cute swara with beautiful ragini = swaragini

guys i m sonali ……first off all i want to say ….
happy republic day ……then i want to start my ff ….guys i want ur support …plsssss

lets start our story with intro ….

in gm

ragini gaddodia: she is very very beautiful and modern girl. she loves her brother a lot…..she is daughter of no.1 business shekhar gaddodia and sumi gaddodia….she is student of mba 1year…

kunj:(siddhant gupta as kunj from tasne ishq)
kunj gaddodia ; he is very handsome guy …he loves her sister a lot ….according to him ragini is everything for him …..he can do anything for her….he treat her like princess …he is new owner of gaddodia company .
ragnj live with shekhar .because sumi and shekhar get separate when ragini is only 5 years child.

shekhar gaddodia: he is very huge business man. he loves her both daughter and son a lot.

bose mansion
swara gaddodia: she is cute and modern girl. she loves her mother and dadi alot …but she hates her father …according to her shekhar is responsible for her mother condition.she is 2 yrar elder than ragini .

sumi gaddodia: a confident and strong business women. she loves her trio child alot. she always miss her daughter and son .her behavior is very rude towards man ..because of her behavior swara always blaming her father.

dadi: she loves sumi like her own daughter. because of her son mistake …she take sumi along with trio child but shekhar takes ragini from dadi and say she is my life. if u want go then go but i m not going giving my ragini. when kunj hears this he say my princess yaha rahegi toh mein bhi yahi rahunga …tabse ragunj shekhar ke sath rahte h …or ragini ko pata h ki uski maa usse bahut dur ho chuki h ..

at mm
laksh : cute guy and he loves his brother a lot. he believe in love first sight. he loves and his passion is singing. song is his life.

sanskar :he is hot and handsome guy. he believe in flirting. he loves his brothers a lot. he is very naughty guy and in his college girls call him romeo…

karan (karan tracker) : he is elader brother of snalak ..
he loved his both brother.

ap and dp is same as in serial.

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  1. Pls make it swasan plzzzzzzzx sonali

  2. Plz make swasan cute swara nd cute sanky = cute swasan

  3. either make ragsan or make karan & Ragini…

    1. Yes i too neither ragsan or karan tracker or ragini

      1. me too…

  4. nice start i love it

  5. swasan

  6. Is twinkle in this story ????

  7. Karan and ragini

  8. Karan and ragini pls pls pls

  9. Plsss swasan swasan swasan plsss swasan

  10. Superb make it swasan plz

  11. swasan swasan swasan swasan plz

  12. Raglak and swasan please

  13. Please please make it swasan and karag or raglan it doesn’t matter

  14. Nice intro dr

  15. swasan n raglak pls

  16. Make it swasan

  17. yupp karan and ragini and swasan and twinj

  18. i mean twinkle should enter for kunj

  19. pls karag…

  20. pls karag… but no matters ur stry is unique… i like it…

  21. Superb

  22. intro is nic..i like it

  23. Dear sonali. .. do u have any plan to continue this… I am waiting for the next chap… your story is unique

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