Cuteness Overloaded (SwaSan Mini One Shot) by Marsuu

Hello!! I’m here with a mini shot on SwaSan and their daughter Sahana who is just 3 years old. It will have their sweet cute moments.

Happy birthday Bush Dear May god bless you. This little shot is for you.
Let’s begin:

(SwaSan mini shot)
Swara came running from the kitchen with lunch box and water bottle in her hands as sahana is going to playschool. There are still few months left when her primary education will start. So swasan thought to send her to playschool so that she should get habitual to live without them for few hours then it will easy for her in school.
Swara give box to sahana and kiss her cheeks.
Swara: have a nice day.
Sahana: you tooo

She is in her papa’s arms and all set to go.
Sanskar: okay bye
Sanskar went with sahana while swara left to kitchen.

After half an hour, sanskar came back after leaving sahana at playschool.
Sanskar (shouted): swara my breakfast
Swara is in their room clearing the mess they created while making sahana ready.
Swara(shouted): its kept on shelf take it.

Sanskar signed and went to kitchen. He is getting late for office so in hurry his hand mistakenly hit with glass jug and it fell down breaking into many pieces.
Swara came running after listening to the noise. She made crying face looking at broken jug as if her heart has broken into million pieces. Sanskar make puppy face and give sorry look.
Swara(weeping): my jug
Sanskar: swara sorry
Swara: this was given by my ma.

Sanskar: I will bring new one.
Swara: she gifted me on my birthday with so much of love and you broke it.
Sanskar: I said na sorry.
Swara(angry): you can’t do one work correctly.
Sanskar (irritated): swara you are behaving as if I had intentionally broken it.
Swara:then why you behave clumsily.

Sanskar: even I can blame you.
Swara : what???
Sanskar: it’s your duty to serve breakfast to your husband why you told me to take myself.
Swara: wow great I’m your wife not any maid to serve you.
Sanskar: swara you are unnecessarily extending the topic.
Swara: yeah I’m the problem creater who always fight.
Sanskar (hit his forehead): its so simple to handle kitchen work you know how much office stress I have.

Swara: ohh so you think its so easy to manage kitchen then prove it. Tomorrow is Sunday, make breakfast, lunch and dinner then you will get to know.
Sanskar(showing off): I will do and prove you.
Swara(roll her eyes): we will see.
Sanskar took his breakfast and went to Hall.

SwaSan are living in Mumbai with their little 3 years old daughter Sahana who is their little angel, their lifeline. She is very small but very smart. She always eat swasan’s brain especially sanskar’s with her useless questions. She is very curious to know everything. Swasan’s family is in Kolkata and they use to visit them during vacations. Sanskar is owner of company in Mumbai while swara is house wife who prefer to look after sahana and Sanskar.

At night:
SwaSanSha are having dinner. Sahana is sitting beside sanskar and swara is in front of them.
Sahana: papa I have one question.
Sanskar: ask baby

Sahana: why we sit on dining table to eat food???
Sanskar look at swara who was giggling as their question bank has started.
Sanskar: these are manners and we all should sit together.
Sahana: ohhkkk and I have one more question.

Swara: sahana keep quite we should not speak while eating.
Sahana: why??
Swara: bcoz they are bad manners got it.
Sahana nodded and started having food.
After dinner they went to their room.

SwaSanSha Room:
Swara came out of washroom changing into night wears. Sahana is lying in Sanskar’s lap playing with his little beard.
Sahana: papa I have one question.

Swara signed don’t know how many questions this girl have.
Sanskar: ask baby
Sahana: why boys don’t put listpik like girls.
Sanskar: listpik??
Sanskar look beside at swara who also have confused look.
Sahana touch sanskar’s lips and said
Sahana: we put here.

Swara: she means lipstick.
Sanskar: ohh asha
Sahana: yes why boys don’t put.
Sanskar: that I don’t know sahuu(pout)
Sahana: you didn’t study in school.
Swara: your papa was very bad in studies.

Sahana(keep her hand on mouth): hawww
Sanskar: even your mamma was very bad.
Sanskar smirk at swara as she was teasing him.
Swara: but sahana will be very intelligent.
Sanskar(kiss her cheeks): yesss
Swara: come on sleep now tomorrow your papa will Cook food for us.
Sahana: wowww
Sanskar remember their arguments in the morning. Swara winks at him.
Sanskar made sahana lie in the centre and switched off the lights. Soon they slept.

Next morning:
Sanskar is standing in the kitchen wearing apron. He is making breakfast while swara and sahana are in hall watching TV. Sahana is sometimes with swara and then with Sanskar.
Sahana: I will see papa.

She jumped from sofa and ran to kitchen. She went near Sanskar and saw there was flour on his cheeks.
Sahana: papa come down
Sanskar bend to reach her height. She clean his face with her tiny hands.
Sahana: how much more time you will take??

Sanskar: it’s almost ready
Sahana look around and then again ran out. She is looking like a cute doll wearing light pink frock with open hairs arranged with hairband at the top.
Sahana came near swara and said slowly

Sahana:mamma, papa has spoiled the kitchen.
Swara(wide eyes): really???
Sahana nodded her head vigorously.
Swara: Sanskar don’t know anything.
Sahana thought something and again went to kitchen.
Sahana: papa
Sanskar: yes
Sahana: mamma said you don’t know anything.

Swara(narrow eyes): sahana you are telling everything to your Papa??
Sahana(blink her eyes): papa said me to tell and you also said to tell what papa is doing.
SwaSan look at each other and then at sahana who is standing with a pout on her super cute face. They started laughing at her Innocence.
Swara(pull her cheeks): sahana you are soo cute.

Swara picked sahana and made her sit on the shelf.
Swara: Sanskar you have made my kitchen fully messy.
Sanskar: I know this way only of cooking.
Swara look at the burnt toast.
Swara: what you have made sanskar.

Sanskar: you only make I can’t handle this.
Swara: now you accept na kitchen work is not easy.
Sanskar(join hands in front of Swara): yes my dear you only can do this.
Sahana giggles looking at them.
Swara started making bf and Sanskar stood near her.
Sahana; mamma I have one question.
Swara: hmm say

Sahana: why we wear this(point to apron)??
Swara: so our dress don’t get spoiled.
Sahana: ohhkk
Soon swasan and sahana went out and have their breakfast.

Swara and sahana is playing ludo when Sanskar came inside the room. He is tied due to weeks over work. Sanskar sit on the bed.
Sahana: mamma I’m bore with this game.
Swara: okay we will stop.
Swara collected the things.
Sahana(pull sanskar’s arm): we will do papa’s makeup.
Sanskar: sahana I’m going to sleep no drama.
Sanskar lie on the bed closing his eyes.

Sahana look at swara then whisper in her ear
Sahana: we will do little little makeup papa will not get to know.
Swara smile and nodded.
Sahana went and brought swara’s makeup kit from dressing table.
She sit near Sanskar and apply face power on his cheeks. Then she took eyeliner
Sahana(whisper): this one on lips??
She asked from swara.
Swara: no eyes.
Sahana: ohhk

Sanskar open his eyes and look at them.
Sanskar (fake anger): I said no then again you are doing sahana??
Sahana got scared as he almost shouted. Tears brim in her beautiful eyes.
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar also got shocked to see her crying.
Sanskar pick suhana and place her on his lap.

Sanskar: I was joking baby I’m not angry why are you crying.
Sanskar kiss her teary eyes then forehead.
Sahana: then may I do your makeup?
Sanskar (chuckles): okay

Sahana: mamma give me things one by one.
Swara nodded and giggles.
Sahana put bindi on Sanskar’s forehead then comb his hair when she remember something.
Sahana: papa I have one question.
Swara: ohh god sahana how many questions you have?
Sahana: only one.

Sanskar: ask sahana
Sahana: why boys don’t have long hairs like girls??
Sanskar: bcoz boys look handsome in short hairs.
Sahana: okay and I have one more question.
Swara signed at her.
Sanskar: hmm say
Sahana: how I came here??

Sahana: who give me to you?
Sanskar: ohh like that
Sanskar look at Swara what to answer and she shrugs her shoulder.
Sanskar: me and your mamma prayed to god to give us one angel and he said you for us.
Sahana giggles as sanskar kiss her cheeks.
Sahana: then pray to god to send one more baby I want to play(pout)
Sanskar(teases): for that you should say to your mamma.
Swara’s cheeks turn pink. She glare at sanskar for speaking anything.
Sahana: mamma

Swara: enough sahana no more questions for today.
Sahana innocently nodded and hug Sanskar.

After few days,
Swara is in room when suddenly Sanskar came and back hug her.
Swara: sanskar leave

Sanskar: don’t you think we should fulfil sahana’s wish.
Swara: she will come stop it.
Sanskar: she is very busy
Sanskar turn her and kiss her lips when sahana shouted from corridor and came running.
Sahana: mamma
Swara push sanskar who make puppy face.
Sahana came in room with one chart in her hand.
Swara: what happened?

Sahana: I made our family.
She show then where one lady and man is standing on the either side of the little girl.
Sahana(excited)how is it??
Swara: very beautiful like suhana.
Swara tightly kiss her cheek.
Suhana(shyly): thank you
Swasan laugh at her expressions.
Sahana: papa I have one question.
Swara hit her forehead.

Sanskar: ask baby
Sahana: why boys don’t wear saree??
Sanskar: this your mamma will answer.
Swara: bcoz boys can’t handle saree like girls do.
Sahana: yes girls are smart.
Sanskar(narrow eye): asha Ji
Sanskar tickle sahana and she was laughing.

The End.

Thank you

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  1. Awesome dear I loved it

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    Amazing dear… cute lovely family…..loved it…..

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    Thank you so much for making my day so special by giving this shot…
    Love you di

    1. Mars

      Its all my pleasure dear?? I’m really happy to know you liked it.
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    Hehehehehehe too cute. So sweet this question Bank????????????. Papa I have a question?????? how many questions left.
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    Loved it soo soo much.????????????

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