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Harry was working out, Baby comes to ask how they would do the show if they keep on fighting. Harry says he has apologized her, have tried shouting as well. Baby asks if he is ready to give up on her, can he live without Dia. Harry says she doesn’t want to live with him. Baby asks if he still doesn’t understand why she is angry, she thinks he betrayed him as well and be with Nehtra. She wonders why boys are so dumb and asks Harry to do what she asks for.
Dia was outside the academy, Baby watches from the window and she and Harry head to dance. Baby assures Harry she is coming here, he must keep on dancing with her. Dia gets busy with her cell phone while Mikhail comes in. Baby tells Harry that Dia should have come in by now, they swirl to see Mikhail staring at them. He questions what

this sequence is, this isn’t a part of their Soul Mate’s routine. Baby explains she was practicing swirling, Dia comes in then. Dia asks Mikhail that she needs rehearsal hall for fifteen minutes, she wants to rehearse with family characters. Mikhail says alright, they will be planning production then. Harry stops Baby for a while and sends Mikhail inside.
Amar comes to Tara’s home, was about to ring the bell then turns away. Tara opens the door asking what he is doing now. Amar says he didn’t come to say sorry, why he should apologize when he isn’t wrong. Tara says Amar can cheat but can’t apologize. Amar asks to listen to him inside the house for once. She goes inside.
Dia cheers Mikhail and Dia’s rehearsal, she calls it perfect. Harry enters the room, he asks Baby if her rehearsals ended; and offers to drop her home. He calls the weather outside to be super, and suggests about walking. Baby agrees and gets to pack her bags. Mikhail asks Baby who said she is free, she has a lot to do. Harry offers to wait. Mikhail says he would drop Baby, he must go. Harry leaves, Dia skeptical.
Mikhail dances with Baby scolding her to focus on dance only.
Tara asks if he is confirming there is nothing between him and Sonam. Amar says she is Sonam, there can only be Yaar (friends) but no love. Tara assures. Amar was about to kiss her when there is a knock at door, Sonam asks Tara about Amar and says she is really bored without him. She apologizes Tara and asks to do whatever they were, tomorrow. Tara pushes Amar and Sonam out of her house, Amar cries for his love life.
Baby and Dia come out together, Harry says to Baby she must really be busy so he booked a cab. Baby watches Dia then calls Harry a sweet heart. Mikhail offers to drop Baby, Baby says Harry has been waiting for long so she will go with him. Dia says to Mikhail Baby and Harry have really come close, Mikhail says nothing like this.
Mikhail comes inside, Nehtra has done candle light setting. She stops him from leaving and reminds him how happy they had been together, they had an amazing unbreakable connection. Mikhail angrily tells her to leave. Nehtra says everything has been sort out, let’s start over again. Mikhail jerks her away, shuts his eyes and visualizes Baby’s face. Nehtra shares a plan about pretending they are meeting with each other by themselves. Mikhail withdraws his hands, jerking her away.
The next morning, Mikhail was restlessly waiting for Baby. She arrives with Amar, speaks to him for a while and moves towards academy. Mikhail goes inside. Harry comes to Baby saying Dia is finally feeling jealous. Baby assures him that she will realize what he means to her. Mikhail watch them hug.
Dia and Harry come inside together. Mikhail scolds Baby for being late, if she thinks he has nothing to do. Baby says sorry. Mikhail asks if she isn’t serious, why she took the show. Harry says he was talking to her outside so she got late. Mikhail tells him Baby promised she will do what he would ask for. Baby says sorry and asks what they have to do today. He turns away, Baby begins dancing. Mikhail scolds her about what she is doing? She starts over again, he interrupts her again. She tries for one more time. Harry finally cheers calling it to be perfect this time. Mikhail takes a ten minutes break.
Baby comes outdoor with sit with Harry. Dia sat behind. Baby asks Harry if he is ready for his special date, pointing at Dia. Harry says she is the most important girl in his life, he is planning something she would never forget. Harry looks at Dia who was upset, then asks Baby to make sure shaft looks most romantic tomorrow. Dia leaves. Baby tells Harry she is sure Dia would come to shaft, she will drop her there and afterwards he must handle this all. Mikhail watches them together while passing by.

PRECAP: Baby asks Dia to help her get ready, she reminds Dia told her once there is no reason to lose one’s love. Mikhail asks Baby if she realize how much Dia is hurt with this all. Baby explains this is what she wants Dia to realize, there is no special reason for which she should leave her love.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Show is back in track now

  2. Hope mikhail wud soon realize his luv 4 baby…

  3. In precap, Baby told to Mikhail that she and Harry are doing this because they want to make Dia jealous….
    And Dia will forgive Harry…
    Thanks Sona for Updating…
    Koi Ishq Unplugged ka bhi update kar diya karo…

  4. Mikhail Was jealous… his jealousies was too much?

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