D4 A Fairy Tale Of A Fairy – episode 5


Hey my lovely unicorns and rainbows
Really sorry for the late updates sort of stuck up with things but promise i will make this one longer
Precap : baby dancing in the rain
Evening time
Mikhail is in the shack drinking he thinks about his parents and breaks a bottle
Some local guys comes there and starts to bully the girls there
Mikhail hallucinates sees baby as the girls
Mikhail : hey what are doing
Guy 1 : hey mind ur own business
Guy 2 : go away
Mikhail : or else what

Guy 1 : get away
He pushes Mikhail
Mikhail : you asked for it
He starts to beat up the guys
Amar sonam and baby comes there and sees this
Baby gets scared seeing Mikhail fighting . she remembers him beating up a guy earlier
Mikhail is bruised and falls down
Baby comes running towards him………………
Mikhail is half conscious and sees baby running towards him
Junnooniyat song plays
Mikhail closes his eyes seeing baby and smiles
Baby amar and sonam takes Mikhail his home and puts him to bed
They are about to leave
Mikhail holds babys hand and starts writhing in bed
Amar : baby lets go
Baby : you go i will come soon
Sonam : what do you mean by “u gyz go “. Baby you r coming with us right ????
Baby : guyz i know but Mikhail needs me

Amar amd sonam : WHO!!!????
Baby : this guy his name is Mikhail i know him
Amar : baby we will stay with you
Sonam : yeah he is right we will stay here
Baby : no guys its okay i will handle him and please don’t tell mom n dad they be worried
Sonam : baby r u sure
Baby : yeah u guys go

Amar and sonam leaves
Mikhail : ( holding baby’s hand ) please don’t leave me
Baby : Mikhail are u ok
Mikhail {half sleeping} : i promise i will be a good boy pls don’t leave
Baby : i won’t leave Mikhail , i promise i won’t
Mikhail : please……………………
Morning time
Baby is asleep , Mikhail is holding her hand and his head is in her lap
Mikhail slowly wakes up and is shocked to baby there
Mikhail : ( to himself ) i guess i am having a very bad hangover i keep seeing her all the time
Mikhail then slowly motions his arms to touch baby’s face and she suddenly wakes up
Mikhail : sorry i didn’t mean to wake u up
Baby : its okay
Mikhail : what are u doing here
Baby : last night u were drunk and ……….

Mikhail : oh my god did i …..did i do something which i wasn’t supposed to do ????
Baby : what ???!!!! no
Mikhail : then um….. why r u here
Baby : u were having nightmares
Mikhail : i was ?????
Baby : u were saying something about leaving
Mikhail : it’s nothing i was just drunk
Just as the convo is going on Nehtra comes to mikhails room and sees baby and Mikhail
Nehtra : whats going on
Mikhail : nehtra u here now ??????

Nehtra : oh so i wasn’t supposed to ????
She then notices baby
Aren’t u that girl from cafe what r u doing here
Baby : i was um…..
Nehtra : WHAT
Baby : i have to go amar and sonam will be worried
Baby leaves and nehtra strats to shout at mikahil
Recap : Mikhail is seeing baby everywhere

Recap : Mikhail and baby scenes

Evening time
Mikhail is walking on the beaches
He sees baby there
Mikhail : baby ……….
She smiles and then disappears
Mikhail : she is not here what is happening to me
Mikhail keeps seeing baby in shops , cafes , theatres , rehearsal hall and everywhere
Ishqe di lat song plays

Credit to: Akahara

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