cz m in luv with u (one shot)


First n foremost sorry guyz… i coldnt post one shot on sunday as i just complete it… so here we go



Scene starts with CBI office…
“Itz the most important case sir” a guy said

“I kno thats y m handeling this case by myself” his seniour revert

“Sanskar sir r u able to break that racket” he again asked doubtedly

“U r doubting on my capability?”sanskar frowned

“Ahh no way !!! Itz nt a junior asking itz a friend asking just to ensure well being of his best frnd” he said in concerned tone

“Cm’on laksh … i hv to break this channel … cz i hv to save many lives which r forced to do such things” he sounds determined

“Sanskar r u sure u will be able to find that girl??” Laksh again asked

“Dont kno yr… bt i hv to… she must be suffering alot… ” sanskar sounds low

“Hey cheer up u will be able to find my bhabhi” he winks n tries to divert his mind

“Hmm … i will” sanskar said this with determination…

★★sanskar is a CBI officer n he wants to break the racket of selling girls★★


2YEARS LATER(sanskar’s pov)

I had been to a bar.. ofcouse nt to drink bt to meet a messenger… n there i found her.. she was so beautiful … so innocent.. n was singing lyk an angel… oh god so much young talent… but she was scared… scared of something i dont kno what… n then i notise everyone was starting her as if they would eat her alive…. n in no tym i can understand that she is nt comfertable neither in this Environment nor in her dress… dress ?? No that was just a piece of cloth covering her half body…she was wearing a spegetthi dress with damn deep back….n lenght was hardly covering her thighs…. n a deep cut in front showing cleavage… n ofcouse she wasnt comfertable.. n i guess she doesnt wear that by will either…then what happend makes me furious… she was singing n a guy came n starts to run his fingers all over her bare back… his act make her numb… tears started sheadding of her eyes… i clutched my fist n wait so that i dont create a scene as it can ruin my ongoing case… bt seems they are checking my patience level.. then he starts kissing her back.. she clutched the mike stand in her hands… then he starts running his finger towards her cleavage n that was it for me… i took a glass from bar counter n throw that on his head… n yeah !! At aim.. obviously m best shooter… She looked at me with thankful teary eyes … then we engulfed into a big fight n atlast a guyz shout n i was numb he said “y r u fighting for that girl dont u kno who she is.. she is an escort… itz normal for her n if u r also her customer then what r u doing here… go to her room… i must say she is best” he said with lustful eyes… i left that man… my messenger n i try to find her out…

n atlast i found her… she was sobbing badly hiding herself somewhere in parking… n put my hand on her shoulder n she gets scared… she was miserably pleading “plz leave me… plz… i dont want to come with u… please” she cried hard she doesnt even lift her head to see who is standing besides her… then i took my blazer n covers her.. so that she wont feel uncomfertable… n as soon as n put blazer over her she lift her head n hugged me tightly… she cried vigoursly.. n seeing her in such state my heart too cried alot… i dont stop her from cryng… she cried nearly for an hour n then finally spoke “thankyou” i smiled seeing her n ask her why she is doing all this.. she told me she had been kidnapped n were forced into this… she doesnt kno anything abt india she is an NRI from dubai she came here with her mum after her father’s death only two months back.. we were talking then a man came n he was taking her forcefully…

i somehw convenced him to give her to me.. n he agreed n y wouldn’t he i hv paid him a handsome amt… afterall m also quite rich… i took her home… n she becoms my lyf… my swara… she has filled the house with positivity… n for 6 months everything was perfect… bt then my biggest mistake… i hv found her so called family… her uncle.. i told him abt swara n he accept my n swara’s relation… he ask me to take my parents to their house… as my family is settled in cape town.. n i left to take them another big mistake… as soon as i landed there i got her call n i was shocked she said ” sanskar plz save me it was all trap… my uncle is the part of that racket he deliberatly planned my kidnapping. N he has sent u cape town so that he can sell me again… plz save me.. ” i dont kno hw to react… i immediately took a flight n came back bt i was late they hv gone… my luv.. my swara has gone… lots of thoughts were running through my mind.. i tried alot to find her bt all in vain.. atlast after an year i found her mother in an oldage home… bt still there was no clue of swara…


He came to senses listening to ringing of his phone

“Hello sanskar here”

“Sir we hv found that man whom u were searching for”

“Well done !! Did he tell u anything abt any girl??”

“Ya sir we hv rescued all girls except one”


“Sir a girl named swara has being sell afterwards so we cnt find her”

“Dammit… interogate him.. untill he wont tell u abt swara”

“Sir he has told us about another dealer… bhaiyajii.. he is god of this business n swara being most beautiful has been sold to him”

“Any other information abt that bhaiya jii?”

“Ya sir it is possible that he has taken that girl to his home..”

“Message me his address”

“Ok sir”

Call ends

Sanskar rush to the address n does reki there… n after a week he finally got chance to go in when everyone was in a party….
He search the house n finally found her in store room… she was crying sitting there… he called her “swara”

She look at him n hugged him tightly… he wrap his arms around her giving her a sense of protection… n asked “r u fine ?” Ahh !! A stupid que cant u see her condition..bruses n scraches were all over her body… he thinks in mind..

” swara come
Lets go” sanskar hold her hand n moved towards gate

“No i cant.. u go please” she cried

” mai yaha tumhe lene aya hoon or le ke he jaunga… smjhi” he said determinedly…

“He will kill u… the way he killed my mum… i cant risk ur lyf” she break downs

“What rubbish… ur mum is alive n is at my place… n no one has guts to touch sanskar maheshwari… ” he reply

“What !!! My mum is alive !!!” She asked shockingly.

He nodded yes…

“But still i cant come with u” said in a choaking voice

“Why not dammit” he holds her shoulders tightly n asked in anger

“Cz m nt suitable for u…” she again cried

“Who the hell r u to decide this” he asked with tears in his eyes

“Sanskar plz.. go.. now i myself dont kno how-how many ppl used my body…. m a sl…

Before she can complete her sentence sanskar slaps her hard..

“Now shut ur mouth… got this u r coming with me n i will nt go anywhere without you… got this”

“Y r u doing this”

“Cz i m in luv with u swara”he cupped her face n kissed forehead

Atlast he take her with him.. n bhaiyaji n her uncle sentenced to lyf imprisonment…

《That’s the power of true luv… sanskar atlast found swara … he doesnt kno who she is at first… bt he is a real man who fights for dignity of a girl … he makes her soul his…not her body…

Be like sanskar》

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Credit to: Meher

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  1. Wow Meher…..once again an awesome os….. The way u combine social evil n love story in your os….is just wonderful….. It always strikes a cord……

    1. Thnx nita.. m glad that u lyk my one shot

  2. Meher…it was hearttouching

  3. wow meher its was just icredible 🙂 you write so good OS 🙂 :):) 🙂

    1. Thnx tvisha .. bt try bisha’s one shot once..!! 😀 😉

  4. thanks meher for giving d links……dis os s awesome… doubt u r an awesome writer…..fabulous

    1. Ur welcm shan… n thnx alot

  5. Awesome meher this story just makes me believe in true love??

    1. Aww thnx alot kavya

  6. Uh nailed it Meher.. Uh are truly fab.. This was a masterpiece dea…. Loved it.. Keep writing.. N Sanskar’s character is too too good..

    1. Thnku shreya … thnx alot

  7. Thnk u meher for awsome os’s

    1. No no… thnx jaf for reading

  8. Meher once again ur rocked…

  9. It’s perfect

  10. Ur work is commendable every time ur OS deals with the society. Such an inspiration and a lovely OS.thank u meher ur such an awesome writer.

    1. Thnx alot vb … u read my os itz important for me n u lyked it itz lyk cherry on cake 😀

  11. superb…………dear

    1. Thnx pooja dear 😀

  12. I know m damn late. But cant help commenting such a beautifully written story. U have been my encouragement. U akwats eill be. More for your such moralistic os. I really loved this Sanskar. A true man with true feelings. You dont know a girl but your love changed that girl n helps her to come into light from darkness. Keep it up girl

    1. Itzz kk bisha dear… being late u read my os is enough for me … n m glad that u consider my writings as an encouragement… u kno sm ppl think that i teach them morals n all.. bt what i wtite is what i mean… so thnku for reading 😉 😉 😀

  13. Wow meher such an awesome n heart touching story.????
    Really very nice???

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