Cute love..Episode 1


Swara&ragini are twin sisters.swara is shona the elder& ragini is sholu.they love each other a lot.but their way of thinkings are different.swara used to be looked modern and ragini used to be looked traditional.she will do only the what her elders says.swara is persuing Btech&she is a guitarist,ragini doing medicine and she is interested in sitar&classical dancing…in order to join ragini in famous newdelhi,dadi did not agreed first because she is a girl how can we leave her there.then sumi told her that she is having a friend who name is janaki is childless she along with her husband leaving there.she told that we keep our sholu there for studies u don’t worry ma.then dadi agrees..with lots of pain she moves to Delhi.janaki is very happy that she got one daughter.she shows all her love upon sholu.sholu calls janaki as mom.
Our shona is rocking kolkata.,one day dadaji came told that I got a best match for shona she is going to be married with laksh maheswari son of dp .but shona dislikes it because she is having her own ambition of becoming a rock star.

One day in one frnds party she meets laksh.shona does not know that laksh is the person that which dadaji has chosen for her..Love at 1st sight happens.bcoz of mutual frnds they are getting into contact then shona&laksh proposes each other.and decide to marry soon.
Laksh came to know that his marriage is fixed by his father dp.with a girl named swara gadodia.
(But he doesn’t know the full name of swara he knows only her name as shona)
Laksh is so depressed.he said to ap that he don’t want to do this marriage.but ap requests him to come and see the girl 1st hesitatingly he goes.

Preview:laksh&swara get into fight.sanky enters

Credit to: keerthi

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  1. super and i love ragsan

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  5. Nice start plz make swalak and ragsan

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  7. Wow ur ff is really good.

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  9. Hope it be swasan yr plz now there r many on ragsan I seriously ragsan doesn’t suit each other

  10. Very niceee

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