D4 A Fairy Tale Of A Fairy – episode 2


Thank u everyone for reading and liking my ff really thanks and i really hope ypu guyz like it

Recap : Mikhail beating up a guy and baby watching it

Next day evening time
Baby sonam and amar are in the shack and there is a party there.
Mikhail , nehtra , dia and harry are also in the same party
The host comes and welcomes everyone to the party and starts a game he writes the names of all boys in one bowl and girls in another and mixes up then asks everyone to search for their partner for the evening. Nehtra gets abhishek , harry gets dia, amar gets tara, sonam gets karan and baby and Mikhail get each other. The host then explains the rules of the game that whichever pair has the highest compactability will be the winner. Nehtra and her partner gets out in the first round. Sonam and her partner in the second round, harry and dia in the third and finally there are only 3 couples left and they are asked to perform a task each , the first couple gets singing the second gets panting and the third i.e., Mikhail and baby gets dancing bothof them dance to the song bol do na zara . nehtra gets jealous seeing this and goes away from there .
Baby and Mikhail is announced as the best couple and everyone is really happy.

After the party Mikhail , harry and dia are about to leave from there when baby suddenly comes running to him
Baby : (breathing heavily) can i please talk to for a sec
Mikhail feels awkward with harry and dia looking and smiling
Mikhail : hmm… say what you want to say
Baby : sorry and thanks
Mikhail : what ????
Baby : sorry i left yesterday without thanking you and thanks for saving that child
Mikhail : its okay and you are welcome
Baby : thanks again mr………..
Mikhail : Mikhail , Mikhail agarwal
Baby : yes thank you Mikhail agarwal and hi i am niharika , niharika sinha nice meeting you
They are about to shake hands then amar comes and calls her baby

Amar : baby what are you doing here ???
Baby : amar……… that……..
Amar : anyways come na lets go home its getting late
Baby : okay you go i will just come
She then turns to Mikhail
Baby : hmmm….. so see you around
Mikhail : yeah sure
Baby : bye
Mikhail : bye
Both smile at each other
Amar calls baby and harry calls Mikhail

Precap : nehtra pours coffee on baby and Mikhail watches it.

Credit to: Akahara

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