Hello everyone hw r u all? I hope u r doing well n koi pehchana ofcourse nahi hoga zyada thodi likhti hu per exams hai phir bhi I wrote dis my frnd bday so let wish her





so let’s start


A girl is shown who is standing on
bus stop her back is shown n

seems she is in urgent

Now slowly her beautiful eyes r

shown n den her rosy lips r

shown n now her face is shown n

she is none other den our

beautiful twinkle n she seems to

be in tension den a lady comes

to her

L-beta r u waiting fr a bus ?

T-ji aunty bt y by even one bus is


L-u don’t know beta today is bus

strike n der r no buses

T-WHAT ?? 0h no from today I

have exams l should reach clg


L-oh no beta den go by auto as
der r no buses

T-thankyou aunty

N she searches fr an auto den
suddenly a car comes n stops in
front of twinkle

Now slowly d window of glass is
opened n a person is sitting in it
P-hey twinkle wt happened?
T-kunj (s he is none other den our
handsome hunk kunj our bunny)
u here

K-yes twinkle my house comes in
dis way only n u rr seemed to be
worried r u nt coming to clg?

T-no kunj I’m coming to clg bt
unfortunately der is a bus strike n
so I’m waiting fr auto

K-get inside twinkle (guys kunj is
in car n Talking wid twinkle
through window mirror) I will
drop u

T-no kunj I’l| manage y u will
suffer fr me l’ll go by myself

K- oy twinkle it’s getting late fr
exam n we should reach in time
else we r gone u know na n wts d
thing to suffer in it

Acha I got it u have nt considered
me as ur frnd no I got it

T-no kunj der is nthng like dat n I
always considered u as my frnd

K-oh really den get inside already
we r late

Twinkle sits in d car n kunj starts

While travelling

K-u don’t know dat today is bus
strike ?

T-ha kunj dat always my mother
used to drop me but today she
have sme work so I thought to go
by bus bt today der was strike
K-hmm so have u prepared well d
exam ?

T-l have tried ever best n u.
k-same here

N like dis dey have random talks

finally dey reaches clg
T-thankyou kunj tysm

K-ur welcome btwafter exam
come to parking yard I’ll drop u
home as der will strike fr other
two days

T-no kunj it’s k I’Il manage nw
only u have suffered alot
K-Twinkle u r my frnd yaar I can
do atleast dis much fr my frnd n
|’m nt listening to u u should
come after exam here

T-ok baba as u wish btw all d best
fr ur EXAM

K- tq n wish u d same


N dey both Went to attend der

After examination both have
reached parking yard n dey left in

Car conversation

T- hw was ur exam ?

K-not bad yr urs


N deyhave random talks n kunj
says he will pick her tomorrow at
her house first twinkle denies
later on requesting she agrees
Deyreached twinkle home kunj
dropped her n went

After one day der was other

exam (guys fr each exam der will
be one day gap hope u got it n
dey have 6 exams)

Twinkle got ready by time kunj
reached her home and picked her
after dey reached clg n went to
give der exam

After exam dey reached near
parking yard n soon left fr home
While driving it was complete
silence n twinkle thought to
break the silence

T-tq yr frm next exam onwards
der is no need to pick me fr exam
as strike is completed

Kunj smiles

Twinkle thought kunj us behaving
weird n looks like he is stressed
so she thought to ask



T-r u ok?

K-s ywt happened

T – u r looking streesed say wt d

K-nthng yr

T-u r hiding frm me l think u
won’t consider me as ur frnd
K-my dialogue u r using on me

T-smiles n says s now say wt


K-nthnh much yr these two
exams were easy fr me bt the
coming r very difficult I’m
worrying hw will I write

T-just dis ok den come to my
home we will do combine studies
I’|| help u in it

K- really twinkle so sweet of u tq

T-ur welcome

K-bt one condition


K-daily I will pick n drop u

T-no kunj it’s ok der is no need of

K-u r helping so much n I can’t do
atleast dis much fr u says in
dramatic way

T-ok stop doing drama

Both reaches taneja mansion
(twinkle home)

Went inside den a lady comes der
L-Twinkle puttar hw was d exam ?
T-nice Ma btw ma he is kunj my
classmate frm today we r doing
combine studies

L-ok puttar

K-Namaste aunty

L-Namaste beta ok u both go to
ur room n start preparing I’|l
bring smethngto eat

T-ok ma

T-come kunj

N takes him to her room n dey
both starts studying n at night
kunj left frm der n kunj comes at
mrng n starts studying wid her
like dis der bond devoloped

In dis way kinj used to pick
twinkle n drop her at home n
does combinestudies fr all exams

As daily kunj has reached taneja
mansion n picked twinkle n dey
have der random talks reached
clg n gave der exam

After exam while driving back to

K-twinkle close ur eyes

T-y kunj

K-surprise just close na

T- in excitement surprise wt say
na kunj

K-it’s surprise twinkle hwcan I say
T-pldsss kunj

K-do u trust me

T-ofcourse I do

K-den close ur eyes

Twinkle closes her eyes

After smetime kunj stops d car at
a place n gets out of d car n goes
to twinkle side opens her door
,holds her hand as she had closed her eyes

K-now open ur eyes

Twinkle opens her eyes n was
shocked to see d view

It is d top of mountain frm where
whole city can visible n der r
many beautiful flowers wid
different colours n different
lovely trees (l know I’m very bad
in describing bt please bare me)
T-amazing wt a view n turns to
kunj side n was more shocked to
see kunj on his knees

K-Twinkle frm d time u came into
my life every day every second
was beautiful I’m completely
addicted to u , to ur simplicity,

I have fallen fr u, d behaviour u
carry I knowl’m very bad at
expressing my feelings

Bti love u twinkle I love u sooo
much I don’t know whether u
love me or not bt I want u to be
in my life as my better half, l
want to be ur driver till end of my
life. I love u twinkle will u marry

All d while twinkle was in shock n
she havve not uttered a single

K-Twinkle if u don’t love me den
don’t worry I won’t force u to
accept me if u won’t love den I
will leave

I won’t trouble I won’t show u my face I will leave…

Den twinkle places her hand on
kunj’s lips n nods her head in no
T-no kunj pls never n ever leave
even I can’t last leave widout u if
u will leave den I would di……
Now kunj places his hand on her
lips n nods his head in no(sajna
ve plays in background)

K-don’t u dare to talk about

Twinkl nods her head n hugs kunj
tightly n kunj also responds back
After smetime dey pull back

K-l love u twinkle

T-l love u tooo kunj

K-l love u 3 4 5 upto infinity

Dey both goes near d cliff n sees
sunset twinkle places her head on
kunj’s shoulder n kunj places his
one hand on twinkle waist n dey
both njoyed sunset

Later set said these to see
parents n married eo

L-in dis way ur mama n papa
married eo

V-dadi mama n papa had done
love marriage

L-yes Jasmine puttar nw sleep it’s
already late

J- Gud night dadi

L-Gud night n she gives peck on
Jasmine forehead n sleeps


A room is shown where a lady is
standing infornt of a mirror n she
is deeply engrossed in her

Suddenly a man comes frm
behind n backhugs her gives a
peck on her cheek n says
M-happy 7th wedding anniversary
my love

L-same to u kunj (so dat man is

K-tq twinkle (so lady is twinkle)
Kunj turns twinkle to his side
K-wt happened twinkle wt r u
thinking abt

T-nthng much kunj thinking abt
our love story just how d days
have passed na

K-hmm bt our love story was best
hai na

T-yes ours Was cute love story

N dey hug eo

G-mama papa

Dey immediately brokes d hug

T-Jasmine beta itni jaldi ut gayi (u
have wakedup so early )
Jasmine runs to dem n kunj lifts
her up

J-ha now |’m grown up child na
kunj n twinkle smiles
K-oh my princess had waken up
so early ha

J-happy anniversary mama papa
K&t-tq princess

N dey both gives a peck on her
both cheeks at a time

Den deywent down took der
parents blessings have sme
family time
End of story I think u liked it sry if uwon’t I hope I have nt wasted ur time

N yashu dis one specially fr u yr n I’m posting it nearly 11:00 pm I hope it get posted by 12:00 if it get posts before my whole hard work will be in vain
I hope u like it aur pasand nahi aaya tho kuch kehna mat okk


N all readers plssssssssssss do comment inspiteof having exam tomorrow I posted it soo plsss in return of dis sacrifice thoda comments tho bante hai so plsss do comment
N I’m sry if u won’t like it
Aur ha either positive or negative plsss do comment

Love u guys ???

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  1. Simiyy

    Omg Ramya I loved it
    Post more please???

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou thankyou so much simiyy

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Really cute and brilliant story….

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou thankyou so much rashi

  3. SidMin23

    Ramya this is damn cut and I hope u will keep posting twinj cut cute ff or is. Love it.

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou thankyou so much sidmin n yaa I’ll write more

  4. Yashasvi

    Awwww it was such a cute cute love atory of my dear twinj…… Haye and thanks yrrr for doing this much effort for me….. I mean itta pyaar ki test he phir. Bhi mere liye I’m overwhelmed yrrrrr tum log kitta pyaar key ho mujhse me toh soch rhi thi ki kissiko yaad bhi hoga ki aaj kya he but see such surprises for me….. And i knw this was poater on 25 but teri mehnat bekar nhi gyi kyoki mene toh aaj hi pda na….. Qnd sholly fr the time u wasted on this writing fr me…. And wowwww i m the 1st jisse tu baat krti thi… Woww
    Keep smiling and atay blessed
    Love u….

    1. Ramya

      I’m glad u liked it per tu kyu sry bol rahi hai aur bday ke din koi sry bolte hai kya
      N frnd ke liye itna tho Kar hi sakti hai I hope u r njo ying alot
      Love u

  5. Adya

    Ramya di !!!!! Wooowwww.
    That was lovely ….I just loved it……keep writing such os….
    Love u…

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou thankyou so much adya
      Love u too

  6. Hey Ramya,
    Luved it yaar.Too gud.Awesom plus amazing plus fab epi.Luved it to the core.Exam hone ke bawajud tumne yeh sweet sa cute sa OS post kiya.U r too great.Ho sakhe toh mere B-day may be post karna ok.My B-day on June 30.N may I have the pleasure to know ur b-day date.Keep writing.

    Lots of luv,
    twinj(the new writer)

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou thankyou so much
      Aur ha Mai pakka tumhara bday pe bhi post karungi dekhna
      N I’m so glad u liked it n my bday is on 19th August abhi bohat time
      Keep smiling

  7. Ramya it was superb yaar… Sooo cute… Loved it… Keep writting like this… Nd now… Happy birthday my jhalli gol gappa… May God bless u… Nd u’ll get all the happiness u deserve… Love u bolne ki zarurat nehi hey bcos u knw that how much i no no no we all love u… Okay nw bye… Gootta go books r calling….

    1. Yashasvi

      Awww thank u shoo much…. Babes i knw u love me…… And u gave me another name gol gappa…

    2. Ramya

      Thankyou thankyou so much sidhanshi

  8. Kritika14

    Hey Ramya,
    This was splendid! I loved it! Its was so damn cute. Do write more stories like these!

    Lovess! xx

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou thankyou so much Monica

  9. Aanya_pandey

    That ws superb OS rear..

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou thankyou so much aanya

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute os…& happy b’day yashu

    1. Yashasvi

      Thanks purnima fr the wishes…
      Keep smiling and dtay blessed
      Love u….
      Yashu !!!!

    2. Ramya

      Thankyou thankyou so much purnima

  11. Wow such good and cute love story…..love it very much…….plsssss write like more……
    Many many returns of the day………..
    **Happy birthday to you**yasu**……..may god fulfill ur all wishes and keep u always healthy and happy………..,,,,,,,,,,,,love u both……..

    1. Thanks priya dear fr the wishes

      Keep smiling and stay blessed
      Love you

    2. Ramya

      Thankyou thankyou so much priya
      N love u too

  12. Anshikajainn

    So cuuuteeee

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou anshika

  13. SidMin

    Loved it awesome sorry for the late comment 🙂 Love you keep writing 🙂

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou so much sidmin
      N love u too

  14. Wow Ramya it was awesome amizing mindblowing n superb OS… loved kunjs dialoges specially proposal…it was simple but too cute n so sweet… really I enjoyed it….I was smiling in whole epi while reading….. loved it…. keep writing like this more…. n really very sory for late cmnt…

    Love u….. keep smiling always

    N best of luck for ur exams


    1. Ramya

      Awww di dis was really too sweet comment thankyou thankyou so much fr commenting di n I made u smile it means alot di n thankyou fr ur wishes di
      Love u
      Keep smiling

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