CuTe LoVe -3 (Ragsan)

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After one day 4mem in Delhi…

Swalak and Ragsan went to college swarag completed their presentation and Ragsan and swalak are enjoying in Delhi…
Ragini is scared to talk with sanky…as she is feeling very nervous around him…but he is trying his best to mingle with her…
They all went to one mall and there sanky and lucky went to one side and girls went for shopping…
Sanky – lucky see there ..shall we go in wid girls..

Lucky – no lucky they will not accept …and swara u know ryt she is scared…

Sanky – oh common we will be near them it will be excited…

Lucky – first they have to accept ryt…

Sanky – I have an idea…u go and buy four tickets and ask them how much time it take to get out..Wen we in..I will bring girls…

Lucky – ok Ur wish…but be careful if swara get to know she will definitely break Ur bones this time…

Sanky – ok go…I will get them…

Lucky went to that place and bought 4tickets and asked them the time …” sir it takes half an hour to come out..and only exit is this one…u shouldn’t come out from entrance”
Ok thank you…
When he turned he saw sanky and swaragini and shocked…as they are blindfolded with handkey….

Lucky – didn’t h mention about scary house???

Sanky – no…and how much time it will take..

Lucky – half an hour..if we are in only way to get out is exit… remember this and handle these girls??

Swara – sanky lucky what surprise are u planning for us???

Sanky – it’s all some fun and excitement swara and ragini…so iam taking u in guys …so here we go…

They get in…

And entrance door is closed…

It’s totally dark…swara held Lucky’s hand and going in..ragini held sanky hand …

They removed the blindfold…

Girls here we goooo “scary house”

Both swaragini – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Both scared to hell and screaming loudly….

And sanky Nd lucky are trying their best to calm down but they are screaming ….

Lucky hugged swara tightly to divert and holding her he walked forward…

Here sanky hugged ragini tightly but our princess scared to hell and she is screaming while sounds are horrible from the ghosts in scary house…

Swara slowly getting calm as she too hugged him back and lost herself in the hug and walking forward…

Sanky – ragini , iam here na…don’t worry nothing happen…ok …he is patting her back…but no use…she is still shivering and getting scared ….
‘ragini pls don’t worry iam here na…nothing will happen dear…iam here with you…hold me tight…hold me…listen…we have to move…walk na…pls…but she is not at all listening…’

At last he pulled her near and her front is touching his front…holded through her waist and placed his lips on hers…he is kissing her…she still not able to understand what’s going on…he holded her while kissing and moving forward…she is totally lost and she too reciprocated for the kiss…while moving Both are kissing hardly as it’s their first kiss… tilting their heads right and left both kissing hardly he is pulling her more closer…for half an hour this kiss lasted…

Both aparted at last bcz of some light flashes on faces at exit board…then both came into senses and left the places embarrassed…

Both came out….

To be continued

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  12. How could sanskar do like this he loves that girl and he kissed our rags

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