“What’s up man , you are posh and elegant !!! Every tom, dick and harry ‘ll fall for u !!!”

“Laksh stop going gaga early in the morning !!!”

“But Bhai !!!! I ‘m stating the fact which everyone knows here !!!

“Yeah yeah “sanskar nodded his head .

“Nowadays sarcasm are overloaded in your statements Bhai !!!”

“I hope you understand !!!”

“What’s not there in me !!!! See outside everyone are standing in the queue for me !!!”

“But not ragini laksh !!!”

Laksh sighed ,”Yeah hearing the name Ragini I drifted away with my thoughts !!!”

Laksh ‘s POV ,

The beautiful women I met in my life was ragini !!!! Not only in past but in present as well as in future too !!! Such a sweet , fabulous girl for whom each and everyday guys fight for !!!! Many would be smacking the others only for her !!!! Her cute hazel orbs  , sharp long nose and juicy lips woah !!!! Just thinking about her leads to adrenaline rush in my body that turns me crazy on !!!!! This is guys wish !!! Yeah in adolescent group each and every guy wants that s*xy chick in his bed with him !!! But mine wasn’t that case !!! I was a geek , nerdy whatever u wanna tag me u can !!! Always with books , sluggish guy with specs on and roaming in the library for the remaining time  !!!! She was like … words to describe !!! She would come to our school with tight shirt , short skirt and tie on and look breath taking !!!!! I wasn’t too keen on observing her at that time !!!! To be frank yes I do observe but studies were more important to me than that hot chick !!! I used to top my school and captain of football team and all girls drool over me and I don’t give a damn to them . Everything was normal till 11th that changed my life !!! I got a good gang and everyone studies well , party out and booze too but at the end they would end up in top 10 ranks but me getting first as always !!!! My gang consists of kabir , karan , kunj , manik , their sweethearts navya , akshara , twinkle , nandhini and at last ragini !!!! At first I thought her to be head weighted b*t*h who roams with guys each and every month !!!


“Laksh , laksh where were you ???? In your dreamworld haa ???? About Ragini right ???”

Laksh without realising ,” yeah sanskar !!!”

“Huh laksh I have to go to our company and then I ‘ll pick u up till then wait here !!!”

“Sure sanky !!!”

Laksh again sat in his cot and drifted off into his dreamland ,

When he was in eleventh grade , this gang was in his class . They soon became friends that too close friends !!! They changed him from nerdy laksh to hottie laksh . They took off his specs , made his hair messy and changed him completely . Everything was going on normally until ragini and laksh  both were elected as the class representatives . Since then both started talking very well and then started those teasing moments …… That happens in everyone ‘s life like ,

one day ragini was sitting in her bench . After assembly , a classmate of his was going to his place at that time laksh hugged that guy . That guy in reflex spoke out ,”hey ragu is here , go and hug her !!!” Both felt embarrassed listening to this but they were very happy and blushed too !!! They both became good friends more than that too !!!

But one day changed their lives . It was their annual day . Both being representatives were arranging the  hall .  Their room was locked and they couldn’t open it !!! Both tried many times and finally gave up !!! So they thought of arranging the things in that span of time .Ragu was checking whether flowers were arranged properly or not whereas laksh was trying the big water balloon for playing prank on their friends . At that time laksh ‘s stool broke , at the nick of time ragu held him by his waist preventing him from falling down. His hand hit the balloon and it blasted and all poured on them . Without balance , she fell on the floor and he on top of her !!! Both had unknown feelings arising from their heart …… Both ‘s bodies touched the other !!!! Due to wetness he could witness her red colour bra under the transparency of her shirt . Due to feedback mechanisms between his heart and his mind , his heart took the lead . Their lips were just few centimetres apart. He gently kissed her eyes.  She clutched her skirt in shyness . Then he kissed her cheeks that send her shiver down her spines .
“Are u feeling for me ragu baby ??” He asked huskily biting her earlobe and she hugged him . He then gave wet kisses in her neck , shoulder . He opened her first button and kissed her cleavage. He then slid under her shirt and drew pattern on her belly . She felt uneasiness and started breathing heavily . Laksh sensed her nervousness and hugged her,”I ‘m there for you ragu !!”. Her eyes teared and , ” you are the only one for me laksh !!! When the first day I saw you in 7th standard  , I fell for you !!!! All other guys sees me with full of lust but you weren’t like that !!!! U are such a sweet guy !!! My prince I like u so much !!! U know no one was there with me !!! My mom and dad when I was hardly 3 years old !!!! From that I was there only in the orphanage. There one guy tried to misbehave with me , I took a bottle banged his head and ran away from there !!!”she let her heart out to him .

Laksh wiped his tears and spoke up , ” I ‘m really sorry ragu !!! U know what the first time when I saw u I thought u were a arrogant b*t*h !!!! I really repent for that !!! But I never knew this side of Ragini !!! I ‘m really sorry !!!! He cried .

Ragini wiped his tears and , “you know what laksh  , if people repent for their mistake then they seek forgiveness !!!! So I forgive you laksh !!!! But don’t judge the character of someone by their image because , “appearance are often deceptive !!!’

“Yeah ragini !!!! I got to know sorry !!!”

With this they both slot off hugging each other . Next day , laksh kept his face on her chest and slept by hugging her through her waist . Ragini who woke up , saw him sleeping cutely , caressed his cheeks and wished him good morning !!! He too  wished her and by that time watchman opened the door and both headed out with mixed emotions in them . They couldn’t figure out exactly .

In their twelfth standard ragini ended up being in high achievers class and laksh in second toppers class. Laksh was worried and thought because of Ragini he ended up being here on the other hand ragini cared for him !!!! She couldn’t get that it was love and was also worried for guys whether they would use her for one night and throw her !!! But she felt secure with laksh. Being in toppers class ragu ‘s schedule was hectic but she managed to get time to spend with laksh . But each and every time laksh mistook her and because of his ego , he used to hurt her badly.  She adjusted but one or the other day she too ‘ll respond him badly and that day was not too far , at that time both ‘s love was overtook by their ego ,

Ragini : why are u fighting like this ??? You could have studied right ??? You were wandering with me and buttering me right that’s why your marks got less .

Laksh : shut up you a*sh*le !!! It was you who was drooling by showing your charm !!!! So that u could study right !!!

That’s enough for her. She pushed him down , his head hit a big stone nearby and she warned , “don’t mess with me laksh !!! I was wrong !!! It was just a crush !!! ”

For laksh sanskar advised and made him realise that he loved ragini truly. But for ragini no one was there to make her realise her love for laksh .

Laksh was always followed her wherever she went except for her restroom !!!!

During their board examination , both studied vigorously and did their exams well !!!

Their results came and as usual laksh topped his school and got scholarship in Delhi and ragini got second highest mark and she got scholarship in  Kerala.

She was walking around the park when laksh stopped her and went on his knees ,

“You taught me the real meaning of love.We have become magnets, you move I move.  .You’re the only thing that exists in my world. Everything I do just to see a smile on your face.When I am with you I lose myself.Because every long lost road, led me to where you are; others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars, guiding me on my way, in to your loving arms, this much I know is true. God bless the broken road that led me straight to you. I wanna see ur wrinkles by just  reading the book sitting near you . Will u be mine forever ragini ???”

She was overwhelmed with his proposal but his words that hurted her ego ringed through her ears . She just started walking without answering him. He held her wrist ,

“Ragini please accept me !!!”

“I ‘m Not interested in love and all !!!”

“U aren’t interested in love or in me ??”

“In love only !!!”

” Then you are interested in me ah ??”

Her lips curved into a smile and she left from there .

On Feb 14 that was a week after his proposal , ragini thought to propose him and made preparations . All celebrated it in school as it is their last valentine’s day together . Laksh was drinking too much and he thought swara as ragini and hugged her .

Swara had crush on him from 11th standard and even proposed him but he politely rejected her proposal. When he hugged her she was on cloud nine . She murmured , “I love u laksh !!!!”

“I too love uuuuuu ….. “He was stretching u for a long time . Ragini ‘s heart broke into millions of peices and she left from there crying .

Then he spoke up “Ragini !!!”

Swara was shocked to the hell and she broke the hug and left from there crying .

Next day laksh came to know everything through swara and he apologised to her from his heart. She forgives him and he went to propose to ragini ..

But ragini hurted his ego badly and insulted him too the core !!!! His anger overtook his patience and slapped her .

“I ‘m really sorry for that incidence once again, but that doesn’t mean that I ‘ll allow you to insult my love for you !!! Just shut up !!! ” With this he barged out  .

Swara witnessed all those and apologised to ragini for hugging him and narrated everything that happened. Ragu felt her world crashed and she fell down with a thud and started crying loudly . She closed her mouth to prevent sounds from escaping out .

But a fraction of second changes everything . Ragini tried to ask sorry but it was too late . Laksh left to Delhi . Even she went to kerela.  Gradually time passed by and she forgot laksh and pursued her studies and she finished it successfully.

Today after 2 years both laksh and ragini are meeting , let’s see what’s happening ,

Laksh reached the coffee shop . There Ragini was waiting for him.  Both felt unknown happiness in them . Both settled down for coffee . Ragini handed him a card , that’s her wedding card . He opened it and read ragini weds adhith . His eyes welled up but he composed himself and wished her good luck.  Then kunj and twinkle reached the venue and the four enjoyed and took selfie ‘s too.

Laksh questioned her , “ragini  u didn’t even feel for me once too ???”

“Yeah I did but I wasn’t that mature at that time !!”

“But now !!!! I was wandering  around you like a dog !!! ” I ‘m just asking you casually .

“Yeah now I ‘m matured but deciding authority is not there !!!”

“Hmmmm okay bye !!!”

Twinkle came and hugged him , “hey laksh are you feeling sad ??”

“No , anyways  I know I would be handsome and great than that guy !!! So no worries !!!”

“I got to know that She wasn’t that mature by the time I understood what maturity is  !!!okay laksh !!!”

“Bye twinkle !!!”

He went to start his bike , for once he turned to see her , “Every love story don’t have a perfect ending !!! Sometimes it doesn’t have ending just like mine !!! Till my last breath I ‘ll love you ragini !!!! I love the time which we spend together and we created many memories !!! I ‘ll live with that !!! The time that I spent with you , I ‘ll be happy to live with that !!!! I really really love you ragini !!!” And started his bike and went off …

“TO BE SOMEONE’S FIRST LOVE , ITS GOOD BUT BEING THEIR LAST  LOVE IS BEYOND GREAT” !!!though ragini didn’t realise laksh ‘s love , she remained in his heart forever .

How is it guys??? Silent readers please comment !!!! It really means a lot to us !!!

Love u all !!


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