D4 A Fairy Tale Of A Fairy – episode 1


recap : baby and mikhails intro

Baby and Sonam are shown walking to the temple baby is wearing a cream coloured salwar kameez and sonam is in a blue kurta and leggings Mikhail is also shown to enter the temple both of them pray beside each other and walk away without noticing each other baby then comes to an orphanage and starts to play with the children . a child then wanders of to the street and a car is shown speeding towards the child . just then Mikhail comes and rescues the child and baby also comes running towards him . she then is about to thank him when he starts to beat up the guy . baby gets scared and she goes from there . Mikhail then warns the guy and asks him to go away and the guy warns Mikhail that he will see him . Mikhail then looks for baby and thinks she is thankless.

Baby is eating and thinking about Mikhail . sonam and amar notices this and asks her what the matter is , she then narrates the whole story about how she saw Mikhail and his anger. Sonam tells her that whatever Mikhail did was the right thing to do and baby shouldn’t have left there without saying thanks to him. amar also says the same . baby feels bad that she left without saying thanks.

Mikhail is shown punching a punching bag and thinking about baby and thinking about how he risked his life yet she left without saying a word . he shouts that this world is thankless and noboby or nothing is worth admiring for.
Morning time

Baby is thinking about Mikhail and is hopeful to see him again just then an expensive car dashes her and baby calls the driver blind the car stops and nehtra comes out of the car she throws a waft of notes to baby and asks her to keep quiet and go away from there. Before baby could react nehtra goes away from there . baby then takes the notes and is about to throw it away as she sees a beggar. She then takes the money and starts distributing it.

Mikhail sees this and thinks that this girl is very caring and he may have been wrong to judge her

Precap : Mikhail and baby dancing while nehtra,harry,dia,sonam and amar are looking.

Credit to: Akshara

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  1. nice epi… I lykd it… Bt pls try to make it little long….

    1. thanks , sure will try to make the next episode more lengthy

  2. Pls update soon

    1. thanks for liking i will update as soon as possible

  3. It’s very nice…….. but please try to make it some long…………..

    1. thanks for liking my fan fic i will try to make it lengthier

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