d girl who wants to fall in love (1)

So here is first part of my story…
A girl is sleeping.. With hr cat Nd smiling during her sleep.. A cute little smile<3-..suddenly a voice came.."prathana wake up..its too late..all tym u sleep.. Didn't u want to do something in life.. Bla bla bla…

Prathana:gd mng mom..
Mom:gd mng..now don't do any drama..n take bath..it's already 10
Prathana: omg wat 10..I have to go CLG..
After getting bath prathana is confuse wat to wear.. N finally She wear blue denim nd long kurti
In CLG she met with hr friend minal..
Minal : hy prathana looking beautiful yr
Prathana: ya I know m beautiful yr BTW thanks
Minal: let's go to mrkt..
Prathana : OK wow let's go
After doing some masti n majak they both head to their home
Minal n prathana are best friends from 6th standard..
In home prathana is surfing her social nrtwrking site.. Suddenly a mag blink..
Prathana: oops it's request of mihir..after two year of school…hmmm
Request accepted:-D..
Mihir: hi prathana how r u
Prathana : hi m gud..aj kese yad ayi..
Mihir: it's not like that..actually I thought to send u request long ago bt don't know why I don't send it..BTW..friends??
Prathana : ummm OK.
( prathana n mihir were classmate but they nvr spoke.. Because prathana is chatterbox but she has nvr pay attention to any boy..that's why she is quite shocked after seeing d request of mihir..n mihir was d studious boy..they nvr talk..)

Precap: prathana n mihir'$ chitchat on msg..

Credit to: prathana

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  1. Roma

    Awesome episode, short but sweeeeeet. .loved it….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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