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Chapter 7

I feel weird from the past few minutes.

Like something’s wrong and someone close to
me in trouble.

I quickly checked swara’s room

Omggg wer did she go…. I went back to study,
there were two mugs of coffee .

I woke up lucky

San: lucky wer is swara?

Lak: how would I know bhai….

This creep is still in his sleepy mood.

I ran downstairs and saw the back door open.

Ohhh shitt!!!! She might have seen me going
towards backdoor, when I was making a call.

Just then my wolf felt uneasy. I immediately ran
into the woods hoping that my love would be

But what I saw is……. noo… noooo noooo……… my love………. my swara….

Swa: sanskaaaaarrrrrr!!!!!

She screamed my name

Me and my wolf started pounding on those

They ran away, but my love was still afraid and
closing her eyes.

San: love…. they are gone….

I told her softly.

She opened her eyes slowly but……

Swa: plzz stay away…… plzzzz….

She cried….. it hurts…… like thousand knives stabbing me at a time…. my love asking me to stay away…… 🙁


I just closed my eyes waiting for the pain.

But it never came. Instead I heard a vicious

I opened my eyes to see a black wolf pounding on the other two.

I closed my eyes again and kept chanting “this isn’t real…. this isn’t real”.

The growls stopped but I still didn’t open my eyes and was trying to catch my breath.

“love…… they r gone” I heard a familiar voice… I
opened my eyes to see the black wolf that saved me, so close to me.

Swa: plzzz stay away…. plzzzz

I cried being scared.

The black wolf backed up and laid down in
submission…. wait wat submission????

It saved me…… I then looked into its black
eyes…. then I realised who it was


I shook my head still not believing what’s going

I held my head with my palms.

Suddenly I felt two strong arms with fur wrapping
my wrist and pulling me up.

I got up and fell into his chest having no energy.

Swa: explain now….

I whispered coldly

He nodded and took me bridal style and made
his way back to home.

Once we reached, sanskar gently laid me on

Nittu, lucky, ady came with a worried

Nittu: bhai what happened??

Nittu asked pointing to his bleeding arm.

By now he was in his normal form.

San: rogue attack.

He said through gritted teeth.

Lucky bought first-aid kit and nittu dressed his

Ady handed me a glass of water and I gulped it
in one go.

I was still numb to react but it’s the time to get
my answers.

San: I don’t know where to start.

He said being nervous.

Swa: how about starting from who actually u r??

He nodded.

San: “we wolves are created by the moon goddess to protect the earth from evil. But some demons made humans believe that werewolves are evil. And they started killing us so we ran away and now hiding our identity.

When some wolves lose their close ones they become uncontrollable and attack on packs and kill them. The two now attacked u were such kind, called rogues.

Vikky and raj. They had a brother and all were rogues. Once their brother attacked us and killed two wolves of our pack and we killed him.

They wanted to avenge me by killing u……”

He said the last part….. with choking voice…. I immediately wanted to hug him and tell him I was okay….

But I still need my answers.

He continued.

San: I’m soon to be alpha, ady is my beta so he wanted to weaken me by hurting u as u r my to be Luna . My dad present alpha and ur dad his beta alread……

Swa: whaaatttttt???

I cut him off. Mr.Roy was a wolf and I didn’t know

Does mom know about it??

San: yes ur dad is a wolf too. And they already knew the danger coming up to weaken me. I should have protected u, I’m sorry…..

Swa: what is a mate???? I finally said looking into his eyes and instantly regretted it, his eyes filled of sorrow, regret, guilt.

He sighed and said softly.

San: do u believe in soulmates????

I nodded

San:” it’s the same thing but for werewolves it has a deeper connection. Each werewolf has one. Some find them and some never do.”

“Our mate completes us, makes us stronger.
When u find ur mate u can’t live without them.”

His voice was serious n I knew he was right.

Swa: so I’m ur mate?? ……… I asked him.

He smiled a little and nodded.

San: thats y u feel the tingling sensation when I touch u, thats y u feel drawn to me, attracted to me.

I slowly got up and walked over to him.

Tears were threatening to fall.


Yes, I slapped him as hard as I could.

I held his collar and said,

Swa: I opened up to u…… I whispered.

“I broke the walls of my heart, for which I was
always afraid of……. bcoz I was afraid of getting hurt again. I trusted u sanskaar”……… I yelled at him but choked the last part.

“I thought u would trust me too”…… I whispered to him, leaving my hold on his collar.

San: no…. no… love…. I do trus….

He tried to cup my face with his huge palms.

Swa: don’t u dare sanskar…..

I screamed at him.

Swa: if u had trusted me u would have told me the truth.

San: I didn’t know how u would react, I didn’t want to scare u away……

He said his voice cracking at the end…..

Swa: “not telling me just made it worse sanskar!! u had me confused, scared bcoz I was falling in love with u!!! I was scared bcoz I was falling for my kidnapper and I didn’t even knew the reason u bought me here ….. I have never felt this way before and I was scared to let my guard down, but I let it down for U”……….

I confessed being sad.

He tried to hug me. But I pushed him away gently…..

Swa: I have to go…..

I declared not looking into his eyes.

San: whatttttt????????????? 😮

He grabbed my arm.

san: no.. please….swara… 🙁

He cried…

Swa: I…. I just need time to think…..

He slowly let me go.

Swa: Ady I need u to drive me home.

Ady just nodded and we started heading

Suddenly I felt someone twisted me around and
pulled me into a hug and then kissed me on my lips.

I know its HIM and I wanted to kiss him back so desperately but I didn’t…

His lips lingered on mine a little longer before he
pulled away.

I opened my eyes to see his hurt ones.

But he immediately engulfed me in a tight hug.

San(choking voice): I LOVE U SWARA…… I’m so sorry…. please don’t leave me love plzzzzzzzz……. U know I can’t live without u……………

He whispered. I wanted to console him seeing
his vulnerable state….. but even I was hurt….. I reluctantly pulled away but he still held me.

Swa(crying): I know but for now….. please let
me go….

I said not looking into his eyes, bcoz if I did I would change my decision of going away from him.

He left me slowly but held my shoulders.

San: okay… take ur time. I’ll be waiting for u, I know u’ll come back to me love… becoz I trust my love 🙂

With that he kissed my forehead.

I instantly ran away, bcoz I know I can’t control
myself, if I stayed a little longer.

Just before getting into the car with Ady, I hugged nittu and asked her to take care of HIM.

I couldn’t help but feel like my heart was being left, as the car started leaving…

May be this is what people call TRUE LOVE………..

After a while we reached Mr. Roy’s house.

I looked at Ady and giggled a little bcoz it appeared like he was about to cry…..

Me, Ady, Lucky, Nittu have gotten really close since I’ve been there.

Nittu was like my bestie cum sissy, lucky my partner in crime and Ady my over protective brother.

Swa: Ady r u crying?? I asked him giving him a sad smile.

He nodded in no.

Swa: bye Ady…. I said sadly and got down the

Ady: wait!!!! Ady yelled getting out of the car and
ran over to me.

Ady: look, sanskar really loves u and he was
scared of losing u, so he was doing what he thought was right…..

Swa: I know….. I said sadly.

Ady: bye peanut….. he said and walked away.

I love to be called like that by him. 🙂

I sighed and walked over to the door, and the
door was open….

But what I saw made me amused.

A guy about my age was arguing with Mr. Roy……
@Roy mansion
[*** A while before swara reaches there***]


I was so frustrated that I couldn’t find my
sister…… and there was Mr. Roy who is not at
all bothered about it.

I’m sure he knows where swara is. So, I decided
to confront him.

Man: Mr.Roy could plzz have the honor of telling
me where Swara is……

Shek: I told u she’s missing.

Man: and u don’t bother to search

Shek: I do bother about my daughter.

Man: ohh plzzzz stop giving lame excuses and
tell me where is swara.

“I’m here” I heard a voice and turned towards
that direction.

There was girl about my age, she looked cute
but her face was pale, like she’s been crying
from long time.

Shek: swara beta tum yahan????? {swara beta
u here????}

Mr.Roy asked her. Omggg so she is swara….. my sister 🙂

Swa: wowww… it seems u dont want me here…… no problem I shall leave……

She snapped at him. She was ryt, instead of being happy that she’s back this man is asking some senseless question…….. unbelievable he is…. 😐

Shek: no it’s not that, I just thought sanskar
would keep u longer bcoz….

Swa: bcoz I’m his mate….

Whattttt????? She is sanskar’s mate and Mr. Roy knew where she was all the time???.

Shek: sanskar told u?? 😮

He asked being shocked. And she nodded.

Swa: so, u r a werewolf, doesn’t that mean I’m one too?

She asked him….. damn this man… I told him to tell her the truth about we being werewolves, once she comes here and now she had to know from others.

Now I’m really mad at this person.

Shek: no, u have ur mother’s genes, u r a human, but u also have a little bit of mine which means u can run a little faster, see and smell little better than a normal human.

She nodded and looked like she realized something.

Swa: so shomi aunty is ur mate?

She asked and he nodded.

Swa: does my mother know??

Shek: before I met shomi, janki and I were in love, I knew she wasn’t my mate but I didn’t care. That’s until I met shomi….. I knew I had to leave ur mother, I felt terrible but she said she understood, but I knew she was devastated. I wanted her to stay but she moved bcoz she was hurt and I didn’t stop her…..

Finally……. He told her.

Swa: why didn’t u tell me before????

She asked coldly.

Shek: I thought u wouldn’t understand beta and was waiting for the ryt time…….

He said and for the 1st time I can see he is guilty.

Swa: wowwwwww………. Great just great (claps her hands) everyone over here thinks I’m dumb and cannot understand anything (hurt voice)
I can’t see my sister like this….. she is broken….. I wanted to hug her and console her but I can’t….. she doesn’t even know me.

Swa(hurtful voice): by hiding this thing u kept me in darkness all my life Mr. Shekhar Roy….
She yelled at him…. And cried…….. my mom was crying too

Swa: I don’t blame my mom or Shomi aunty for this…… bcoz its all ur fault…… mom is broken beyond repair to even talk about u…… and shomi aunty it’s not her fault becoz its u who gave hopes to my mom knowing that she’s not ur mate and u would find ur mate one day or the other. But I’m not my mom to forgive u……….

She cried and ran to her room…………

Sho: its al bcoz of me…..

My mom broke down…. and I held her.

Shek: nai shomi…. Its not ur fault…..

He started to say and I stopped him showing
my hand.

Man: maa shhhh!!! Stop crying(wipes her tears) u r not at fault…… I’ll talk to swara she’ll be okay.

I assured my mom that I would take care of swara and went to her room.

I was crying remembering all that had happened today.

The love of my life hid his identity……. But I still can’t deny the fact that he loves me to the core even more than I can imagine…… 🙂 but I’m hurt that he didn’t trust me enough to tell me the truth and face he consequences….. 🙁

Then sanskar’s family….. ohh I miss them already.. 🙁

Then comes my so called dad……. He knew every single thing……. And it hurt me so much.

But I couldn’t even imagine what my mom went through………. She stayed strong only for me……..

Knockkkkk……. Knockkkkkkk

Huh it might be Mr.Roy…….

Swa: plzzzzz leave me alone Mr.Roy… I want to be alone….

I yelled. But the door opened and a boy peeped
into my room.

He was the same guy who was arguing with Mr. Roy for me.

Man: can I have a word with u??? plzzzzzz

He made a puppy face….. I don’t know why but I felt him a little similar to me, in making that face and I asked him to come in.

Man: hiii…… I’m manik u might not know me……

Swa: shomi aunty’s son….. or more precisely my step-brother… ryt?

I asked him.

Man: yes…. I don’t understand where to start…..

He fidgeted…..

Swa: about what???? I asked being confused.

He took a deep breath and sat beside me.

Man: swara I’m so sorry for everything….. 🙁

He sounded sad.

Swa: y r u sorry..? it’s not ur fault……..

Man: might be not. But plzzz listen to me………

I have been waiting for this time for so long.

I just nodded seeing his sincerity.

Man: swara I know u don’t deserve this life, being away from ur dad without your fault. But trust me my mom is not at fault and I feel so guilty to let u live ur life without a father…..

Swa: but manik ………. I don’t blame either of u I know u guys are not at fault……I cant even
completely blame Mr. Roy for it……. Its just the “mate” thing and our fate.

Man: I know swara u don’t blame us, but still Mr.Roy is at fault……..

Swa: wait a minute…… so think our dad is at fault. so, is that the reason that u were arguing for me????

Man: sort of…… but the thing is that, mein tumhe apni behan maanta hun (I treat u as my sister)…… I don’t know if it is bcoz of the guilt that u have been deprived of a father’s love bcoz of me or it’s becoz we both are siblings……… but I always wanted a sister like u……. when my mom told me about u, I have decided that I don’t need any bcoz I already have u….. yeah we didn’t meet each other or spent our childhood together but trust me I was desperate to meet u…….. I never felt u are my step-sister……… I……I don’t knw how to make u understand…. Will u be my sister????? Or should I say will u accept me as ur brother?????????

He asked with hopeful eyes extending his hand for a shake…… and all time I was looking at him in awwww……. And my tears were threatening to flow from my eyes….. I was so touched.

I looked at his hand and then his face.

I hugged him tight and cried out loud.

Swa: behan ko hug karte hai paagal….. hand shake nai dete (u give hug to ur sister not hand shake)

I said in between my sobs.

He hugged me back and I felt tears on my shoulders. He was crying too….

Right now I needed a shoulder to cry upon…… and who could be best other than a brother??

I felt like I found my long lost brother……….

Its strange……… I was hugging a person unknown to me till now but I felt the brotherly love in his eyes……. I feel an attachment with him when he was arguing with Mr. Roy. 🙂

I never told anyone about my wish to have a younger bro… not even mom…. I kept my wish to myself all my life…. And now I don’t need to tell anyone……. Suddenly I felt so happy…….. I knw Ady treats me as his sister but this is different……..

Jus then we heard a voice and broke the hug and our smiles faded away seeing the person.

Shek: I’m so happy today seeing both of my children 🙂

It’s Mr.Roy, manik and I looked at each other and then at him.

Shek: can I have a hug from my children???

He asked hopefully and seemed guilty……….

I don’t know what got into me, I wanted to have a fatherly hug.

I nodded he came over and hugged both of us while we were still sitting on bed.

He then placed a kiss on my forehead.

He then kneeled down in front of us and held both of our hands.

Shek: I know I’m at fault……I can’t even change what has happened……… but I love both of u equally……. Will u plzz forgive this bad father and make him happy atleast before he dies….

He spoke crying……

We both immediately hugged him and said “we forgive u”

He immediately looked happy.

Shek: thank u so much… 🙂 today I’m the happiest man in the world.

Swa: don’t be so happy, I forgave u for what u did to me but I’m still miffed with u for what u did to my mom.

He smiled a bit understanding my point and patted my cheek nodded and left both of us alone.

Swa: I’m sorry …..

I said to manik…… who now looked confused.

Man: hey what r u sorry for sissy???

Swa: for staying away from dad just bcoz u felt
u were responsible for my condition. If I was deprived of dad’s love, even u kept urself away from him…..

Man: ufffff…….. u r impossible……. All this
while I was blaming myself and now u started blaming urself…… chal chod ye sab……. Aur janki ma se baat kar…..

He then made me talk to my mom, so that I could feel better….. but I didn’t tell her about anything that is happening here. I felt relieved after talking to her.

He then left my room asking me to take rest.

6days passed………

I miss sanskar terribly and it hurts 🙁 ……….

But I’m still mad at him……….

Meanwhile manik and I came really closer. It felt like he is my own brother.

We talked about random things, our childhood, friends, pranks and what not everything.

We hanged out, fought for little things like a bro-sis duo.

I even told him what happened at sanskar’s place…….

At first he got angry listening about my kidnap….. but he was happy for me when I said I enjoyed my stay there and was happy with them.

We both had many similarities and it felt like we had known each other for so long.

But, he said something, which made me think about my decision of leaving sanskar.

I know I love him a lot….. and he didn’t even leave my thoughts for a second. I was just annoyed with him for hiding the truth. Did I do the right thing by leaving him?????? Don’t know what is he even doing and how is he??????

Ufffffffffffffffffff………………….. my brain will burst if I think more……..

So many things happened in these days, that I’m unable to decide what is right and what is wrong.

Sho: swara beta…..

I heard shomi aunty at my door.

Swa: are aunty aap??? Plzz come in.

Sho: here drink this milk……

She said handing over a glass of milk to me…..

I immediately made faces……. Yukkk I hate plane milk…… [hehehe just like me]

Sho: seems like even u don’t like plane milk like manik. 🙂

She said smiling at my expressions.

Swa: even manik doesn’t like plane milk??????? Wow we have many similarities then…

I said being amused at the coincidence.

Sho: haha….yes he does so many tantrums to drink this milk.

Swa: but aunty… its so yukkky how can someone drink it????

I said again making faces.

Sho: do u want me get some chocolate to add in it?

She asked me and I nodded hearing the name of chocolate.

She then mixed chocolate syrup and I gulped it in one go.

Sho: beta I know so much happened these days, but trust me I never intended to take ur mother’s place. I’m sorry.

She said with a choking voice.

Swa: no aunty don’t blame urself…….. now even I understand what a mate means to a wolf. So, its not ur fault.

She just smiled and patted my head and left the room.

And again my thoughts were occupied by MY CUTE KIDNAPPER……. 🙂 😀
Precap: Our fav sujju’s entry and happy times ahead guys….. 🙂
I’m so sorry for keeping u guys waiting…..

Ria, kumu, Rosey, Febi, Bella, Simin, Sanji, Soujanya, Simi, Kaur Daljeet, AnuAnn, G.Chandu, Raina, Stg, Pramudi, Shifa96, Milestone, Radhika, Arshaanya sorry for not being able to rply to ur comments guys.

Mica as per ur request, I tried writing completely in English, whenever I used hindi, there’s translation as well. 😉

Thank so much guys for encouraging me so much…….. 🙂 😀

Thank u to my silent readers as well. 🙂

Did I make u guys cry?? pata nai but I cried while writing sanskar’s desperate attempts to stop swara…..

Guys I tried my best to justify every character. I tried portraying every emotion. Sorry that I couldn’t write sanskar’s pov and emotions after swara’s departure, but pakka nxt epi u’ll get to know his emotions.

Chalo now tell me how was the epi…… and when do u want the nxt one………

Waiting……… Waiting………..

Till then have a great time…… 🙂

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