people who come there, writes their names and lines them up. Her papa asks if she has to do the duties of people who come at Gurdwara. She says they make the files then and plan for next week. Her papa says he didn’t know about her social side. He says this summer job is just for experience, she will actually do MBA. Baby says she has told them she will leave the job in a while and start studies. Her papa says he has already ordered her books online. She says thanks to him. Amar comes in. Baby says she has a surprise, she takes her first salary from her bag and hands it to Papa. He stands up and says he is proud of her. Baby says she is taking them all for dinner tonight, and chief guest is her papa.
Mikhail stands at the beach, thinking about Baby. He thinks Ria said there is no point, she is leaving and quitting her job. He thinks she said she loved the dance. Ria said he must forget Baby. Baby had told him she always wants to dance. The photographer took photos of him.
Sonam calls Amar and asks him to arrange a one on one for themselves. Amar tells her he is making preparations for Baby’s dinner that she is giving to her family. Sonam asks if Baby has kept a dinner treat, not possible. Sonam comes to the party in veil with a man in avatar that was Tara. Amar comes to them and asks for a table? Sonam asks how many people he can see, Amar gets it. She tells Amar for alcohol. She asks him for one on one treat here. Amar recalls Sonam’s words, he removes the veil off her face. Sonam says Hi to him, he cheers and recognizes Tara as well. Baby arrive with her family. Amar says he has booked a perfect table for them. Sonam puts her foot and Baby slips. She turns around, Sonam says it is she over here.
Baby happily sits with her family. Tara and Sonam go to the other table to see her papa cut the cake. They all clap. Sonam asks Tara which cake it is. Tara says it is black forest, Sonam says she also has to eat it. She goes to point at Amar and throws a stone at him. She asks him for cake. Amar whispers in Baby’s ears for a speech. Baby stands up, she says whenever he is angry with her she really dislikes. She will never do something that he minds from now on, she loves him a lot. Her papa stands up, thanks her and says he is proud of her. They hug. Amar says he will just be back. Baby watches Mikhail and Maddy come to café. She was worried. She watches her family happily enjoying the dinner. Amar was doing his job. Baby points at him to see Mikhail, Amar drops the tray. He whispers at Sonam about Mikhail who was coming to Baby. Sonam stops Mikhail’s way and asks if he is the same song’s man. She asks for his autograph. Mikhail jerks her away and goes towards Baby. He says Hi Vicky! Baby turns around, Mikhail says Hi to her. Baby looks at him, then at her parents.

PRECAP: Nehtra says to Mikhail if he doesn’t get Aneeli, she will do it. Mikhail says if he doesn’t get Aneeli he won’t do the show. Baby appreciates the dress, Mikhail tells her to go and wear it. She comes draped in the dress. Ria says she is exactly what they had vision about Aneeli. Mikhail says he has to audition her for Aneeli and he get what he wants.

Update Credit to: Sona

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