Cute love..Episode 2


Recap: swara&laksh meeting
Suddenly one girl is running hurrly in the airport in order to catch the flight which about to leave to Kolkata…she lost her bag.
A person enters he notices the bag on the floor he takes it…then someone calls sanky common we have to leave.then he searches everywhere &takes the bag with him.he founds that it was an important certificates.he founds the address on I’d card then he courier that certificates.and wrote a letter to a girl.

Gadodia mansion:
Swara came down she is wearing beautiful she is so cute as usual.she sees laksh in sherwani she is stunned.shekhar told that he is u r husband.then she told that she will not do this engagement.all are stunned.laksh is fused..
Laksh asks why shona? She says u told u loves me and u r ready to marry another girl so that u came here for engagement luckly I was the girl..
She told sumi that send them away from here.sumi don’t know what to do and how to convince her.
Falling dp keeps hand on his chest he feeling paining he is going to fall on the ground…
Everyone is shocked…
All gather beside him

Suddenly one girl came and says to everyone that to move away from here.he is needs respiration.she had done first aid.dp came into consciousness..he looks around.she asked him to be peaceful..
dida spells sholu..everyone looks at ragini ..everyone thinking that she is also pretty just like swara
sumi told thank god sholu
came in right time.for rescuing dp and also sholu only u can do dis thing go and convience shona.

Rag:mam 1st tell me what happens
Sumi told everything
Sholu goes to shona she hugs her and get her down
And asks shona u also did a mistake just like laksh u also sitting for an engagement u also don’t know laksh is ur husband.shona says yes sholu.then u both did wrong don’t blame each other.shona says sorry to laksh.dida says whenever my sholu came I know this engagement will happen.

Dp:shekhar who is this girl
Shekhar:dp ji she is my younger daughter ragini we call her sholu.
She is staying in Delhi for her studies.
Sholu take blessings.
Laksh takes thanks to sholu
Ap:gifts swara a nice lehenga.
Then she give it to sholu
Everyone shocked.
She told that we are having a habit of exchange the thing whatever I got I will give it to sholu whatever she gets will give it to me.
Sumi says no problem sholu u take.ap gave another to sholu for rescuing her husband.
Then she gives that to shona

Preview: ragini&Sanskar love story starts

Credit to: keerthi

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