Cute love-ts by shivu (part-3)

Hy guys it’s me Shivu here with the last part of my ts cute love I know I’m very late sorry for that & yes guys its a last part so plzz do comment & tell u like this story or not which part u like the most & which part not so plzz do big wala comment if u don’t do comment I didn’t come back with my other story ok let’s start


After two days in morning all r busy in their where laksh is in his room swaragini r doing work in kitchen & sanskar is doing breakfast at that time doorbell ring swara went & open the door a beautiful girl is standing in door swara hugs her happily

Girl:good morning bhabhi
Swa(smiling):good morning mukti what a surprise today after so many days
Ragini is looking them with confusion

Muk:yes bhabhi u know na college
San(while eating):so how get time today
Muk:Bhaiya I’m here to see lucky yesterday only I get to know that he is not well
Swa:yes he also feel good after meeting u
Muk:ok bhabhi can I go to his room
Swa:yes of course

Then she left for laksh room & swara come back to kitchen

Rag(with confusion):who is she
Swa:she is mukti ragu Laku’s best friend

Ragini feels bad after listening that she is laku’s best friend

Swa(giving her a tray of snacks):ragu can u go & give this to laku & mukti
Rag(unwantedly):yes Di

& she leave sanskar is watching her he feels her behavior weird

San(sipping his coffee):swara
Swa(busy in work):hmm
San:don’t u think ragu become sad after listening that laku is mukti’s best friend
Swa:ya I also noticed but what happen
San(excitedly):shona I think ragu likes laku
Swara with too much exitment come near him
Swa(happily):really if its true na then its too good na
San:ya but we have to confirm

At laksh room
Mukti & laksh r talking & laughing at that time ragini reached there with snacks & gets too much jealous watching them like this

Lak:keep it on table we will take
Muk:who is she Lucky
Lak:she is bhabhi’s sis ragini
Muk:oo(she forward her hand)hy ragini I’m Mukti
Rag(shaking her hand):hy
Muk:nice to meet u
Rag(fake smile):me to

& leave & stand near the door  from where they both can’t see her she is watching them how friendly they are talking,hugging,holding each others hand she become hell angry now

Rag:how dare she to tuch him huhh look how she is sticking with him like a chewing gum huhh

& she leave from there irritated
After sometimes

Mukti come down
Muk:ok bhabhi bye where is Bhaiya
Swa:he left for office
Muk:oh ok bye ragini

Mukti come near her & hug her

Muk(very slowly):don’t worry ragini I don’t love laksh he is only ur & don’t be late confess ur feeling

And she leave ragini is looking at her smiling

Swa:what’s going on

& she leave

Its one week now laksh is fine but he doesn’t talk to ragini which hurt her one day she is sitting in her room sadly at that time swasan was passing from there they watch her like this they went near her

San(worried):what happen ragu y r u upset
Rag(sadly):look na jiju its one week now & still laksh is not talking with me he doesn’t forgive me
San:hmm so this is the problem so I have solution
which solution
San:look swara u act before laku that u didn’t forgive ragini till now & u tell ragini to go from this home in front of laku from this laku stop ragu & forgive her
Swa:I don’t have full faith but still I try
San:ok then ready at tomorrow morning

Next morning

All of them r ready for plan at that time laksh come out from his room but still he is upstair sanskar watch him he went near swara


Swara trying to be normal she come near ragini hold her hand start dragging her laksh is watching all this confusingly

Swa(loudly):get out from here ragini now there is no place for u in my home
Rag(slowly):di its overacting
Swa(confront herself):u hurt my laku so much I can’t bear u in my home
San(come to them):but swara where she go
Swa(fake anger):I don’t know
Rag(fake crying holding her leg):plzz Di forgive me

In between this drama they hear a clapping sound they all turn & found laksh is clapping
All look at him confusingly

Lak:wow what a worst acting
San(dramatically):u r telling this acting see they r too sad
Lak:yes yes I’m watching

He start laughing loudly

Lak(controlling his laugh):bhabhi bhai nursery kids r doing far Better acting than u all hehe & who did these type of melodrama now a days btw whose idea is this and for what

Both swaragini quickly points their fingers towards sanskar like a kids & sanskar is standing shocked

Laksh come near him

Lak:what is this Bhai y u do this
San:wo u r not forgiving ragu soo..
Lak:so u did this like seriously & (to ragini) ya miss wild cat who told u I’m angry with u
Rag(like a cute baby):wo u r not talking with me so I thought u r angry
Lak:hy listen I’m not angry
Lak:yes & all of u don’t do this type of drama again

Trio nodded their head like an obedient kids he smile deeply watching them & leave for his room

After sometime

Laksh is playing video game at that time ragini came there with a chocolate box

Lak(still playing): ragini not now I’m busy
Rag:ok I brought chocolate for u as u forgive me but if u don’t want what I do ok bye

Listening chocolate he get happy like a kid

Lak(happily):oo ragu u r so sweet come na let’s eat
Rag(act like thinking):umm if u want then catch me

She show him tongue &start running in the room & laksh start chasing her after awhile both collide & fall on the bed laksh is over the ragini & chocolates get spread on bed both r too close to each other they get lost in each others eyes & have beautiful eye lock


Lafzon ke haseen dhaagon mein kahin
Piro rahaa hoon kabse main huzoor
Koshishein zara hai nigaahon ki
Tujhe dekhne ki ho khataa zaroor

Deewangi kahun isey ya hai mera fitoor
Koi Hoor… jaise tu
Koi Hoor… jaise tu)

Swasan r passing from there they watch them like that & become happy

Swa(happily):shanky its confirmed
San(smiling):yes shona so let’s do something to make them confess

Both realized their position they compose themselves laksh pick all the chocolate & standup &showing chocolate to ragini

Lak(smiles):look its mine

& he start eating ragini smiles watching him

Lak(while eating):hmm
Rag:u remember that day when u r scolding me u told that u like me
Lak(stammering):a..aa wo..o

She start coming toward him & he start moving backwards

Rag(smirk):what wo..wo u forget

Laksh dashed with couch & fall on it she come near him hold his jacket’s collar & stare him sensually he gulped both feel each others breathing they come in sense

Rag(smirking):say na what u r saying
Lak(gulped with fear):I don’t want to say anything
Rag:say I

Ragini look at him naughtily & snatch his chocolate & run from there & shout from outside I love chocolate
laksh smiles & scratches his head

After two days @ evening time raglak r sitting in hall & playing ludo @ that time swasan came there

San:ragu laku get ready we have to go to farm house
Lak(confused): farm house for what Bhai
Swa:nothing laku its just I want to spend sometime out of this city
Rag:yes Di so let’s go
San:yes so go & get ready

They went & come back after sometimes ,laksh watch ragini coming toward him he mesmerized watching her like that

All sit in car laksh is driving ragini is beside him & swasan on back seat he start driving after sometimes sanskar ask laksh to stop car

Lak(confused):what happened bhai
San:WO laksh stop near this restaurant only actually I got msg now only that one client meet me & swara now as they have to leave for London tomorrow
Lak:ok let’s go
Swa:no no no u both go I’ll reach there when we get free
Rag:but Di
Swasan:go guys

& he start driving again they watch each other secretly & blushes
some goons watch them going outside the city actually they r sanskar’s rivals goons they start following them raglak reached farmhouse ragini get down & laksh went to park car at that time that goons come start teasing ragini she get scared they hold her tight at that time laksh reached there & watch them like that he get hell angry

Lak(shouted angrily):leave her otherwise
Goon1:otherwise what

Laksh get more angry he start beating them blue & black ragini watch them with tears she tried swasan phone but they cut the call to let them enjoy while fighting one goon hit laksh with rod from back at that time ragini ring police Syrian in her phone goons get scared & push unconscious laksh to pool & run away from there ragini get terrified after watching laksh like that


She jump on pool without thinking & take out laksh from pool & make him lay on floor(don’t ask me how?)she cups his face

Rag:laksh laksh open ur eyes laksh plzz

She hit his chest,shakes him,beat him but he doesn’t respond tears r continuously flowing from her eyes she get scared as he is not responding

Rag(sobbing):no laksh nothing will happen to u I can’t loose u Di & jiju can’t loose u plzz wake up
Suddenly something strike in ragini’s mind her mind doesn’t allow her to that but her heart doesn’t listen

Rag(determined):I have to give him CPR

She bend down & placed her soft lips on his lip & try her best to give him respiration but he doesn’t respond she try again & again at last he start coughing and slowly open his eyes & watch ragini like that ragini’s happiness have no boundaries now watching her laksh save

Lak(smirk):this is not fare u r taking advantage of an unconscious person

Ragini smiles he getup & sit ragini suddenly hug him very tight

Rag(sobbing):thank god u awake u know how much I scared
Lak(consoling):I’m fine ragu
Rag(still hugging):if anything happened to u how could I live I can’t live without u laksh I can’t

Ragini broke the hug & look at him angrily & hold his collar

Rag(angrily):because I love u dam it
Laksh smiles & hug her
Lak:I know

They still sit on the same position by mistake ragini’s hand touch laksh wound & he screams in pain


Ragini get worried

Rag(worriedly):what happen laksh r u ok
Lak(holding his head):its paining
Ragini help him to stand
Rag:come laksh let’s go inside u need dressing

And both enter inside the farmhouse hall they get amazed watching the hall decoration it is arranged for their date by swasan they understand
ragini make laksh sit in couch and get first aid box & start his dressing he winces in pain ragini gets teary again by watching him in pain laksh looks at her he wipes her tears

Lak:no more tears ragu I’m fine now

She smiles & did his dressing more carefully

Lak:ragu go & change ur clothes otherwise u will catch cold I also change
Rag:but laksh what I wear
Lak:that next room is of Bhai & bhabhi there r some dresses of bhabhi

She nods & leave

After sometimes

Ragini come out wearing pink saree she watch laksh who can’t able to take out his shirt she come near him & start helping him he gets mesmerized watching her in saree both r very close to each other both have beautiful eyelock

(tni mohabbat karo na
Main doob na jaun kahi
Vaapas kinare pe aana
Main bhool na jaun kahi)

She make him change his shirt & start moving but he hold her wrist both look at each other lovingly

(Dekha jabse chehra tera
Main toh hafton se soya nahi)

He pull her she dashed with his chest & look at each other

( Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi)

He cups her face & kiss her forehead then eyes then nose & at last both have passionate lip lock

( Mujhe neend aati nahi hai akele
Khwabon mein aaya karo
Nahi chal sakunga tumhare bina main
Mera tum sahaara bano)

Both get apart & ragini turn around shyly laksh start moving other side she hold his wrist now both again lost in each other

( Ik tumhein chahne ke alawa
Aur kuch humse hoga nahi)

She hold his collar & kiss his forehead then eyes then nose & then his both hands

( Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi)

Ragini look at him with teary eyes

( Humari kami tumko mehsoos hogi
Bheega dengi jab baarishe)

He wipes her tears & nods in no

( Main bhar karke laya hoon
Ankhon mein apni
Adhoori si kuch khwahishe
Rooh se chaahne wale aashiq
Baatein jismo ki karte nahi)

Both hugs each other very tight so no one make them apart

( Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi)

Laksh sit down in his knees forward a rose

Laksh (lovingly): I love u ragu do u love me

She nods with teary eyes she is most happiest girl right now she take the roes make him stand & hug him

Rag(happily):I love u too laksh I love u

Then they went & sleep in each other embrace

Next morning @ mm

Swasan r sitting in hall & waiting for raglak at that time doorbell ring both went & open the door raglak r standing there they get shocked watching laksh injured both get worried

San(worriedly):laku what happen ha how u injured this much
Swa(teary cupping his face):laku tell na what happen ok first come inside

They went inside & get seated then ragini tell them whole matter(accept their romance & CPR?)both swasan feels guilty for not picking up the phone

San:I’m sorry laku plzz forgive us
Swa:yes laku plzz

Laksh come near them hold their hand

Lak:Bhai bhabhi don’t worry I’m fine & don’t be guilty
Swa(smile): ok now u both go & change

They stand up & about to go but laksh stop in middle

Lak(naughtily): Bhai ur arrangement was awesome but if u arrange some food also then it’ll be more awesome

Swasan get embarrass & ragini smile

Lak:& ya ur arrangement doesn’t get waste
Swa(excitedly):really so who proposed first
Lak:o hello madam that was not proposal u only saying ha I proposed u officially

Both glares each other & then realized what they said & get shy ragini hug swara & laksh hugs sanskar

After 7 years

A grahpravesh is happening of a couple bride hit the vessel filled with rice all claps then the couple is shown they r our  beautiful couple raglak then they enter inside & take blessing from another couple the couple is shown as swasan they happily hug them at that time a cute little girl of 5 years come

Girl:wow chachu & masi u r looking awesome
Lak:aww my princess ruhi is also looking beautiful right ragu

(The girl is swasan’s daughter ruhi)

Rag:yes my cutie ruhi
Swa:ragini u r looking very beautiful may god bring u all happiness u deserve
Ruh(cutely):mamma masi is looking good but not more than my chachu

All laugh @ her cute antics

San:let’s have happy family selfie
All gets happy & take selfie screen freezed @ their happy faces & after that raglak live happily ever after

The end

Finally its done hope u guys like it guys plzz do comment if u like & if its boring then also tell ok bye see u soon take care??
& love raglak

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