Cute love..Episode 4


Sanskar is hugging ragini and says bye to her.but don’t be afraid sweetheart I will be back soon.

3months are completed
Sholu convocation also completed.she Is about to leave to Kolkata.janaki health is not fine.she had to undergo a surgery in USA so they are shifting to us.
Ragini says to janaki mom I miss u a lot mom.please come back fast I was waiting for u.

Sholu moves to Kolkata.
Sanskar is back to Delhi from USA he finished the work given by dp to him.he went to meet ragini but the door is closed.he don’t know what to do where is she?? How to meet her ? He told nivas that he has to move to Kolkata soon he founds anything clue about ragini please inform me fast..he leaves from there.

Maheswari mansion:
Sujatha: sees Sanskar and gets emotion Sanskar after a longtime to see u Sanskar.
Ap: Sanskar Mari bache..
But she is angry on Sanskar for not coming too laksh’s wedding.
He says sorry to her by touching his both ears.

He says where is laksh and his wife I didn’t see her upto who is the love of laksh..
Ap&sujatha see each other.
Then laksh arrives
Laksh:Sanskar Meri bhai..
Laksh and Sanskar hugs each other.
Then Ap said that go Sanskar go and see u r bhai’s wife…
Mukhdarshan is going
U can also go &see and give her a gift
He went there and opens the veil of that girl
And he is stuned..his hearts stops for a second.
His tears are rolling down…
She is none other sholu(ragini)

She is also stunned looking Sanskar.her eyes starts crying (background song plays)

Sumi,shekhar,dadi,dida,dadaji came

Maheswari greets them.
Sujatha told Sanskar that they are sasuma&sasur ji of laksh
Ragini’s parents

Everyone gathered at the dinning table
Sanskar says I’m not hungry…and about to leave.
Ragini looks Sanskar ( she says in her mind and says that I know Sanskar why u r like dis.I know how much pain is there for u that much pain I’m also facing now…I didn’t cheat u Sanskar.her eyes starts tearing)

Dp asks Sanskar to say here only.
Sujatha asks sumi:shermistha ji did u know where swara?
Sumi:I had only one daughter she is ragini.I had lost last my elder daughter 3days back only
Sholu: ma please I know swara will not commit any mistake.don’t say like that for my sake.I have full faith that swara will return back.and starts crying
Sumi: beta..Rona bandh Karo Mari bachi…
Sholu leaves to her room.
Laksh feels depressed.
Sanskar is shocked
And asked sujatha who is swara?and also confusion in his mind that why ragini married to laksh?

I just have to know the truth soon

Preview:Sanskar&ragini recalls their love and feels sad.laksh is drunked.

Credit to: keerthi

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  1. Plz unite swalak yaar i was reading ur ff for swalak from three days
    u cheat us yaar thats not fair

    1. You are absolutely correct I am also a SWALAK fan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz keerthi make swalak

    2. don’t worry my friend…sanskar will try his best to get his love ragini back.what happened with ragsanlakswar will be they get their love they overcome the destiny their to win their love .u can know in the next parts

  2. Can’t understand pa …..

    1. u will get clarity soon keerthu don’t worry

  3. plz unite swalak

  4. this is so confusing in last epi precap was swalak moments n ragsan friendship , but how come san hug rag n leave , plz clear my doubts …..

    1. akshitha,now the present is ragini and sanskar fell in love.why sanskar leaves her where is swara?why she didn’t do marriage with laksh will seen in next episodes

  5. Plz , don’t separate swalak They are made for each other and ragsan too. Please make it swalak Keerthi.

  6. plz unite ragsan and swalak

  7. I am confused plz clear my doubt it’s raglak or ragsan

    1. ragini and sanskar will be the lovers.after sanskar going to us for his business work.but meanwhile ragini got married to laksh.why she married laksh?willsanskar ragini can be united u can see in the next parts

    2. surbhi,now the present is ragini and sanskar fell in love.why sanskar leaves her where is swara?why she didn’t do marriage with laksh will seen in next episodes

  8. dude I did’nt understand ……….how did Rag-San unitee

    1. buddy…i will reveal past soon

  9. Plz where is swara plz unite swalak plz

  10. What is this yaat total story palat kar diya

    1. hayathi….wait buddy…i can assure u that ragsan will be united but how have to wait and know

  11. SwaLak RagSan gud pair. But plz don’t make a high pure relation like marg as game. Marrying then divorcing and marrying their ex’s siblings. Plzz yaar…

    1. I will not do that don’t worry

  12. Ya we will wait for next epi
    plz cont. It is very interesting story

  13. it’s too confusing yaar…….plzzz clear it

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