Cute love-ts by shivu (part-2)

Hii guys its Shivu here with second part of my ts #cutelove so plzz read & do comments but remember na big wala comment last time I read ur big comments & I really love that so plzz do comments big wala ok let’s start



Laksh enters in his room & closed it he remembered ragini’s word & throw the vase on the floor he angrily start throwing also the things of room atlast he kneel down on the floor & start crying at that tym he hear knock on the door swasan start knocking the door continuously

Swa(crying):laku plzz open the door
San:laku talk to me once plzz
Swa(wipe her tears):laku see na ur Bhai is crying plzz open the door

They trying hard to convince him at last

Lak(wiping his tears):Bhai bhabhi I want to be alone for sometime plzz I promise I didn’t do anything wrong pakka
San(looking at swara):ok laku

And they leave

At ragini’s room ragini is sitting upset she feel guilty for what she said to laksh @ that tym maid come with juice for her

Maid(rudely):ragini didi juice

She wipes her tears and look at her
Rag:I don’t want
Maid:swara mam told u to drink
Rag(angrily):I told u na I don’t want
Maid:didi if u don’t drink Swara mam scold me
Rag(frustrated):I don’t want don’t make me angry
Maid:u hurt me also
Rag:what do u mean
Maid:y u hurt him so much (sadly)he again get in trauma
Maid:yes didi laksh baba blame himself for his parents death
Rag(shocked):what but y


Laksh is in school & at 25march he have ptm & he topped in the school he wanted that his parents must be there with him but dp & ap is out of town they decide to return on 25 only to surprise him but tell him that they r coming on 26 that’s y he call them again & again for coming on 25 but they acting to refuse then laksh put condition toward them that if they didn’t come na so he jumped from the roof all get scared coz they know he is very stubborn if he decide anything he definitely do that so they tell they r coming but while returning heavy rainfall started & at that area landslide also happen coz of that they met with an accident & they died but when laksh get to know about this he Blame himself for their death he think that if he didn’t call them or blackmail them it doesn’t happen but he doesn’t want to understand that it was written on destiny it was not his fault they already decided to come on that day only after that incident laksh become lifeless he went in trauma after so many efforts swasan make him normal

Fb ends

Maid:and u again make his wounds fresh

Ragini gets shocked tears start flowing from her eyes she feels too guilty for what she did

Rag(weeping):oh god what I did
Maid:sorry didi for my rude behavior
& she leave

At laksh room

Laksh is still sitting in same position & crying then his eyes falls on photo which was placed on table he get up & walk toward it but while walking he placed his leg on the glass pieces which spread in floor blood start flowing but he doesn’t care about it & went near the table pick up the photo sit on the floor resting his back on bed & start crying

Lak(looking at photo):y u leave me maa y papa I know its my fault plzz forgive me plzz(sobbing)bcoz of me Bhai also lost u I’m very bad son very bad(hugs the photo)sorry maa sorry papa

At night

Swasan come there for calling him for dinner ragini also stand there but at some distance but laksh is still sitting in same position but resting his head on bed his eyes become red coz of too much crying but he still sobbing at that time he again hear knock on door
Swasan were knocking the door

Swa(sobbing):laku plzz open the door and eat something
Lak:no bhabhi I’m not hungry
San:but laku u didn’t eat anything yet
Lak:plzz bhai don’t force leave me alone plzz
Swa(wiping her tears):ok laku but don’t stress urself we r with u

(They didn’t force him coz they know he didn’t listen anyone right now)

And they leaves sadly

Ragini come near his door & remembered whatever she said him

Rag(in mind):I’m sorry laksh I’m really sorry I hurt u a lot but I promise I’ll bring u back like before

And she also leave

At midnight

Laksh is still awake he is looking too weak he remember how swasan convincing him to take food & come out

Lak:I have to go to Bhai & bhabhi they r too worried For me

& he stand up went near the door stumbling open the door & fall down coz of the wound he want to go near swasan but he is too weak & tired & he is injured also so he can’t

Next morning

Swasan room
Sanskar is washroom & swara is folding clothes at that time ragini reached there

Rag:di may I come in
Swa(glares her):u need anything
Rag(coming near her):yes
Rag:Di plzz forgive me I’m sorry I know I did big mistake plzz di sorry
Swa(ignores):go & finish ur breakfast

And she leave ragini is standing there with tears sanskar who was watching this all come near ragini

San:she needs time ragu all gets well don’t worry
Rag:sorry jiju
San:its ok ragu but next time don’t hurt anyone without any reason

Ragini nods
After sometimes swasan went to laksh room and finds its open(u know na he open the door at midnight) they enters inside & get shocked watching the condition of room it was totally mashed up then they notice laksh who is sleeping on floor & resting his head on bed they run toward him

Swa(pats his cheek):laku get up laku
San:laku open ur eyes
Rag(in mind):no god plzz nothing will happen to him I can’t bear it plzz laksh open ur eyes

Laksh didn’t replied all gets hell worried sanskar make him lay on bed swara was rubbing his hand at that tym ragini notice his feet which was bleeding she place her hand on mouth shocking coz it was bleeding alot

Rag(points toward his feet):jiju his feet

Swasan look towards that & gets more worried

Swa(teary):shanky call kabir right now
(Kabir is doctor & sanskar’s best friend)

After sometimes kabir reached and checks laksh & did his dressing

Swa(worried):kabir he is alright na
San(come near him):nothing is serious na
Kab:shanky I always told u don’t give him stress u know na he doesn’t bear this much stress his heart is very sensitive & look(both looks toward laksh)his eyes is swollen this shows how much he cried

Ragini look toward him & tears start flowing from her eyes

San(holding kabir’s hand):he will be alright na
Swa(come near him):kabir how he faint tell na
Kab:coz of stress & ya coz of that injury that was bleeding continuously don’t worry now I gave him injection he’ll get conscious till evening & yes make sure he doesn’t take any stress now I’ll come again at evening & give this medicine also
Kab(glares):don’t u dare he is my bro also

Swasanrag smiles with tears

San:yes kabir i don’t understand how he become too much close from everyone
Kab:he is like that & u know na he is my champ
Kab:ok take care of him & both of u too I’ll see u at evening
San:ok bye

& kabir leave

Swa:sanskar u have meeting today na
San:I’ll cancel that
Swa:no sanskar its only for 3 hour
San:yes but I can’t leave laku in this condition
Swa:I’m here na
San:no swara we both have to go it was that deal which u confirmed
Swa:tell them the situation na
San:no swara they doesn’t understand
Swa:but sanskar we have to face so much loss if we didn’t get this deal

Ragini is listening this she come near them

Rag:Di jiju if the deal is too important then u go I’m here with laksh
Swa(angrily):no this is all coz of u I can’t leave him with u
San:swara she is guilty & she is sorry for her mistake
Rag:plzz Di
San:swara give her chance

Swasan went near him kiss his forehead & leave
Ragini turned & watch laksh who is sleeping she goes near him & sit beside him

Rag(looking him lovingly):I didn’t know laksh that this much pain u r hiding behind ur smile

(Ishq bulava jaane kab aave
Ishq bulava aave jab aave..)

She remember his all pranks

(Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta baitha kol tere…)

She remember his smile & start creasing his hair

(Tainu takdi ravaan)

She keep staring him

(Baaton pe teri hansdi ravaan)

She smile remembering how he make her mustache

(Pagal main khud nu banaandi ravaan
Tu hansda rave, main hansaandi ravaan
Tainu takdi rawaan…)

Their eyelock when get wet while chasing each other

She came in sense after listening laksh voice who is asking for water while sleeping she take the glass make him drink water she smiles watching his cute face


(Tainu takdi rawaan
Naina ‘ch tere main vasdi ravaan
Paagal main khud nu banaundi ravaan)

Suddenly laksh holds ragini’s hand with a jeark ragini gets worried

Lak(blabbering in sleep):don’t leave me plzz don’t leave me

Ragini come close to him creasing his hair

Rag:no one is going to leave u laksh

Laksh hold her hand more tightly & sweating also

Lak:don’t go away be with me plzz don’t leave me alone
Rag(consoling him):laksh u r not alone calm down laksh
Lak(blabber):m..maa papa..maa

Ragini gets teary listening his talk she try to remove her hand but he is holding her very tight so she can’t after sometime she sleeps like that only in sitting position after sometimes she wake up & realized her position she feels thirsty but there is no water she went down to take water after awhile she come back with water & watch laksh get conscious & he trying to get up but he can’t she runs near him jug aside & help him to get up laksh watch her show his palm to stop her but she can’t & make him sit properly

Rag:how’s u feeling now
Lak(glares her):don’t show ur fake concern
Rag:I’m sorry laksh plzz forgive me

Laksh get up from bed & stand in front of ragini showing his back

Lak(angrily):sorry for what ragini I didn’t ever think that ur jealousy become this much u know what I always do prank on u not because I hate u I do that coz I think u as a friend and I start liking u dam it

Ragini gets shocked as well as happy after listen this

Lak:but u always hate me and now I understand u never did any pranks for fun but u did that for taking revenge for u stupid silly jealousy

Ragini gets teary & guilty she suddenly hug him from back he feels current in his body he turn around & hold her by shoulder

Lak(angrily):u always say na that I’m behaving like a kid but no ragini u r behaving like a kid u have ur whole family ur mom,dad,dadu,dadi,Di,jiju who loves u a lot but still u r jealous with me who only have Bhai & bhabhi

Ragini nodded no with tears

Rag:I’m sorry laksh

Laksh turn around & about to go but ragini hold his wrist

( Pal bhar thahar jaao
Dil ye sambhal jaaye)

Both look each other with tears

( Kaise tumhe roka karun
Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
Bin bole baatein tumse karun)

Both have painful eye lock

( ‘gar tum saath ho..
Agar tum saath ho)

Laksh jerk her hand & try to go but get stumbles & about to fall but ragini hold him tightly

( Behti rehti..
Nahar nadiya si teri duniya mein
Meri duniya hai teri chaahaton mein
Main dhal jaati hoon teri aadaton mein
‘gar tum saath ho)

He look her angrily but she avoid & make him sit in bed & give him water but he didn’t take

( Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho)

Ragini is about to say something at that time swasan reached there they watch laksh who is alright & sitting on bed they run toward him start asking so many questions

Swa(cups his face):laku how’s u feeling now
San(hold his hand):is ur feet is paining still

Raglak watch them with teary eyes

Lak(in mind):laksh u can’t be selfish look how much they love u u can’t hurt them for ur so called pain

Sanskar is about to hug laksh at that time

Lak(show his palm):no bhai u can’t hug me

Swasanrag looks him confused & worried

Swa:laku look ragu is sorry for her mistake & what we did
Lak:no bhabhi u can’t
Swasan:but y
Lak(with cute face):how could u hug me look from yesterday I’m wearing this same cloth chii first I change then u hug

Trio laugh at his words

San(kiss his forehead):u scared us
Lak(with weird face):yuck Bhai I’m not bhabhi don’t kiss me
San(hit him playfully):nautanki

Then sanskar help him to go washroom & swara went in kitchen

After sometime

Swara come with soup for laksh

Swa:laku drink this
Lak(with yuck expression):noo bhabhi
San(glares him):bhai it taste so bad

Swasan trying to convince him he is behaving like little kid at last sanskar show him chocolate

San:if u want na u have to drink
Lak(with sad pout):okk

Ragini is just staring his cute antics & smiling

Rag(in mind):I love u laksh I do stay always like this my cute monkey

Precap:last part finally laksh forgive ragu swasan turns cupid in raglak love story & let’s see who propose first laksh or ragini & how

Sorry guys I know its boring part but I try to write more interesting next part so plzz comment & ya big comments coz I love to read ur big comments

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