D4 A Fairy Tale Of A Fairy – episode 4


hey guys thanks to all of you lovely unicorns for your love and support
i am realllyyyyyyyy…….. veryyyyyy………………… sorryyyyy…………… for the late updates
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recap : nehtra dashes coffee on baby

baby is in mikhail’s home

baby : i have no idea what iam doing here but dad said i should give him the file
kaka : how may i help you
baby : um….. hi iam niharika i came here to give this file to mr agarwal
kaka : he is not here
baby : its okay i will wait
kaka : i will get you something

just then it begins to rain……………..

baby : wow its raining !!!!!!

just then mikhail comes and sees baby in near the pool area

baby starts to dance unaware of mike’s presence and mikhail also doesn’t disturb her
she dances to mere khawbomein jo aaye

mikhail watches this and smiles
just then kaka comes and sees baby dancing and mikhail looking at her

kaka : mike baba do u know her
mikhail : (distractedly) ummm………. hmmmm……..
kaka : mike baba !!!!!!! (shouts)
baby notices this and stops dancing she then sees mikhail and comes towards him
baby : hi
mike : hi
baby : what r u doing here
mike : i should b the one asking that question
baby : why ?????
mike : coz i live here its my home
baby : what but isnt this mr agarwals house
mike : yes and i am mr agarwal
baby : oops i forgot your full name was mikhail agarwal right
mike : yeah , by the way what r u doing here
baby : oh my dad asked me to give you some files
mike : who
baby : my dad , mr.sinha
mike : oh yeah
baby i guess i should go now
mike : let me drop you to your home
baby : its okay i brought my bike
mike : bye
baby : oh and mikhail you can call me baby all my frnds do
mike : bye baby
baby : bye mikhail

both of them smile looking at each other

precap : mikhail is drunk and fighting with people

Credit to: Akshara

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